A Gay Dance Partner? Sure!

While I’m excited and thankful to be returning to Dancing With The Stars, not everyone is thrilled I’m coming back. When the new contestants participated in a panel discussion for the Television Critics Association’s summer tour, the critics’ disdain for me was obvious.  While they asked many questions (or, really, just a few questions over and over), only one stands out in my mind: Would I mind dancing with a gay dance partner?

Frankly, I found the question silly.  Of course, I’d most like to dance with Mark again, but that’s up to the producers! If I can’t dance with Mark, I’d love to dance with a gay partner, a straight partner, or anything in between.  I’m not looking for romance at Dancing With The Stars, but I do want to do as well as I can, make as many friends as I can, and maybe – just maybe – walk away with the mirror ball trophy.

But the media can’t seem to figure this out.  In their simplistic minds, the fact that I’m a Christian, that I believe in God’s plan for marriage, means that I must hate gays and must hate to even be in their presence.  Well, they were right about one thing: there was hate in that media room, but the hate was theirs, not mine.

Let me explain through a real-life example.  A friend of mine interviewed several years ago for a faculty position at an Ivy League law school.  When the interviewer saw that he was a conservative Christian, she asked him:  “Do you think you can teach gay students?”  (See the similarity to my question?)

Here was his response: “I believe every human being is created in the image of God and should be treated with dignity and respect, so I’ll treat all my students fairly.  But I can’t promise they’ll treat me with the same respect when they find out I’m a Christian.”

That’s exactly right.  What do a person’s sexual preferences and practices have to do with dancing ability?  In fact, in most jobs a person’s private life has little or no bearing on their ability to do their job unless they lose sight of boundaries and ethics.  Does the fact that a guy sleeps with his girlfriend mean that he can’t sell coffee?  Should we fire a car salesman who’s divorcing his wife?

Look, my responsibility is pretty darn clear: to treat people as I would like to be treated, to be gracious, and – yes – to uphold and advance my Christian principles in all that I do.  Would I want a gay dancer to refuse to dance with me because of my beliefs?  Why would I refuse to dance with a gay man because of his?

To the Left, “tolerance” means agreeing with them on, well, everything.  To me, tolerance means learning to live and work with each other when we don’t agree – and won’t ever agree.  So if I have a gay dance partner, we may have some interesting discussions about morality, marriage, and whether the government made him a great dancer because it built the roads that he drove on to dance practice.  But I can promise you that I’ll give it my best effort, I’ll learn all I can learn, and I’ll be proud to hoist that elusive mirror ball trophy right by his side.

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  • Allisen

    Love this response Bristol. I am so impressed with your ability to articulate your values and beliefs in such a way that while the media may TRY to make you seem like some sort of ignorant bigot, they will undoubtedly fail because your message is so clear and well said. You are an inspiration and I love watching your show…. I’m a teen mom too and I think you’re doing a GREAT job :)

    • Kay

      Here here Bristol! Well said.

    • Lily

      Allisen, Bristol has a ghostwriter articulating ” her” views. Good to know.

      • sodakhic

        And who writes for you, Lily?

    • Sally Knows

      where’s the “like” button?

  • Linda Kay

    I will be following you along your journey on DTWS & Voting as many time as possible. No matter who your partner is you will give it your all !!! We’ve got your back !

    • Jessica

      Same here :)

  • Bridget

    Bristol, I so admire how you aren’t afraid to tackle the tough issues head-on. You explained beautifully how we can be against gay marriage, but can still like and befriend gay people. They are not mutually exclusive.

    • AFS

      Yes, beautifully explained. Just like how someone can believe blacks are racially inferior, but still be friends and like them! Such mention ju-jitsu on the part of you Bristol followers is impressive.

      • Patrick

        Are you really this stupid?

        • Jellybean

          It is a perfect analogy. Are you really that stupid?

          • Truth101

            Jellybean, You are the stupid one.

