Praying for Robin Roberts

Though I’m never really excited about being on morning talk shows, I always look forward to seeing Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts. She’s kind, respectful, and her calm manner makes it much more comfortable to be on camera.  She’s the most down to earth celeb I know! When I was in New York, I found out that Robin, a breast cancer survivor, is battling a blood and bone marrow disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome.  This was likely caused by her cancer treatment. Here is her explanation of her situation:


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Please join me as I pray that God gives her strength as she goes through “pre-treatment” and her bone marrow transplant.  Also, I’m praying for her complete healing.  We love you, Robin!


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  • Kenneth Reynolds

    To Robin know that you will be ok because {GOD} is looking down from heaven above and he will walk with all of us to carry you through the journey you are about to partake in prayers are going out for you:-))
    {LOVE YOU ROBIN}!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ReaganTMan

    I join you and your mom in prayer for Robin Roberts. She was very good to your mom.

  • Angie Grizzle

    I prayed for you Robin. I know God’s healing power, and I pray that again he will heal you of this as well. Thanks for speaking about what Jesus has done for you. I appreciate your strength in standing for THE ONE who stood in our place at the Cross.

  • Dawn HJorleifsson

    Dear Robin,
    There is not much someone can say at a time like this but I wanted to say that my prayers are with you and I think you are a wonderful and extremely kind and giving person. Please know that you can overcome this and have a wonderful life. Please take care and all my good wishes and prayers are with you.

    Love and prayers,
    Dawn H.

  • Elizabeth Vines

    Bristol, I am very proud of you and the way you had allowed the Lord to lead you thought your life situation! I also have been praying for Robin. She is a precious young lady that I love to watch on ABC and my heart is heavy for her during her latest development with her health. She will have such an influence as she makes this difficult journey! I know she relies on the Lord and that makes her so special! Praying in Germantown, TN.

  • Carol French

    May God give Robin healing in her blood and bone marrow and give her strength and peace as she is healing in Jesus name.

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  • Ali Garrett

    Prayers for Robin Roberts.. out of all the big news people i like her she always seems to be not Politically Biased. Almost everyone else you can see it.. Much Prayers for her and all her family..

  • Connie

    Dear Robin, Please get well, have been praying for you since you first announced you had breast cancer and i am not about to stop now. You see Robin you are number one on my bucket list, i hope to get to New York and shake your hand, and thank you for all you have done for Womans Basketball. Robin with every interview you do for the Good Morring America Show i learn somthing new. Robin you are not only my hero, but my Teacher also. Take good care of yourself, and do every thing the Doctor tells you. Always in my prayers Connie