Jef from The Bachelorette: I’m Not a Practicing Mormon

So, we’ve speculated about Jef Holm’s faith a bit on this blog, so you might be interested in this interview he gave recently to Reality TV World during a conference call with reporters.

You keep saying how private and conservative your family is, and I guess from reading up on you a little bit, you’re supposedly half Mormon.  Can you talk about that a little bit?

Jef Holm: Yes, I’m not half Mormon.  I was raised Mormon and my family is still Mormon.  My parents are serving in a Mormon mission as Mission presidents in South Carolina, and I was raised with the standards of Mormonism in the church.

I’m just not practicing right now.  I’m still, you know, really — I mean, faith is something that’s a huge priority on my list and in my life, and I’m really active, you know, in church and everything.  I’m just not active Mormon.

You can read the entire interview here.  I think it’s interesting that he said he was “really active in church,” but was not an active Mormon.  I don’t pretend to understand what that means, but I thought I’d pass it along to my friends on Team Jef!

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  • James

    I’m a lifelong Mormon and even I don’t know what he means. “Active” in Mormon speak means you attend church regularly and volunteer in some capacity in your local congregation. Any active Mormon can tell that Jef is not active from watching the show.

    My guess is that he knows it is painful for his family, friends, and even for himself to publicly say that he is not “active” so he just ends up saying something confusing.

  • Linda Hawley

    My guess is that he means that he is not a “Temple-Worthy” Mormon, but that he still participates in church. There is a big distinction here, because if you’re a “Temple-Worthy” Mormon (i.e. you attend the Temple), it means that you practice chastity (no sex before marriage), and you don’t drink, smoke, or do any drugs. In a Mormon congregation outside of Utah, a very small percentage are “Temple-Worthy” whereas most Mormons simply participate in church and the service activities. In order for his parents to be serving as Mission Presidents in South Carolina, they must be “Temple-Worthy.” I hope this clarifies it. : )

  • David French

    On a minor note, seeing that hair stand straight on end makes me glad I’m bald. Is that what guys with hair have to do these days?

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  • ignoramus

    Having been there, myself, I can tell you that there is no reason to perjure yourself. You have to be able to proclaim your own worthiness. You also want the same from your marriage partner. I never heard of Jef before this day, but I would ask him why and believe him when he tells me. I know people and trust this person not to bs me. I am ignoramus, which means “What do I know?” in Latin.

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  • Nancy Hunter

    A question to the Mormon commenters: What do you think Jef’s active Mormon parents think about him 1) going on a TV show, 2) dating a Christian and 3) possibly getting engaged to a Christian?

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  • KristinJoy

    Hi Nancy! I am one of those “Strange and elusive” Temple worthy Mormons, haha! But to answer your questions, most Mormon parents are very supportive of their children in anything that they do, in fact one of my best friends that is Mormon recently told his parents that he was gay and they still adore him all the same. Mormon parents are no different than any other caring parents, they understand that children grow up and you have to let them. So they probably find the tv thing acceptable. As far as the Christian thing goes, we ARE Christians and believe in Jesus Christ as our savior, so I would think that they would have absolutely no problem at all with Jef marrying a Christian of another religion! I am in no way, shape or form putting words in Jef’s parents mouths, but I hope this at least gave you some insight. Have a fantastic day, Nancy!

  • Randy

    KristinJoy, first off…thank you for your post. I too have several friends that are Mormon who are from a a great family and have great family values. Unfortunately, Mormonism can NOT and should NOT be considered Christianity. Please know, that I am not attacking you, your character, or sincerity of belief, but I must take this opportunity to make this point. There are many many examples I cou ld give to back this claim, but just to name a few: Mormonism denies there is only One God, adds works as a means to salvation, and denies the true Gospel, and deny the Trinity. Further…in order to earn salvation in Mormonism, you MUST believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God (Doctrines of Salvation, Vol. 1, p. 188). Additionally, Mormon’s deny the Bible as their final authority, with the addition of Book of Mormon. Again, these are only a few of the MANY MANY points that can be mentioned. Again, I am not denying that Mormons are ‘good people’, but Mormonism is false teaching, plain and simple. Mormonism is a prime example of what the Apostle Paul mentioned numerous times in his Epistles about false teachers.

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  • Malinda

    Of course this is just speculation, but my interpretation of Jef’s statement is that he’s active in a church, just not a Mormon church.

  • Nancy French

    I wondered that too!

  • l h

    It’s up to Jesus to decide who is and who is not a “true Christian”
    He’s the judge of our hearts, intents, actions, beliefs…
    He made it clear that we are not to judge each other.
    He wants us to worry about ourselves, (mote and beam),
    and love each other… our neighbors and our enemies.
    Go to a LDS meeting some day and see what it is we study, talk about, teach and how we live. We aren’t perfect. No faith or people are. . . only God is perfection. But we strive to do good in this world and be good people, and we love Jesus Christ <3 God Bless you Randy.