  • Amanda

    Bristol this is what I love about you… You seem to be able to think far beyond your years. I an not a Christian and I have no problem with homosexuality, but I agree with you, it’s about tolerance. Everyone deserves respect and everyone is entitled to their own choices in life. Sexual preference has no bearing on how well someone might dance or cook or anything. I hope you do great on DWTS and prove to everyone how wrong they are about you :-)

  • Melissa McMinn

    Bristol I think you are a great person! You have every right to your beliefs, religion, politcal views. You have every right to express how you feel also. You will go far with your great attitude. Will be watching and voting for you on DWTS. Good luck!

  • kristen

    There are gay christians, gay jews, gay muslims, gay hindus, etc..

    • Chris Calvin

      You cannot live in sin and be a child of God. As far as Muslims, Hindus…..I cannot speak of them. I have my opinions of these religions, but not necessary to bring them up here. If someone say they are a christian and are gay, they are fooling themselves. God loves them, yet they are sinning in His eyes. You can call yourself a Canadian, and have never lived in Canada, doesn’t make you a Canadian. Going to a church of any kind does not make you a christian. Living in the garage does not make you a car.

  • John Wiggill


    It’s very refreshing to hear a young woman discussing today’s issues in a logical adult fashion and I couldn’t agree with you more. I was a liberal (not a hater) most of my life and Rush Limbaugh helped me see the light (lol.) So over the years I’ve tried to talk to liberals and help them cross over, but it’s an exercise in futility. It always turns out like Glenn Beck’s book Arguing with Idiots and I’m giving up, but I don’t want you to. hahaha. Good luck on DWTS. I’ll be watching and cheering you on.

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    • Karla House

      Leave the judgement of other’s lifestyles to God and just love one another. We can obey scripture and love without trashing on Gods word regarding people and their beliefs. We are hear to encourage not discourage. Each man or woman have to answer one day, it is not my business to tell someone how to live only witness the word and pray everyone follows Him! Good day to you all ♥ Supporting Chick-filA and God’s scripture doesn’t mean we should hate gay people… Chick-filA only supports God’s word! They haven’t stopped serving anyone…

      • DeLores Wright

        Karla, that is exactly what I was trying to say. Very Good! I just get on my soapbox too much…

      • David Laity

        Karla, I agree with 90% of your post. I think it is our job to tell people that if they continue in their sin, whether of homosexuality or other and reject Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death, then they will die and not go to heaven. If they know we are a Christian most will be angry and think , say we are judgemental. If they persist in their sin they face a fiery future after judgement day…If someone is a Christian we have a responsibility speak to/restore them if they are overcome in a sin. Galations 6:1 “If a brother caught in a sin you who ae spiritual go to him and gently restore him.” “If a brother sins a sin that doesn’t lead to death one should pray for him. If he’s sinning a sin that leads to death one should not pray about that. ” That may require restoration or church discipline See 1 John5:16…In the church in Corinthians there was a man sleeping with his fathers wife. Paul wrote what right do you have to judge those on the outside. Expel the wicked man from you! 1 Corinthians 5… In Pauls 2nd letter to the church, it appears the restored this wicked man, who had repented on this sin. Corinthians 2:5-11
        I like the rest of your post Karla.
        Go Bristol!

        • MotherBushIsBack

          David do you stand outside of bars and clubs and tell the patrons leaving that their drinking is a sin? Do you stop overweight people in fast food restaurants and tell them that gluttony is a sin and the body is the temple of christ so stop destroying it? Do you walk around and asks people if they are saved or not and then tell those who are not that they are going to hell if they don’t repent? Why single out the gay community?

          • LaserWraith

            Actually, the verse David quoted applies to Christians (which is why it said “brothers”, as in “brothers in Christ”). So the idea is that the Christian community discourages, and if necessary, throws out someone who willingly continues in a specific sin without seeking God’s help to change.

          • jason taylor

            Because they single themselves out by insisting that they are not sinning while drunkards just go on drinking.

          • Truth101

            Well in Bristol case it is because the Gay community is singling her out.

          • storm1

            Because the gay community singles out businesses and groups and bring this on their selves. You don’t hear any of the above boycotting and such do you? I have no problem with what they do in their own home, nor do I have a problem with civil unions but marriage is between a man and a woman. Even if you don’t go by the Bible it is just common sence.

          • Truth101

            The First Lady does.

        • Avanelle

          Just because someone persists in their sin does not mean they will be cast into hell. Non believers have to be convicted by God before they will hear what believers have to say about sin. So, as Paul said, what right to we have to judge? God knows what is in theri hearts and He knows when He will deal with them.

          • http://msn Linda

            If someone has truely repented of a sin they want continue to do this sin if they haven’t they will continue to do the sin. Yes GOD is their judge but he teaches us what is right and what is wrong. In I Corinthians verses 6-20 please read all of this it tells us about the sinners that want enter the kingdom of GOD if they aren’t saved and forgiven . It says do not be deceived .

        • AFS

          By your own standard Bristol is going to hell being she continues to live in sin. She no longer even lives in the same STATE as the father and has failed to try to make the marriage work. According to the bible, you should get married… one man one woman, right? So why isn’t she with the father? He isn’t a great guy? Well God doesn’t care about that. He made his rules pretty clear. Seriously, who is she to continue to judge others while she continues to live in sin???

          • Truth

            You need to do your research and than come back and post. First, Bristol lives in Alaska. Second, the deadbeat dad choose to make money off of trashing and lying about the Palins. He picked money over his own child. And still after some of the trashing, Bristol still gave that dirt bag another chance only to find out he was getting back with her only because of money reasons and another girl may be carring his child. Third, the deadbeat dad has made it clear that he doesn’t have any time for Tripp and continues to blame others. Fouth, He has not made any effect to see his kid in over a year and owes over $40,000 in child suppport payments. Fifth, as of today the deadbeat dad is living in his drug dealing mom’s basement and has another baby on the way with another girl out of wedlock.

            After the last slime act this disgusting lowlife has pulled, I hope Bristol take his butt to court for not paying child support and they throw his butt in jail. That is where the slimeball belongs.

          • http://Facebook Marie Moody

            Can I ask you what all that has to do with the question? Would she dance with a gay dancing partner?

          • Sally Knows

            Because any time someone who is a Christian, a follower of Christ, is talking, there seems to be a whole passle of people trying to discredit the whole of Christiandom! In our world, as Christians, we are singled out, made fun of, discredited, and yelled at because of our beliefs. If a gay person, or a believer in abortion is talking and we disagree with their beliefs we are “bigots” “haters” and it is ok to call us whatever hateful thing comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people who aren’t believers who simply say “live and let live according to your own conscience” but that is rare. The pendulum doesn’t swing both ways for those professing their faith in Jesus Christ. But we love everyone anyway! :)

          • Jen

            Well, many Christians profess to love everyone. I am sure some do love *everyone*, but I don’t see a lot of evidence that a majority of Christians truly do. Perhaps it’s the quiet ones who do.

          • Thankful

            To AFS: This argument doesn’t make sense. Being an unmarried mother is not “living in sin.” A child is sometimes one consequence of a sin, but the child is not the sin. Motherhood is not the sin. The sin was committed well before the child was born. Marrying the father does not negate the sin. *Continuing* to live in sin like you are suggesting would mean continuing to have intercourse with people you are not married to. Do you have an inside track on her social life?

            However, I’m sure Bristol still sins. We all do. Sin is not being perfect in God’s eyes; we are imperfect humans. The question for Christians is, do you examine yourself daily and ask, “Is this how God wants me to live?” Then do you repent and follow God, or do you rationalize “it’s not bad like those other people I know” or “I don’t think God really meant this was a problem, I’m not sinning.”

            She is not judging anyone. Christians believe God will eventually judge us and this is one of His standards. Like if you see a cop car and notice your driver is speeding, would telling them you think they’re over the speed limit be judging them? She would be a hypocrite if she went around saying “the gay lifestyle is wrong, but God doesn’t care if I continue to sleep around outside of marriage.” The Bible doesn’t say that everyone who ever commits a sin is going to Hell; it says that everyone HAS committed sin, but those who repent and follow Jesus will be shown mercy.

