Omar Durrani is a chess coach based out of South Florida. He cut his teeth in the chess world growing up in Columbus, Ohio before picking up on teaching chess during his undergraduate years as a way to pay the bills. He found himself teaching chess to kids in a small town in Ohio where he came across the children of comedian Dave Chappelle, who in turn became some of his top students. He coached these kids to back to back Ohio high school state championships at the Queen City Classic in both 2018 and 2019. In this episode, we discuss Omar's foray into public speaking via TED Talks, his background in chess and he also shares many interesting insights on the history of chess. Omar was featured in "The Columbus Dispatch" at He also has two popular TED Talks available on YouTube: "Finding Love in Arranged Marriages" "All Roads to Success begins with Chess" If you are enjoying the content please consider becoming a Patron at