For the “Welcome Homes” that Never Happened

Many of you don’t know that my brother is in his second tour of duty in a combat zone. Maybe that’s why this video, of Sgt. Jeremy Cooney arriving home from Afghanistan, touched me so much. His son, who has cerebral palsy, learned to walk during his deployment as a surprise for his dad.  As you watch the video of Sgt. Cooney seeing his son walk for the first time, let’s also remember the men who never got to be welcomed home.

Thank you, military families who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  You are in our hearts today.

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    I understand how difficult it is to have a family member deployed in a war zone. My middle son is in Afghanistan at this moment. This is his third year long deployment and it does not get easier with repetition! Best of luck to Track…I know he is greatly missed by your family and his new family also. And no matter how it may appear at times, please know that the greatest majority of American’s support the men and women of our military with all our might.

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