What does Sarah Palin Think about Condoleezza Rice being Vice President?

Mom, of course, was the first Republican woman to run for Vice President.  So, what does she think about the rumor circulating on television, Facebook, and Twitter that Mitt Romney might choose Condoleezza as VP?  Of course, this is only speculation… however, I thought some of you might be interested in this recent interview.

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  • conanobrian

    Bristol, I loved your show tonight. How many times did Tripp drop the F Bomb? It’s a good idea to scare him about the wolves before he goes to sleep. That way, he will stay under his covers until morning, and you can get some adult time with Gino, or whoever is on the scene these days.

  • Emma Lora

    The Liberals on here are much like the Libs on LSM… Their concept of what they think are “facts” become in their minds “their (faux) power”, (faux) intellectual superiority(??), and “expects” that those who disagree present facts that they want to see, how they want to see it. Those who disagree have their own perceptions of information they choose to evaluate , and don’t need the liberal’s “facts” twisted to conform to their arrogant, desparate emotional needs… their illusions of their power and intellectual superiority. So superficial and needy, and yet we just don’t need or want anything from them. Must be frustrating.

    • GrizzlyMom

      Emma you remind me of your idol Sarah. You use a lot of words but you don’t say very much. And please explain “(faux) intellectual superiority(??)”. Are you questioning your analysis(??) Are the liberal usage of parenthesis supposed to add emphasis?(!)

      And, please stop making simple grammatical errors, such as the comma splice, and other concepts such as and so forth to ensure your pbase and, then “expects” that we take you seriously. Spelling and constructing sentences is (like) so hard!

      • BlueVA

        I’m amazed that you were able to decipher her comment.

        • GrizzlyMom

          LOL! I know Blue!

          • Emma Lora

            For those who need simplicity. Are you here because you need to feel smarter?… and actually think you are? Are you here bothered by what the Palins and (&) friends say, but can’t seems to remove yourselves (leave) to join like-minded (other liberals) blogs? Must you do whatever you can, (like criticize, give orders, use bullish rhetoric (words) to feel superior? That makes you very needy.

      • Emma Lora


        I will continue to write as I like… as my thots flow. You “sound” like a school marm expecting “obedience”. LOL Choice… if you don’t like it … don’t read it.

        • Chad Burke

          “Parenthetical remarks (however relevant) are unnecessary.”
          - Frank L. Visco, How to Write Good
          Here’s to your “(faux) intellectual superiority(??)”
          I know you’re trying to prove a point. I get it, It’s just that you’re your own proof to the counterpoint.

          Here’s another tidbit for you to snack on for a while: we “liberals” are bothered by what the Palins say because to this day everything to come out of Sarah’s mouth has been either self righteous or condemning of others. I have yet to read a singe word of praise from her about someone who wasn’t saying the awful things she was thinking.
          What I hope to see is Bristol breaking the mold and, maybe, if there is a God, developing her own opinions through careful study and critical thinking instead of following in her mothers footsteps. I choose to believe that she might do that, but only because I have leagues more faith in my generation than yours.
          Note: I assume you’re at least in your 40′s when I say your generation. I could be wrong.

          • davidmunns

            Sarah palin does more before breakfast than you do all day.

    • Emma Lora

      Grizz and Blue, I decided to take the time to help you with the translation you needed, However in the future if it is too difficult.. well… don’t worry if the “speak-like” writing overwhelms you. Ignore it. Here goes… hope it helps.
      The facts (as the libs see it) think they have, gives them a sense of power, altho it is just an illusion, they also think they are smarter, superior. and in control of how other people should responds to the libs version of facts. The conserv. however, uses information to establish integrity, honor to the conservative ideas. Libs arguments are noisy, full of phony bravado and lies, void of integrity and useless. (UH OH, I slipped into my speak like writing). Hope that helped.

      • GrizzlyMom

        Thanks Nell!

        • BlueVA


  • David

    Newsweek is out with a thinly sourced “news” piece which attempts to make the argument that conservative Tea Party activists are up in arms over the apparent fact that Sarah Palin has not been invited to the Republican National Convention. Palin is quoted via email as saying, “I’m sure I’m not the only one accepting consequences for calling out both sides of the aisle for spending too much money, putting us on the road to bankruptcy, and engaging in crony capitalism.”

    The notions that Palin has any business speaking at the convention or that her not being invited to do so will have any negative impact on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign are hilariously, and perhaps purposefully, misguided.

    First, as full disclosure, I produced the only movie in which Sarah Palin has ever appeared and did the most extensive interview ever done with her about the 2008 election. After being her strongest media defender for about two years, she and I no longer communicate largely because I strongly feel that she has “sold out.”

    I am also morally certain, though I admit it is impossible to prove, that the author of the Newsweek piece got Sarah Palin’s email from me after interviewing me for several hours last year (when he suddenly met and spoke with her for the first time three days after I gave him the email address, which he told me he didn’t previously have). Regardless of how he got in contact with Palin, his stories since then have been extremely sympathetic to her. This latest is no different.

    As for the substance of the convention “snub,” why in the world should Sarah Palin be invited to speak at the convention? She is not an elected official. She is not even really a political figure, but rather a celebrity opinion giver.

    Palin is now just a media commentator who has clearly gone out of her way to make it as difficult for the Romney to secure the nomination as possible. She absurdly endorsed Newt Gingrich. She selfishly campaigned for a brokered convention. She even appears to have a very strong personal incentive for President Obama to be reelected so that she can remain at least marginally relevant.

    Quite simply, Sarah Palin has no business speaking at this convention. She made her decisions and she bet on the wrong horse. Now she must accept the consequences (and contrary to her ludicrous claims, those ramifications have nothing to do with “calling out both sides”). She can attend as a Fox News commentator where I am sure she will try hard to diminish Romney at every opportunity.

    Romney is not just right to prevent Palin from speaking because she is not a political ally and someone who clearly does not have his best interest at heart. If she were to speak at the convention it would likely be an unmitigated disaster. There is simply no good scenario for Romney in having Palin speak. Even if she pretended to be supportive, the press would turn it into a major negative for Romney no matter what she said.

    As for Newsweek’s premise that the Tea Party is outraged over having its largely self-appointed Queen not being invited to the big party, this is also without any real basis in fact.

    First of all, contrary to media perception, there is no actual “Tea Party.” It is little more than a series of small conservative groups who have learned that the name is useful in raising money and getting media attention.

    Secondly, when so called Tea Party “leaders” get asked by a Newsweek reporter about Sarah Palin not speaking at the Republican Convention, they know exactly what that person wants them to say and what perspective is more likely to get them prominently quoted in a national publication.

    Finally, while Palin is indeed still personally very popular with some “Tea Party” people, her influence is largely overrated (just take a look at how the Gingrich campaign faired after her endorsement). More importantly than that, there is no evidence that there is even one strong conservative in a swing state who is going to sit home and not take the opportunity to vote against Barack Obama because Sarah Palin didn’t get to speak at a convention.

    This whole story is just another indication that we are watching the final burning embers of what is left of the Sarah Palin media fire. While thanks to her enormous celebrity and charisma it has maintained its heat far longer than most expected, if Romney were to win, it would be permanently extinguished, at least in the political realm.

    As much as it pains me to admit it, that might be one of the most important benefits of that potential result for the future of the Republican Party.

    • conanobrian

      Sarah won’t be speaking at the Republican convention as long as one of her relatives is appearing in some lame tv reality show. No sooner is Bristol’s show finished, then we’ll be treated to the sight of Todd jumping out of helicopters. I also read a rumor that Bristol is thinking of having a wedding on reality TV. With each show, the Palins sink what’s left of Sarah’s credibility. It becomes increasingly clear that the Palins don’t work too hard; they just want to appear on tv.

      By the way, Bristol, if you really want to get involved in real estate, get a real estate license and take some business classes. And, please fin a parenting class to get a hold of your discipline issues with Tripp. Please.

    • http://www.breakpoint.org Gina

      “I produced the only movie in which Sarah Palin has ever appeared”

      Really? As I recall, Sarah Palin appeared in two movies — “The Undefeated” and “Media Malpractice” — and neither was produced by a David. Wanna try again? :-)

  • mary

    Bristol & Willow sure love to use “bad” words on the show. No class at all. Just trash from Wassilla.

  • betty

    Reminds why I do not watch
    TV Preachers. Lets pray for ratings. Lets tell everyone we are Christian. Lets get pregnant at 17. Guess we were not Christians then, just drunk teens! Now we can make money exploiting be good girls.
    Palins all the way !!!!!

  • betty

    Willow Palin’s wrath continues this week. She is the meanest, most bitter teen on TV, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. It’s not like she’s the single mom with the seedy, Playgirl posing, deadbeat ex. But I’m not complaining. Honestly, they should seriously consider renaming the show Willow Palin: Life’s a Bitch. She brings a heck of a lot more drama than her more famous big sister Bristol.

    This week, Willow is considering moving to Arizona to go to “hair school.” Of course her wannabe boyfriend Andy is heartbroken and she could care less. It’s almost as though she delights at his torment. “I’m getting a career going. You’re working at an auto shop,” she sneers.

    She later says, shrugging off his hurt feelings, “Life will be fine without Andy. It’s going to be a lot harder for him than for me.” Is her heart as icy as the Alaskan tundra or what? But wait, it gets worse. When they go to a nice restaurant and Andy is confused by the fancy menu, she lays into how stupid he is. He in turn calls her “a bitch.” Well, it’s as though he drove the nail into his own coffin with that jibe. Willow walks outs.

    Though she gets a bit of a reality check while visiting cosmetology school. “Even though I want to be a hairdresser, I never liked playing with hair,” she says. WHAAAATTT? Talk about not thinking things through. “This is gonna be harder than I thought it was gonna be. What am I getting myself into?” she says.

    But it’s hard to imagine her working with clientele. Who wants a stylist who is cold, rude, and mean. Even mom Sarah Palin tells Willow, “You need to learn to be more patient, polite, and gracious.”

    Ultimately, she does decide to head to a year-long program in Phoenix and I’m afraid what this means for the show. Willow was the only thing I looked forward to seeing on Life’s a Tripp.

  • conanobrian

    We can’t decide which f-word Tripp used on your show last night. No matter what the word was, the look on your face was great, Bristol. Don’t bother to discipline Tripp. I’m sure that he’ll grow out of acting up. Or, maybe won’t. He’s your responsibility. I wonder where he hears that language.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nrmccoy?ref=tn_tnmn Ryan

    I think your Mom would make a great Vice President to a President Romney. Sarah would have been my first and only choice for President had she run!

    • c_sense

      Sarah Palin being named as Romney’s Vice Presidential candidate would be too wonderful to be true! She did such a great and thorough job last time around, and the way she spiced up the comedy shows: PRICELESS!