White Republicans Raising Black Children

Here we are at an Alabama book signing, where Naomi was more interested in playing with Tripp than posing for a photo!

I’ve met many of you at book signings I’ve done with my co-writer Nancy French.   A few months ago, I was in Washington, DC where we were signing copies of “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far.” (Have you bought your copy?!) It just so happened that CPAC was going on down the street, so we also attended some of those functions.

My mom delivered an amazing speech, Occupy Wall Street tried to interrupt her talk, and reporters were everywhere.  (In other words, it was a lot of fun!) However, the Huffington Post posted video of Nancy and her family between the speeches.  Immediately, there were over a thousand very hateful comments.  Why?

Nancy and her husband David have three kids – two who are her biological kids and one she adopted from Ethiopia.  Believe it or not, the liberal HuffPo readers were angry that Nancy – a Republican – would raise a black child.

Angry yet?  Read her article called “I Am a White Republican Raising a Black Child: Deal with It” and let me know what you think!

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  • bellagrazi

    Wow, who would have a problem with taking a child out of poverty? Liberals, I guess. This just proves that liberals don’t care about the poor or black people. Their first priority is to get votes. Nancy, Naomi is a beautiful little girl. You are blessed with a wonderful family. I love the Alaska Grown tee shirt your son was wearing! Bristol, where was Tripp? He’s not in this photo.

    • Jewish Conservative

      Not even to get votes. According to the article, the French’s daughter is from Africa, and thus would not have been eligible to vote for the party of slavery and racism even had they not adopted her.

  • http://EileenS Eileen Steller

    My white older brother and his white wife adopted a black brother and sister that were sexually and physically abused by their mother and her boyfriends. These kids are homeschooled and flourishing. They have been to Honduras on a mission trip, to Disney World, New York City, the Grand Canyon, the NY Yankees spring training games, and more states than most kids. They get all the snacks they want along with 3 meals a day ,their own bedrooms, and all the love any kids can handle. One of my grandsons classmates family adopted a boy from some impoverished country because his own family could not feed nor care for him. The boy is very black and his new family are all blonde haired and blue eyed. These kids are all loved and far better off than had they not been adopted. So they will learn not to spend money they don’t have, that America is the greatest country on the planet, that Jesus is the only way to heaven, and that 2 white adults love them no matter what.

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  • blackbird

    Thank for the post Bristol.

  • otlset

    I wonder why liberals always want to divide people into categories . That seems divisive to me.

  • M Baker

    Where in the Huffington Post does it say anything negative about whites adopting back children?

    • michele

      M Baker – I tried to find the same thing. I tried to find the video on HuffPost as well. I think if someone blogs about something, there should always be a source or link to it to verify what the blogger is saying. For whatever reason, Ms. Bristol chose not to do that.

    • Frederick Lang

      Apparently you didn’t look hard enough. Keep looking.

      • dyz

        Why don’t you post a link for us, Fred? Thanks.

      • AnyOldNameWillDo

        Hi Bristol :)

        Yup, they need to look harder, much harder.

      • M Baker

        Yes, I found it but there is nothing in the comments section after the article where anyone, including the liberals, were using hate speech. I read a lot of the pages and never found any hate speech. Many of them brought up legitimate personal concerns they had with the t shirt and one or two felt the child was being used as a “billboard”. There were also a few that questioned her motivation for adopting a black child based on the mothers comments. I found no one who ever said or made any suggestions that adopting a black child by a white couple as being wrong. Everyone seemed to fully support the idea of adopting a black child but only for the right reasons.

  • Joseph

    Nancy, Naomi is an adorable little girl! The HufPo makes me sick of what they said about you raising a black child! I mean come on, it doesn’t matter what color a person’s skin is, it’s what’s in their heart that counts. In God’s eyes, we’re all the same!!! Thank you for sharing this, Bristol!

    • M Baker

      See my reply above, and go read the article yourself and you should come away feeling differently as I did.

  • aaron krohn

    GREAT article by Nancy French!!

    Thanks for putting it up!!

    Beautiful little girl!!!

    And, by the way, I bought your book (on Amazon) the FIRST DAY it was available!!!

    And read it immediately!!

    And LOVED it!!!

  • Lisa

    I absolutely think it’s ridiculous to argue about who should raise what child. I’m black, my husband is white. Love is love. A child should be raised in a loving home – it makes no difference what color they are!! Nancy you have a beautiful family. God bless you! :)

    By the way, my entire family is like the United Nations. We have people of all nationalities and cultures – and love each other very much. I have cousins that are Corean, German, Native American, West Indian. Family that’s been adopted in, married in and born into our wonderful family. God doesn’t see color – so neither should we.