Revisiting the cancellation of Nini's Deli earlier this summer, I brought on two gentlemen who were on the frontlines in defense of Nini's during the turbulent week that resulted in its closure. My guests for this show are Pastor Joe Wyrostek and Jose Riesco III from Metro Praise International(MPI) Church in Chicago. Metro Praise is the church that is attended by Juan-Elias Riesco, who used to run Nini's. I wanted to hear Joe and Jose's perspectives as they were very close to the situation. Jose in fact was preaching outside the restaurant on their final day of business for those who remember. I allowed them to share their beliefs as Pentecostal Christians and asked them to elaborate on things such as preaching style, politics, and their overall worldview. I'd encourage the viewers to check out the previous two episodes if they haven't done so to get a broad perspective. If you are enjoying the content, please consider becoming a patron at Every dollar helps! In addition to Patreon, please continue to support Sultans and Sneakers by following me on my various social media channels, leaving a 5 star review and letting your friends know about the show. I have a website now as well and you can access that at: You can also follow the show on our respective social media: IG: Facebook: Twitter: TikTok: @sultans_and_sneakers YouTube: My personal social media links: IG: Twitter: