Shaykh Hamzah Maqbul is the resident scholar for Ribat, a center of Islamic education and dhikr based out of the greater Chicagoland area. He did his formal education at the University of Washington and pursued traditional Islamic studies across the Muslim world; in Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, U.A.E., and Pakistan. He is also currently collaborating with the Imam Ghazali Institute. In this timely episode of the podcast, we discuss various points regarding his recent treatise "Mawlawi's Guide to Ghazzah". Shaykh Hamzah discusses the history of the turmoil in the Holy Land and offers pragmatic advice for Western Muslims on how to benefit their brethren in Palestine. This episode was recorded on Sunday October 22, 2023 and is releasing on Sunday October 29, 2023. To learn more about Shaykh Hamzah and his work, you can go to: The currently 3 part treatise on Gaza can be accessed at: Shaykh Hamzah's audio lectures and khutbahs can be found at: Please leave a 5 star review and consider becoming a Patron at: