What does Sarah Palin Think about Condoleezza Rice being Vice President?

Mom, of course, was the first Republican woman to run for Vice President.  So, what does she think about the rumor circulating on television, Facebook, and Twitter that Mitt Romney might choose Condoleezza as VP?  Of course, this is only speculation… however, I thought some of you might be interested in this recent interview.

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  • MotherBush

    Whats wrong with your Mom’s face?

    • Truth101

      What is wrong with your face?

      • MotherBush

        Must be all the egg on her face from not being invited to speak at the RNC ;)

  • Lissa

    I have the same concerns about Condi Rice that your mom tactfully spoke of …. she talks of being pro-choice, and she also favors gay marriage. I have long admired Ms Rice and her work in the Bush 43 administration as Secretary of State, although I part ways with those very liberal views she holds. Like your mom, I am aware that the Veep does not legislate, however, the Veep is the president of the Senate and if there were a tie vote, they would cast the tie-breaker vote. So yes, her pro-choice and pro-gay marriage views could come into play and have an effect on federal legislation. So, I would not be supportive of her being vice president. I hope your mom can get behind a true conservative to support for Veep, like Allen West!

    What matters is not race or gender, but being a true, constitution supporting conservative is!

    • MotherBush

      True constitution supporting conservatives don’t believe in the government telling women what they can do with their reproductive organs. Nor do they believe in telling American citizens who they can or cannot choose to love.

      • Kara B.

        It says in the constitution that everyone has a right to LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Last time I checked killing babies did not involve them living.

        • MotherBush

          Well Kara that phrase does not appear in our constitution. Why are all conservatives so misinformed?

          • MotherBush

            Seriously. Are you allergic to facts and information?

        • GrizzlyMom

          Ummm…Kara that phrase is in our Declaration of Independence. Isn’t it amazing MotherBush how conservatives constantly tout the constitution but obviously have never even read it.

  • http://prettydarncute.com Lindsey

    Just wanted to let you know Geraldine Ferraro was the 1st female VP candidate before someone hateful lets ya know. I admire you and your family so much and hate what you have to go through on a daily basis. I wish your Mom would run for President, God knows we need her :)

  • http://prettydarncute.com Lindsey

    and I just saw where you said first Republican woman, nevermind :)

  • robert

    She would be qualified. But after the fiasco of Sarah, no chance.

  • Delbert Rhodes

    Would love so much to see Sarah in the VP position if not President

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    I am happy that the GOP and Mitt overlook Sarah being at the convention, it is like saying ‘Thanks folks’ now I can run 3rd party on my own and make this a REAL EXCITING election. I can see Sarah giving 3 speeches a week across America until Nov. 6th, Todd and Bristol on TV, so sorry Mitt you didn’t get to say much. This is new to Americans and will enjoy it.

    • MotherBush

      That sounds like a wonderful idea Gary. Run Sarah Run!

  • Emma Lora

    C. Rice definitely more experienced than sitting president!. The better of some other GOP possibilities.. not so sure.

    • MotherBush

      How is she more experienced? Examples please.

      • sodakhic

        Read her 59,000 pages of emails. Bushy

      • Emma Lora

        She served under both Pres. Bush(s) (12yrs) plus more. if you really want to know it would be easy to check out… just google.

        • GrizzlyMom

          Emma she has an impressive academic career but her political one has stunk. You can’t possibly think Iraq was worth it. Google Condelezza Rice + PDB + Richard Clarke.

          • Emma Lora

            It has to do w/ choices. Like I said she has more 12+ yrs in politics than BHO. Do I like everything she has done.. no. but I like very little what BHO has done. so it is a matter of choices. I have no desire to change your mind, nor validate you and there are much better qualified people to listen too for political analysis. I avoid condescending, snarky tones as a style for ” information”. Choices, it is all about choices… who we listen to, who we believe, who we validate or not. etc. etc. etc.

          • GrizzlyMom

            It has nothing to do with “choices”….it has to do with FACTS. You state about the Ms. Rice has “more 12+ years in politics than BHO”. This is WRONG. President Obama’s career in politics started in 1997 as a state senator. He has been in politics for 15 years. Your side likes to make fun of him by calling him a “community organizer”. The leave off the part that this was “church-based” serving 8 catholic parishes. He also served as a civil rights attorney and a senior lecturer teaching constitutional law as well as serving on the board of directors for several organizations. How are any of these facts snarky or condescending? And for the record I admire Condaleeza Rice and think she would have made a much better choice in 2008 than Sarah Palin. In fact why don’t you compare those two for me? I’m sure you feel like Sarah Palin is much more accomplished and experienced than Ms. Rice.

  • haley

    if Romney knew what was up he’d choose Sarah Palinnn!

    • Emma Lora

      “facts” can be percieved however people want to use them. So choices to use them to support or another set of “facts” to use to be against… . It all depends on the foundation.. conservative or liberal, or something else.. Choices. My conservative choices has God/Jesus Christ as the ultimate authority. Bible also has been used to support a person’s viewpoint. For me God’s Word established my viewpoint.. instead of using the Bible to support my viewpoint. A difference. A choice I have made and do not impose on another…. nor will another impose theirs on me. A public forum to discuss viewpoints & voting is how people express their different choices on national agendas. Conserv. and Liberals or whatever else.

