A Video You Should Watch and Share: Mitt’s Convention Film

It’s marvelous. It’s only ten minutes. There’s no excuse for not watching it.

Read More About the RNC Convention Here:

A NJ Evangelical for Mitt Gives Interview from Convention

My Sign Made It Onto CBS News!

A Video You Should Watch and Share

Mitt’s Decision Making History

Two Quick Takeaways from RNC Day Three

Ann Romney Wows Crowd: Newsmax

Three Takeaways from RNC Day Two

Four Takeaways from RNC Day One

The Moment Gov. Romney Got Enough Delegates to Put Him Over the Top

Ann Romney Introduces Herself to the Nation

The Moment We Walked into the Convention

The Convention Was Just Called to Order

A Call to Prayer

Bob Corker, Frank Luntz, and Hurricane Isaac

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  • Steven

    That’s a very powerful video. :-)

  • Sharon

    I loved this video!! May God be with us so that our country will be blessed with a President such as Mitt Romney!

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  • Gary Tilley

    Great video that shows the real Mitt Romney. It’s too bad the mainstream media can’t be objective in letting the American people know what Mitt’s capable of doing. He actually has a record of accomplishment and excellence. He’s has superb executive skills and personal values that make him a natural leader.