          • Angie Wilson

            WELL SAID!

          • Cassandra

            I’m not really sure if you know this or not but Bristol wasn’t ever married to the father of her son. So I don’t really know how you came up with the fact that she never tried to make the marriage work. And another thing, do you know her personal relationship with God? Do you know that she hasn’t asked God to forgive her for having premarital sex? Also, could you please give me a scripture that says that you have to get married because you got pregnant. And I am absolutely positve that no where in the Bible does it say you have to live in the same state as the father of your child. She isn’t JUDGING anyone and I am very tired of people saying that Christians are judging people simply because we don’t agree with their opinions, lifestyle, sin, etc….. Everyone sins! EVERYONE! And true Christians can and will admit that. The Bible does say that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. My point is you don’t know her personal relationship with God. You do not know her heart. God does. So while you sit there saying that she is judging people you, my friend, are the one doing the judging…… P.S.-Before you go saying the Bible says this and the Bible says that you might want to look it up so that you can intelligently validate your points. :)

          • Lynn

            Amen!! Well said Cassandra! Couldn’t agree more!

          • Jessica

            So your saying just because the Bible says you must marry the father of your baby and love him for who he is. Well tell that to all the women and children who have been abused by all the men and fathers in their lives! I thank God that my Mom and I are NOT with my sperm donor anymore cause he is a worthless piece of crap and have NEVER been there for me in all 27 yrs of my life! We are ALL guilty of sin including you. Bristol is not with Tripp’s father cause HE IS THE ONE WHO LEFT THEM! Who is she to judge people you ask? I believe NO ONE should judge one another, but GOD. So why don’t you shop judging her and her life cause your just making yourself stupid.

          • jrbhokie

            she was not married to levi and infidelity is reason for divorce if they were. levi has no desire to be in the baby’s life.

        • mlynn

          David, with all due respects, our duty (as Christians) is to pray and love each others as Jesus loves us. Not to judge because we are all sinners. We can only ask God’s mercy upon our earthly brothers and sisters because He ALONE can change forgive and change hearts.

        • Halle

          Brainwashed much? Why do you live by the words of this book, written in a different time, that can be quoted to mean whatever you want it to? Can you not think for yourself?

      • ScoJo

        The only real offensive thing about Bristol is that she’ll get a TON of votes for being Sarah Palin’s daughter from folks who are politics fans who want to see their team succeed regardless of who’s the best dancer. I didn’t even come up with this on my own, my mom – who voted for McCain/Palin – pointed this out and said it ruined the competition on the show last time she was on.

        • Truth101

          You won’t have to worry about that happening again. It is time for Bristol to retire from TV and Hollywood. Maybe you should go to college and grow-up a bit.

          ONe more thing Bristol, from what I saw on your show, I hope you think twice about Willow moving in with you. If you do you better have a long talk with her about her mouth. The word hate and the word fk is coming out of her mouth.

          • Tim

            Truth101 , grow-up and take my advice and don’t let the green-eyed monster get hold of you.

          • Was Acd

            AMEN to that Truth ;)…

        • NEO

          Since when has the show NOT been a popularity contest?

        • sodakhic

          Idiot, that’s why they have people call in, to support who they want. Get a life or shoot your damn television.

        • Truth101

          You can say that about any star that is on DWTS. They all have a fan base that votes for them. Why do you think all the football players are winning on the show?

        • Chet

          ScoJo – Sorry, but that’s a pretty dumb statement considering the name of the show is Dancing with the STARS! Bristol is really at a disadvantage because of the number of people who will NOT vote for her regardless of how well she does strictly because they hate – literally HATE – her mom. As a Chicago Bears fan, I was playfully discouraging my mom from voting for the Green Bay Packer last season – but it was playful. I have nothing against Donald Driver personally. Palin-haters are a lot more vindictive, and there are many more of them than any haters of the other Stars in the show. If anything, Bristol’s political celebrity HURTS her in a popularity contest against pro athletes, TV actors, opera singers, and swimsuit models. Any success she achieves on that stage is truly an accomplishment!