      Condi Rice was Sec of state and then advisor for Bush 43 (12 yrs)Bho. was comm. org. and then in state senate voting present. In my opinion these jobs(?) I don’t count as experiences. His pres. is a shambles but I do count as experience… failed experience. Your choice to do otherwise if you wish.

      • Emma Lora

        .. to respond to the Condi R. vs S. Palin queston. Why would I wnat to compare? Sounds silly to me. They are not running against each other. Condi has her strengths and S. Palin has her strengths. Once again choices. “Concept for choices’ is very easy concept for me. Very foundational for how & why we think, talk & act the way we do.

        • GrizzlyMom

          Based on your criteria S. Palin didn’t run against President Obama either but you had no problem comparing the two of them. The entire crux of this post is S. Palin speaking on whether Ms. Rice would be a good candidate pick for VP…which is exactly where S. Palin was 4 years ago. Comparing those two actually makes a lot of sense but I somehow doubt you are able to see that.

      • GrizzlyMom

        What are you talking about jobs don’t count as experiences? You stated “she has more 12+ yrs in politics than BHO”. I corrected you with the FACT that President Obama has 15 years in POLITICS. Your words. There is no “perception” here. My statement is the truth and yours is not. If you don’t understand this very basic “concept” then you are not very smart. Should I illustrate this with an example that is easier for you to understand?

        • http://yavho0 millie

          Sarah had 12 years admnistrative experience on a larger scale in government. Obama had
          administrative only in cummunity affairs with Accorn. You don’t get administrative experience
          in the state or national being a senator!!!!!! Obama has proven over and over again he is
          green, green, green and going down a road that is not in the best interest of America!!!
          However, he knows where he wants to take this country.

        • Emma Lora

          Grizz, Your desire for me to answer as you think I should is arrogant. Your perception of experience for being responsible in public service and mine are different. I answered from my perspective. You answered from yours. I don’t validate your perspective and I don’t need your validation for mine …so this is an easy conclusion for me.

          • GrizzlyMom

            Emma, water is made up of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Would you consider this information a “fact” or just my “perception” of a “fact”?

            Jesus died on a cross for you sins and 3 days later flew away into the sky. Is this a “fact” or just your “perception” of a “fact”?

            If you discover that you have a brain tumor do you go to a neurosurgeon or to your local pastor?

            If you chose neurosurgeon would you pick the one who enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Hilo then transferred to Hawaii Pacific University for a semester and then transferred to North Idaho Community College in Coeur d’Alene and then attended the University of Idaho and then attended Matanuska-Susitna College in Alaska and then finally graduated from the University of Idaho or would you go with the guy who graduated magna cum laude from Harvard?

            Are these “facts” or my “perception” of “facts”?

            Respectfully yours,


          • BlueVA

            GrizzlyMom. Rock on.

          • Emma Lora

            Grissley Blue
            aaaahhhh…. scientist, doctors, other professonal “facts” for the most part… not always.. are dependable. Jesus… always true and dependable. Liberal “facts”… hardly ever, close to never, are dependable and trustworthy for the good of the country…
            I don’t need your perceptions to come to this conclusion or any other conservative conclusion.
            Your perception of facts only serve you and the rest of your ilk with your needy agenda.
            Now try to have a nice evening.

          • BlueVA

            Now facts and conclusions are Liberal or Conservative, Emma Lora?

            GrizzlyMom, when you mentioned brain tumors, did ya have someone in mind?? Lol!

  • http://EileenS Eileen Steller

    MotherBush, you have got to be kidding. Our President was a community organizer, he never even ran a lemonade stand. Have you ever seen his college transcripts, his applications to college, or papers he wrote while in college? We all know more about Governor Palin than we do about our president and there is something wrong with that, don’t you agree? He lied about being transparent.
    As for Condi Rice, she traveled all over the world on behalf of our country and not once apologized for the USA. The lady has a backbone and bowed to no one.
    And MotherBush, Sarah Palin is considered to be one hot mamma. I’d like to see how you would look as a mother of 5. By the way, do you have a job, do you live at home with Mom and Dad, who are you mad at , and why?

    • Allison

      So have you seen Sarah’s grades and college papers? Share please, I could use the laugh.

    • MotherBush

      Wow. What an idiotic response. Your examples of Condi Rice being more “qualified” are: 1. She traveled all over the world. 2. She hasn’t apologized for the USA. 3. She has a backbone. 4. She hasn’t bowed to ‘no one’. I would find it hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that you represent a small but very stupid portion of this fine country. Please go educate yourself. Learn to think critically. Question the ideas you’ve been brain-washed with. And for CHRIST’S sake OPEN YOUR MIND.

      • BlueVA

        Sarah Palin is considered “one hot mamma”? What the heck does that have to do with Condi Rice? Eileen, are you in the closet?