Is there a viable future for people of European descent in Islam? For this discussion, I bring on Robert Dufour and Umar Lee; two converts of European descent.

Robert is the North American head of Islam4Europeans, an organization that seeks to support a positive identity for Muslims of European descent. Robert will argue from the point of view that there is a viable future for Caucasian converts. Robert is a French-Canadian who converted to Islam in 2003. He resides in London, Ontario. You can learn more about Islam4Europeans at and follow Robert on Twitter @robertofcanada

Umar Lee is a writer, media personality and political activist from St. Louis, Missouri. He converted to Islam back in 1992 and will be presenting the opposing view; that we should take a tempered approach with Caucasian converts due to the many challenges they may face. You can follow Umar's writings at 

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