Are You a “Mitt Convert?” Tell Us Your Story!

When we were at the convention, we saw many people who had come into the RNC as skeptics but left as Mitt enthusiasts!  If you used to be lukewarm or even hostile towards Gov. Romney, but have changed…  we want to hear your story!





How You Used to Feel (and Why)

How You Feel Now (and What Changed Your Mind)


Also, as an added bonus, send in a photo of you with Romney gear or – better yet – holding up a sign that announces your (new!) support!  We’ll make a slideshow out of it!  (No need to make it fancy – just a handwritten, homemade sign is fine!)

E-mail them to me using Nancy @ – with no spaces – and your story can be an inspiration to others who are just now tuning into the political process with the two back-to-back conventions!

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