Occupy Lovitz

I frequently get comments below my blog posts which go something like this:

Why do we care what you think?  Aren’t you just some girl in Alaska?

(Okay, so usually there’s more profanity in the comments I receive!)

In other words, people question my ability to have a political opinion simply because I’m not some pundit living in Washington, DC.  And they’re right – I am just a girl. I don’t eat, breathe, and live politics like some.  I’m actually glad my life doesn’t revolve around political debates and the latest on CSPAN.

However, I am seeing a trend.  I’m beginning to see normal, every day people speaking out against what’s happening in Washington.  You know, people who aren’t supposed to have opinions.  People like me.  People like Jon Lovitz. Have you heard this famous Saturday Night Live alum talk about the President?  It’s a powerful statement against President Obama, and this is coming from a man who actually voted for Obama in 2008.

(Warning: Language!  He uses more F words than you might hear in a year, but it’s nothing new for those of you who have been reading my comment threads lately!)


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  • blackbird

    Never watch Lovitz… he is spot on the mark. All Obama has got is old class rhetoric right out of the Alinsky playbook, you swap Hope and Change for Fear and Despair… that is all there is.

    Bristol I would wager to bet that those posts too vile to let through are from the top 1% of the 1%’ers. They are protecting their gravy train while we bend under the burden of Obama and his corrupt administration. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2012/05/20/gIQA2ok4dU_story.html

  • GrizzlyMom

    This is getting pretty embarrassing for Bristol as she is just making a fool out of herself at this point. And to everyone defending her let me ask you this: if she were writing a science blog while clearly knowing very little about science would you not expect the experts to call her out on it? I can just it now ” Gravity? Please that’s just liberal scientists way of trying to keep us grizzly girls down” And some of the comments would from her fans would be ” You Go Girl..God gave you the patriotic right to float as high as you want!” “Bristol – tonight i looked up in the sky and I thought thats the prettiest star I have ever seen and then I realized it was you! Keep Blogging!”

    • Ray

      So who are these “experts” that are calling out Bristol? Maher and the loony left?

    • Michael Teuber

      Please save those with delicate sensibilities the trauma of reading an argument ad hominem to the effect that Bristol is a fool, unless you have constructed your fallacious case perfectly free of misspellings, punctuation and grammatical errors.

      I can just it now” incomplete sentence, missing a verb
      ” Gravity? …down”” note the end quotes before and after the quotation
      And some of the comments would from her fans would be” note redundancy
      ” You Go Girl …high as you want!”” again two end quotes
      “Bristol …Keep Blogging!”” open and close quotes correctly just for inconsistencies sake

      The argument itself depends on a straw man, hypothesizing a Bristol blog that doesn’t exist and attributing qualities to it arbitrarily, ‘confirming’ your original but still arbitrary claim.

  • http://C4P&P4A indemind

    Bristol, you are like your mother Sarah Palin a Frontier Feminist…. That’s right, “We’re here, we’re clear, get used to it”…………. Keep Up The Good Work. ;-)

  • Thomas Hubbard

    I question those who guestion your ability to give a political opinion.

    • Dittobugs

      Right on.

  • Shane

    Lovitz is right, 50 percent is way too much. Its time for people to understand the problem is not the amount of money going into our gov’t. Its the amount of money comming out.

    • http://www.krusereportersblog.com Margie Kruse

      Oh, yeah! Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MaryInMinnesota

    As an er, um, well… older lady, I let a couple of decades go by where I went to the voting booth and just penciled in every democrat I saw, regardless of if I knew their record or if they were the shady type that most democrats are. THEN… back in 2007, when an UNKNOWN, COMMUNITY ORGANIZER POPPED OUT OF NO WHERE, AND I MEAN NO WHERE, I started my quest into who this guy was, and who I WAS. That’s when I realized that I not only was a moron for voting democrat for several decades, but that all of the values and morals I had in my heart and soul, were those of the REPUBLICAN PARTY! Was I shocked? You betcha! (LOL) And from the moment of realization that hit me, I then became an a person with a voice.

    I am so glad that you Bristol, learned at a younger age, to become politically involved. As for me, I can be polite or just as rude as the creepy democrats that throw crap my way, and when they do that, I just hit them back with proof that can be corroborated, then I get the usual silence of the lambs. LOL

    Keep up your politcal views and may God bless you and your family!

  • Nicole

    Good for you for speaking your mind! Don’t ever stop. God bless you!

  • Nana2SB

    Bristol, All I can say is this: I respect your Mother and Father and I read your blogs and love your opinions and honesty. Keep it up, there are many of us out here who support you. Thought you might want to read this article on a 16 yr old who voiced her opinion:

  • http://yahoo.com john norton

    The photo of the “Meathead’ tells all.What a dork… ~ !

  • CJ

    I’ve been sensing something for some time now. It is something that transcends politics and the ever increasing iniquity we are experiencing as never before. Everything negative that we see taking place around is merely a manifestation of a much larger picture which is emerging and it is going to continue escalating until mankind learns that it cannot govern, sustain itself or ever hope to exist peacefully, UNLESS AND UNTIL, WE REPENT, ACKNOWLEDGE, SUBMIT AND RETURN TO GOD AND LIVE OUR LIVES IN REVERENCE TO HIS COMMANDMENTS, NOT OUR OWN.
    Just as we, if loving, responsible parents, find it necessary to correct and discipline our children for unacceptable behavior, so it is with OUR LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER…….are we paying attention yet?
    How severe do things have to become before we “get” what is happening? What is it going to take to knock us off our self centered, self righteous, arrogant pedestals? How dark and how ugly does this world have to become before we run, BROKEN AND HUMBLE, to the “LIGHT OF CHRIST” for the love, comfort, protection, salvation and hope we so crave?
    Isn’t it ironic that the word “SIN”, which epitomizes the very CORE of what is manifesting, has now become “hate speech”? There is a malevolent stronghold…….a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing…….and it is deceiving millions by twisting words and ideologies. Suddenly, there are no absolutes anymore…our values/morals/ethics are skewed and upside down. “Morality”, another dirty word of late, has become merely “relative” to personal opinion and preference rather than possessing any semblance of DIVINE LAW as it’s foundation, But, then again, HOLY SCRIPTURE is now mocked and considered by some to be irrelevant to “modern society” in which the laws of man supersede THE LAWS OF GOD. Are we naive enough to believe that we will not be disciplined for this behavior? Sadly, it has already begun and all I can share from the bottom of my heart is:

    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Therefore, as tongues of fire lick up straw and as dry grass sinks down in the flames, so their roots will decay and their flowers blow away like dust;
    for they have rejected the law of the Lord Almighty and spurned the word of the Holy One of Israel”__________________________________Isaiah 5:20,24

    Bristol…….you are so precious! Sadly, we are living in a day and time in which hatred, vulgarity and malice are beginning to dominate. It is temporary, but, difficult/painful to experience, nonetheless. There are ppl who are so spiritually empty, they cannot see your heart or comprehend the true essence of your writings. But, happily, there are so, so many who can :) As the LORD leads you, continue to dispel the darkness by continuing to be a light for HIM…….yes, it sure upsets “the enemy”, but,
    it comes with the territory whenever we walk in obedience :)

    • Dittobugs

      …“Morality”, another dirty word of late, has become merely “relative” to personal opinion and preference rather than possessing any semblance of DIVINE LAW as it’s foundation…” –So true!
      Thnx for the great post CJ and God Bless!