What does Sarah Palin Think about Condoleezza Rice being Vice President?

Mom, of course, was the first Republican woman to run for Vice President.  So, what does she think about the rumor circulating on television, Facebook, and Twitter that Mitt Romney might choose Condoleezza as VP?  Of course, this is only speculation… however, I thought some of you might be interested in this recent interview.

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  • Pat

    Bristol did your ghost writer write this and your Mom tell you to put that video up?


  • sodakhic

    Media Matters just let out their, diss the Palins, class led by mother bush

    • Emma Lora


      • Emma Lora

        Some posts appear the poster wants validation of their liberal opinions… or more so to “win” the sparing. Their desparation and frustration shows in their unconvincing style of presentation. There are many other sites that will validate them, & celebrate their stance. Their tone here is often arrogant, angry and snarky. Is that it? … they want to be arrogant angry and snarky ? . There is no point moving elsewhere if the other sites are agreeable. They will continue to be desparate and frustrated while grasping on with “clinched fist”s to their positions on a basically conservative site.

  • David

    I do not think many people care about what Sarah Palin thinks about Condoleezza Rice. Her opinion is immaterial to the decision that Romney will make.

  • http://Vets4Sarah.net opditch

    I think Governor Palin was being polite. I think she believes, like I do, I don’t want a Pro-Choice person that could be close enough to even potentially influence a previously pro-choice president. I also prefer John Bolton at State also. I think the “keep that in mind” was a cautionary statement to Romney.

    • David Allred

      Governor Palin was being polite and respectful of Condi and her ability, but as a Christian lady first she is concerned for the protection of the unborn. I will never vote for anyone who is pro choice unless there is no other choice.

      • BlueVA

        Looks like you’ll have no choice, Mr. Allred. Romney was pro-choice before he was pro-life and only changed his point of view in 2004. That’s a fairly recent “epiphany.” Considering that he’s been gunning to be president since 2006 or 2007, my guess is that the change was politically expedient and not the result of a come-to-Jesus moment.

  • Georgia

    I agree wth your mom that there are others who are far more conservative than Condi Rice. She is pro-Abortion and Pro-Amnesty for illegal aliens, and of course she sings Obama’s praises. As follows:

    Rice Congratulates Obama Tearfully, Says She Is “Especially Proud” Of Obama’s Win (VIDEO)


    Condi Rice on Obama
    “…I couldn’t help enjoying Rice’s genuine excitement about Barack Obama’s victory…Am I a total sap to find Condoleezza Rice’s reaction to Barack Obama’s victory moving? She looked like a little girl on Christmas. She looked 20 years younger, at least. That grim mask of determination and repression was gone…”

    Romney can do much better than RINO Rice.

  • Pat

    Condoleeza Rice would be the best choice for Romney or any running Primary candidate for President.
    She has strength, morals, intelligence, experience, and strong common sense decision making. She is an USA citizen and can prove it. She loves her country and cares about it.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Hello Bristol
    Your Mother is a lady of Humbleness, Grace, Mercy and Wisdom.

  • aloha43

    No Bristol….you are WRONG:

    Your mother wasn’t the first woman to run for Vice President. Geraldine Ferraro was first.

    Your family can’t seem to check things out before you speak.

    • BlueVA

      Bristol wrote that her mom was the first Republican woman to run for VP. Ferraro was on the Democratic ticket.

      • jojo

        True. Gerri (may she rest in peace) was the very first over all. She was on dem ticket with Mondale. SP was first selected by a repub nominee.

  • bellagrazi

    All future VP nominees will always pale in comparison to your mom, Bristol. She was a breath of fresh air for this country when she was chosen. And she continues to be the leading voice in the conservative movement. Sarah Palin for President, 2016! Please work on it for us, Bristol. America desperately needs her leadership.

    • conanobrian

      Please please please encourage Sarah to run in 2016. Why wait until 2016– she should storm into that convention and take it by force. Late night comedians need Sarah Palin!

    • Georgia

      bellagrazi, I couldn’t agree more! Sarah Palin uplifted this country, as no other VP nominee has ever done. She spoke and still speaks for all God-loving Patriotic American. There is only one Sarah Palin. 2016 will be her year! Sarah Palin for President of the United States, in 2016! We certainly do need her.

      • BlueVA

        Well, she didn’t uplift the country, but she surely was an energizing mouthpiece for all those angry people who resent having a half-black, “secret Mooslim,” “affirmative-action educated,” “Kenyan usurper” for a POTUS.

        • GrizzlyMom

          Couldn’t agree more BlueVA!

        • Emma Lora

          Why Blue!! “secret Mooslim” “affirmative-action educated” “Kenyan usurper”
          energizing mouthpiece etc. etc. I like your style. LOL and to boot.. Grizz right there beside you.
          Of course it is a “I don’t like conservatives” speak write with sarcasm.. but here you are on a conservative blog where we think of this as “hot air going nowhere but up and away.” but you are catching on with the speak-write style I like.

          • GrizzlyMom

            Oh so you think of it as hot air going nowhere but up and away do you? Seems more like crack based on your inability to ignore it. Tay in the wind.

          • BlueVA

            Help me out, GrizzlyMom…WTF is “speak-write style”?

          • GrizzlyMom

            Blue I can only assume that Emma’s “speak-write” style in indicative of how she verbally expresses herself. Why she would admit this and model her writing habits after it is as cloudy as the logic she uses to..wait…i feel an episode of speak-write coming on…the liberal(‘)s desparation at needed constant validation proves that Jesus expects one day for the (really) truth to be self-evident.