The Ahmadiyyah Movement was started in the late 1800s by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian which is located in the state of Punjab in modern day India. The Ahmadiyyah ascribe Messiah-ship to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and are considered to be outside the fold of normative Islam by traditional Muslims. In this episode, I talk to Farhan Yusufzai, who used to engage in dialogue with the Ahmadiyyah and wrote a book called "With Love to the Ahmadis of the world". The book is available for free download at I also speak to Bashir Ahmad Shah, who was raised in an Ahmadi household before leaving the movement in the mid-2000s. Bashir runs the website and the YouTube channel by the same name. You can access the YouTube channel at If you are enjoying the podcast, please consider supporting the show by becoming a Patron at You can also reach out to me at and the video of this podcast will be available on the Sultans and Sneakers YouTube channel, which you can find at