White Republicans Raising Black Children

Here we are at an Alabama book signing, where Naomi was more interested in playing with Tripp than posing for a photo!

I’ve met many of you at book signings I’ve done with my co-writer Nancy French.   A few months ago, I was in Washington, DC where we were signing copies of “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far.” (Have you bought your copy?!) It just so happened that CPAC was going on down the street, so we also attended some of those functions.

My mom delivered an amazing speech, Occupy Wall Street tried to interrupt her talk, and reporters were everywhere.  (In other words, it was a lot of fun!) However, the Huffington Post posted video of Nancy and her family between the speeches.  Immediately, there were over a thousand very hateful comments.  Why?

Nancy and her husband David have three kids – two who are her biological kids and one she adopted from Ethiopia.  Believe it or not, the liberal HuffPo readers were angry that Nancy – a Republican – would raise a black child.

Angry yet?  Read her article called “I Am a White Republican Raising a Black Child: Deal with It” and let me know what you think!

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  • observer1

    It is sad that both Republicans and Democrats are polarizing so much, setting fellow people up against each other. America has become a house divided and we know from the Scriptures that “a house divided cannot exis”t… Sarah Palin is one of those shrewd politician that use people, including her own children as pawns in a power play. To gain this power, the end jusitfies the means, all means: slander, lies, twisting the truth etc.

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  • Lauren

    Bristol, the problem isn’t that she’s raising a black child. The problem is that she clearly treats her adopted child differently, simply because she is black and from another country…that’s pretty obvious by the language that she used. If she was actually comfortable with raising black children, she wouldn’t have had to write an article about it, defending herself.

  • Rachael

    I agree. Just because a family is different doesn’t mean it goes against nature. All types of loving families should be embraced. This reminds me of the gay marriage issue!

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