Shaykh Umer Khan is a rare individual who has excelled in both corporate America as well as Islamic studies. Up until recently, he was the VP of Information Technology and Security at SpaceX, where he reported directly to Elon Musk. He recently left to become Chief Information and Security Officer at another firm. While progressing through his corporate career, Shaykh Umer decided to pursue his Islamic studies passion and has completed study of the Arabic language, memorization of the Qu'ran, two Alim programs and received his Ifta license from Darul Ilm Birmingham, granting him the traditional title of 'Mufti'. In this episode, I pick his brain about how he approached his career and how he was able to manage his time to effectively add the second full-time job of Islamic scholar to his already full plate. For more details on his Islamic studies bio, please check out Resources for 'Sultans and Sneakers' Patreon: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: