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The Defense Cuts That Won’t Happen

Spencer Ackerman says the automatic defense cuts triggered by the failure of the supercommittee will likely never actually happen because Congress will pass a bill reversing the sequestration plan in the name of saving America from spending less than 50% of the world's money on its military. … [Read more...]

The Mythical Restrictions on Super PACs

ProPublica, a non-profit news organization that has done Pulitzer prize-winning work, takes a look at Super PACs. Those entities are supposed to be independent of any candidate but the reality is quite the opposite. … [Read more...]

Obama’s Godless Atheist Thanksgiving

The night before Thanksgiving, President Obama did the traditional pardoning of the turkey, called 10 military families to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and sent out a video message waxing eloquent about the virtues of supporting the troops and helping other people. But he didn't mention God. Cue the wingnut outrage. … [Read more...]

Conservatives Can’t Be Intentionally Funny

The complete collapse of Dennis Miller's ability to be funny over the last few years should convince everyone that, with rare exceptions, conservative just aren't funny. And when Glenn Beck tries to be, it will just make you cringe. Here's a clip from a new conservative alternative to the Daily Show that Beck is running on his network. Prepare to gape in astonishment: … [Read more...]

New Mexico SOS Reveals Her Own Fake Claims

Like most Republicans these days, New Mexico's Secretary of State, Dianna Duran, likes to make wildly exaggerated claims about virtually non-existent voter fraud. Her own investigation found those claims to be false but she's still accusing anyone who points out that fact of being motivated by partisanship. … [Read more...]

Brother Sam at Skepticon

Here's the video of Brother Sam Singleton's performance at Skepticon. It's very funny stuff. I strongly recommend other skeptical groups invite this guy to speak. … [Read more...]

Pepper Spraying at Walmart

You see, this is why we can't have nice things cheap crap made by underpaid and abused sweatshop workers in unsafe working conditions in China. … [Read more...]

Roy Moore Runs for Old Seat

Apparently not satisfied with being little more than an afterthought while running for governor and president, Judge Roy Moore is now planning to run for his old seat on the Alabama Supreme Court again. The Washington Post reports: … [Read more...]

JT on Mental Illness

At Skepticon last weekend, JT Eberhard gave a very brave speech about mental illness. It was brave because he suffers from one of the most common forms of mental illness himself, anorexia. You wouldn't know it now, given how buff the guy is, but as he explains, this is a form of anorexia as well. I had to leave early and missed it at the time and was disappointed, so I'm happy that it is up on Youtube now. He's also asking others to come out of the closet, to talk about their mental illness. … [Read more...]

Dumbass Quote of the Day

You gotta give Mitt Romney credit for his ability to emulate utter stupidity. When he panders, he doesn't just dip his toe in it, he dives in head first and splashes around. This may be one of the most idiotic statements ever made in politics (and imagine the competition for that award): … [Read more...]

The Worst Song Ever Made

I had a conversation last week with my best friend that included discussion of one of life's most important questions: What is the worst song ever recorded? We came up with three songs that certainly belong in the bottom ten -- "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys, "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion and "I Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon. … [Read more...]

Brother Sam on Speaking in Tongues

One of the cool things at Skepticon was a performance by Brother Sam, an "atheist evangelist" who put on a fake revival meeting. It was very funny and very accurate, which I can say because I've attended a few of them in my day. Here's a clip from the show: … [Read more...]