Setting the Record Straight

As I’ve said before, I sometimes struggle to raise Tripp.  However, he does NOT use slurs.  On the most recent episode of Life’s a Tripp, the Huffington Post is reporting that my son said the word “f-gg-t.”

This is not true.

Let me be clear.  I’m not proud of what he did say.  Sadly, he used a different “f word.”

Lifetime filmed over 12 months (on and off) and they caught a moment on film that would cause any parent to be red in the face.  Tripp is always surrounded by adults – around the campfires with cousins and their friends, at the shop with my dad and his snowmachine buddies.  He’s apparently picked up some language that I’d prefer he not use. On national television or at home.

I do oppose gay marriage, as I’ve written about before (and the HuffPo points out).  I guess the temptation to label my three year old son is just too great for the lefty papers to resist.  However, one of my new Twitter followers made an excellent point.

He tweeted that the left tries to hold my three year old son more accountable than their adult spokespeople.

In the meantime, my #IBuiltThis video is going viral — with its message of real hope and classic American self-reliance.  If you care more about the fate of our nation and culture than the verbal slips of a three-year-old, please watch.

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  • Lea

    This situation reminds me of my co-worker who isn’t very smart, but is a pathological liar. The combination of the those two traits results in her lying about everything to get out of trouble but not being smart enough to realize that everyone knows she’s lying…teach that poor child how to love and respect instead of how to lie poorly.

  • cristometh palin

    So now its the left making things up. Bet they crawled in your window and taught your brat to say those things. Get an education and take parenting classes dear. Btw the huff wasn’t the only one reporting it that way. Check your facts first moron. Your followers are just like you, inbred uneducated bible thumping idiots

    • Jellybean

      He said faggot, no doubt about it. Bristol is a liar.

    • Rebecca

      So I will be the first to say I’m not one to judge someone and how they live life behind closed doors but when you put your life on t.v giving me the right to have a opinion on how you did choose to handle a problem .First let me say your a young mother and I can see your trying your best and fully give you credit for that however when your son is sitting holding someone who he loves and considers a father calling him daddy and crying to keep him around I understand people who fight and sometimes it can happen in front of the children but you could have just left well enough alone rather than breaking Tripps poor little heart,as well as Gino and yourself keep your personal relationship away from that poor boy his real father is A BUM, and the one man he does adore and knows should be respected and always looked at in a great light.Do I think your a bad mother NO HOWEVER this whole episode broke my heart for both boy’s as I said I do NOT know what you and your bf have been through but let that baby have a choice as to keeping a man he loves around.As for”Meth” Your seriously going to call her a inbred please take a look at your response on these blogs really you are the one who is narrow minded .Go back to school and learn something worth writing about . Oh also try to pick up a few manners along the way they teach you those in Kindergarten so please feel free to tag along with the youngest member of your family ,maybe if you say please they will share a snack but remember MANNERS!

    • Colleen

      How sad that you have nothing to do but post nasty things on a conservative young woman’s blog. I am always amazed at how the left contains some of the most bitter angry people I’ve ever encountered. Bristol has a positive message, and by the way, I am not inbred, as our family is ethnically and racially diverse, I am most definitely educated, and I’ve never thumped a Bible, as nearly as I can recall. Is there such a thing as a tolerant liberal? – I think not. You have no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with you; there’s no place in your tiny limited world for differing views. What a hypocrite you are – you are the one who needs an education, and I’m not talking about post secondary and post grad degrees either. You need an education in decency and good manners.

  • Tim D Enchanter

    As a wanna-be parent who has not yet been blessed I must admit that my best friend has taken me to task for using certain language around her daughters … they are very attentive and learn new language quickly … to all others who may read this, please keep in mind that we are used to using such language not being around children so we must be very careful when we ARE around children so that we don’t give their parents problems like this

  • cristometh palin

    Truth101 and liberty….lmfao. you 2 pathetic jackasses don’t even know the meaning of those words. Shove your heads back up your asses. That’s where they belong.

  • Realist

    I cannot believe that we are still even speaking about gay marriage. We live in a country that you can pretty much do what you want when you want to and at least attempt to follow your dreams. Bristol Im going to be honest with you I think that you still have a lot of growing up to do before you are able to tackle these subjects. Wasilla is a small town in Alaska and you need to see more of the world and actually integrate yourself into other cultures prior to making statements that spark so much controversy. I have seen your show and how quickly you left LA and your reaction to the drunk at the bar who made a bad statement about your mother. President Obama is simply stating something that is true most people of his generation are not as accepting or do not understand Gay relationships. For many years being gay was considered a mental illness. I am Jamaican and I come from a multiracial family, I also have a PHD in psychology and im 35 my work is primarily with children and adults with disabilities. I have seen it all and I know what it is like to have a child with a disability so I can sympathize with your mother and Trigg and all the negative things people may say. But you are still very young and it shows in your anger and the manner in which you spout off when people attack your beliefs. As a christian woman I get it I understand that what God says is law and that not because you are a christian and a woman doesnt mean your husband controls your life. What you need to understand is that as you make your way into this world and I do see you running for office because you have the passion for it be slow to anger and listen then you will know how to deal with things in a manner that is calm and coming from a place of contemplation and good common sense. I love Tripp he is so cute and not to worry he will be fine you are a great mom!!!! :)

  • Realist

    People he is 3 years old are you serious??? Let me put my 3 year old god son on TV I would be apologizing every day.

    • Elaine

      I hear you. With the every day language of people these days, it’s difficult to “shield” kids from that. Get OVER it. Don’t ever expect a child to be “politically correct.” My 4 year old daughter told a woman, who was telling her she was “cute” in the grocery store, that she had BAD BREATH! :) Kids say the darnedest things, even LIBERAL kids, so please don’t teach your own kids to be as HATEFUL as you are. Some of these comments really show your IGNORANCE and INTOLERANCE for anyone elses views.

    • Judson

      Me and my siblings didn’t act that way. Out of two sets of cousins, one group acts this way, and the others are perfectly behaved. Kids don’t do this unless the parents are bad at their parenting.

      • Colleen

        Are you serious? Obviously, you have no children of your own. I have raised 3 in a solid stable home with two parents, and we left no stone unturned in our efforts to raise our children well. Even so, kids deal their parents plenty of humbling moments along the way. Anyone who says his/her children are always “perfectly behaved” is either delusional or a liar.

        • TinaMarie

          Amen Colleen! My son says things to me sometimes that I NEVER SAY! That doesn’t make me a bad parent and whatever Tripp said on this episode is no fault of Bristol. I can be flipping through the television and a bad word goes by, I don’t even notice it and twenty minutes later my son will say it. She was probably giggling because she was embarrassed and honestly has no control over what is shown on television.

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  • Jud

    If you don’t like what Bristol says then stay off of the blog. Grow UP!!!

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  • Lynn