Ameera Khan (formerly known as Ameer Khan) is a Bangladeshi-American originally from St. Louis, Missouri. After memorizing the Qu'ran as a young adult, Ameera began to deal with both his/her sexual and gender identities. In this show, we have a candid discussion about Ameera's spiritual journey along with how Ameer became Ameera. If you are enjoying the content, please consider becoming a patron at Every dollar helps! In addition to Patreon, please continue to support Sultans and Sneakers by following me on my various social media channels, leaving a 5 star review and letting your friends know about the show. I have a website now as well and you can access that at: You can also follow the show on our respective social media: IG: Facebook: Twitter: TikTok: @sultans_and_sneakers YouTube: My personal social media links: IG: Twitter: