Praying for Robin Roberts

Though I’m never really excited about being on morning talk shows, I always look forward to seeing Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts. She’s kind, respectful, and her calm manner makes it much more comfortable to be on camera.  She’s the most down to earth celeb I know! When I was in New York, I found out that Robin, a breast cancer survivor, is battling a blood and bone marrow disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome.  This was likely caused by her cancer treatment. Here is her explanation of her situation:


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Please join me as I pray that God gives her strength as she goes through “pre-treatment” and her bone marrow transplant.  Also, I’m praying for her complete healing.  We love you, Robin!


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  • Judy Keeler

    Robin will be in my prayers. I’m coming through a health crisis myself. The doctors think I have a rare blood disorder called polycythemia where too many red blood cells are manufactured by my body. It is not a life threatening disease but the symptoms were. I had stroke level blood pressure and excess water retention. I’m so grateful to have discovered a book during my journey through this crisis entitled, “The Healing Code”, by Dr. Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson. It has helped me face this disorder with faith and dignity. I would recommend it to everyone that is having health challenges… just google it!!

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  • http://facebook vivian chamberlain

    Robin, Stay strong, I know how hard it is,my 18 mo old baby had A L L Leukemia and had a bonemarrow transplant with his father the donor,that was 17 years ago, now he is a healthy teenage.We will keep you in our prayer.

  • Martha Morris

    Robin we love you much and will be praying for you to beat this, I have been watching you for years and it breaks my heart to see you have to go through so much, your powerful faith will get you through this as you are a messenger and testament to God.
    Blessings, Martha

  • Tami Martinek

    You and I battled breast cancer at the same time and it helped me to know I wasn’t the only one going through it at exactly the same time. You and I share a faith that God is good, nothing is outside His ability, and Phillipians 4:13!!! You are in my prayers. ( Oh and we also love BB!!! ) But, while you are being strong….. don’t forget you are human and allow yourself the range of emotions you will feel…get it out girl!!!! Love in Him, Tami Martinek

  • http://PrayingforRobinRoberts/PALINPROMOTIONS Dennis L. Wilson

    My wife and I pray for your treatment and wellness–May God Bless you and Jesus look over you.
    You Lady and ALL the STAFF on Today are special to us in Montana..WE PLAN on seeing you for a LONG TIME on Today SHOW—Also in closing A lot of us HUMANS know The Lord shows us –”FAMILY”…

  • Judith Wallace

    Robin, we love you an are praying for you ! You are in God’s hands an you have a wonderful group of supporters !
    Please keep us posted as we continue to claim God’s Blessings in your life ! You are such a precious lady I know God has big plans for you here on earth !

  • Sheryl

    Love you, Robin!!! You can beat this unwanted invader!! You have the love, support and prayers of millions of your fans! God bless you! You are truly an inspiration!

  • Kenneth Reynolds

    To Robin I would just like to let Robin Roberts know that she will be ok because {GOD} is looking down from heaven above and he will walk with all of us to carry you through the journey you are about to partake

  • Janet Justo

    My husband, Joe, was diagnosed with MDS in February 2008 – it is a terrible disease – he had so many transfusions, a blood infection – we spent every week either at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, WV or Cleveland Clinic – he was such a fighter and his brother was a perfect match for him for a transplant but Joe wasn’t young enough to handle it. I lost him October 23, 2011. He was 68 years old. You, Robin, are young and physically fit and my prayers are with you. God bless.