        • LeAnne

          I think it will even out with no Democrat voting for her regardless of her skill. Bristol gets more condemnation than praise because of her mom.

        • mymati

          not true, they all have their own fan base.

        • Gary

          And this apparently shows that you would not vote for her if she is the best, this exibits what is wrong with the political arena in today’s society.

      • Patrick

        Where do we stop it, the judging of other’s lifestyles? Bestiality? Adult child lovers? Multiple partners? What if these people want to get married too, it certainly does not say in the constitution that we can stop that either? How about parents and adult children getting married? You ever read the book of Corinthians? Please tell me, how do we stop these things from happening, once we open the flood gates to anything goes in the marriage world?

        • Gilly

          Well Patrick animals cannot write or sign their name so they are not candidates for marriage. Adult child lovers…lets see….we don’t let children drive cars until they are 16, they can’t buy beer until they are at least 18, they are not allowed to get a mortgage for a home so your argument is pretty silly. But as I stated above God Himself did impregnate a 13 year old child and allowed for the child to be married to a much older man so I guess from a Biblical perspective their is a precedent so maybe you have a point about that one. As far as parents and adult children..that already occurs today (google Woody Allen) and I don’t see conservatives screaming that it is destroying their marriage. Also might want to google how many red states allow cousins to marry each other.

        • Lex Luthor

          If you can find a dog that can read, write and talk, I’ll marry it

        • ScoJo

          We stop when it becomes non-consentual. There’s no “slippery slope” or gateway. Bestiality is non-consentual because animals can’t consent. Kids are under the age of consent, so they can’t consent. Multiple partners…well, I think it’s idiotic, but should it be illegal? Nah. It’s consenting adults. I don’t agree with it, but if it’s not harming anyone who didn’t willfully enter the relationship, who cares? Anyway, the Bible’s full of plural marriage.

        • Chris Greybeard

          Marriage is a legal contract between two adults, to that end, there is no limit as to who can be married as long as they are of legal age and posess the mental capacity ( not the morals of society) to enter into a contract. To limit a human beings right to enter such a contract based on sexual preference, race, gender, religion or lack there of, would there for be illegal according to the laws of this Country. Whether you chose to enter a contract with someone is entirely up to you, whether someone else choses to enter a contract is entirely up to them. It’s not a matter of what your religion tells you.

      • Chris Calvin

        The Christians in this world, true Christians, have never Judged anyone. We DO leave that to God, who is the Judge. BUT saying that, there is Right and there is Wrong. We know the difference. There is NO HATE, there is NO Judging, only love. Voicing one’s opinion based on the Real Word of God, that is God Jehovah, the God of Israel and Me, is not judging. I have several Gay friends, we watch TV together, we eat together often, they know my opinions on their lifestyle and I know there’s. They are my friends, we disagree, but we are friends. We have lively conversations sometimes, but respect each other enough to not let it get hateful. By saying Gay Marriage is wrong, is not hating Gays, it is standing up for the Word of God Jehovah. Jesus pointed out the “Woman an the Well” had been married many times and was living with a man, who was not her husband. He did not hate her, just expressed concern for her SIN. This is not Judging, it is loving. If your really a christian, you would realize that. Think about it, pray about it, and most importantly Pray about it.

        • Jared

          Dude, step away from the good book and read a grammar book, because you really need to brush up on your capitalization skills.

      • Charles Stearns

        No, but Chick-Fil-A donates part of it’s profits to organizations that, amongst other things, have directly supported the ‘kill the gays’ bill in Uganda, and (closer to home) actively working to deny gays in the US their rights. So your ‘supporting Chick-Fil-A’ IS helping KILL PEOPLE.

        Get your head out of your 2,000 year-old book of immorality and take a good hard look at what your xtian beliefs have done to this world.

  • Kirstin

    Well said, Bristol!! Good luck on DWTS! 

  • Jud

    Bristol gets it but the media doesn’t! Good luck Bristol – give it your all and we will have your back!!!