Alaska Road Sign Hacked

I just wanted to say — for the record…

I had nothing to do with this!

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  • janel

    still believe a few more need to be hacked and spread across the rest of America…

    • Mariah

      Hahahahaha!!!!!! Yes!!!!!! But more needs to be done!!!! ;)

  • Heather Laurin

    HAHA!! Kudos to whoever did this. We had that up in Tx also. It stayed up for almost a week before being reprogrammed. Gotta love it.

    • Barbara Landi

      We love Texans!

  • bellagrazi

    Hahaha! Awesome! Alaska is Palin country!

  • Tim D Enchanter

    I did it … with my mind … blame me … :D

  • David Dempsey

    Good Sign! Every City in the US should have a sign just like that.

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    I hope I get to see Sarah at the Wayne county fairgrounds on the 14th, I mean things are serious when I take a day off to see a politician!

  • Ed Davis

    I love it!!! Whoever did it needs a medal.

  • Terri

    Well said ! Love it!!

  • Jeff Chamberlain

    Bush did it !