Rouhani Stands Firm Against Extremists As Tension Escalates

The tensions between Rouhani and extremists over internal policy has been escalated even more. Today Rouhani used his strongest language up to now and harshly slammed conservatives. For a brief history to those who don’t know: There was a protest in front of the Ministry of Interior asking for further and harsher restrictions on hijab, [Read More...]

Of Masculinity and Me

I don’t know how to drive. I generally don’t like cars, and I derive no pleasure of looking at their picture or collecting information about them. I don’t enjoy football, or most sports. I’m not into physical activities. I’m not into physical fights, although I can be the meanest bastard in verbal ones. I’m a [Read More...]

Maya Angelou Has Passed Away At Age 86

Maya Angelou, a poet, a writer, an activist, an icon of world literature and one of the greatest voices of equality and liberty, has passed away. She was a great poet. She was instrumental in my own life when I read her memoir I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. I found her book to [Read More...]

Supreme Leader’s Hypocrisy Regarding Sunnis

Today is when Shiites (at least Iranian Shiites) celebrate the birth of Prophet Mohammad, (called Mawlid), which also ends the Unity Week in Iran. Now, Sunnis believe Mohammad was born on 12th of the Islamic month of Rabiul-Awwal and Shiites on the 17th of Rabiul-Awwal. Which was always one of the reasons I laughed at Islam – as [Read More...]

2014 Cannes Overview: My Most Anticipated Movies

Cannes Film Festival is the most important cinema event of every year and it is the time when you can decide what are the best films to put on your to-watch list. This is my list. Obviously, I have not watched any of them, so I link to reviews that explain why these movies have [Read More...]

Link Round-Up 5/25/2014

Headline: You already know that the great and awesome Heina Dadabhoy is coming to Freethough blogs and I’m so excited. Read this piece on New York Time. It’s a great profile on her. Story of the week: Islamophobia. I’ve been in Iran all my life. Naturally I’ve never encountered it, but it’s real and needs to be [Read More...]

Extremist Islamists Want Actress Leila Hatami Flogged for a Kiss on the Cheek

So here they are, getting more and more tacos each day. Via IndieWire: A campaign to have Iranian actress Leila Hatami publicly flogged has been filed by radical students in her home country of Iran. Hatami, who is best known for starring in the Oscar-winning “A Separation,” received a peck on the cheek from Cannes [Read More...]

Islamic Identity vs. Persian Identity in Iran, and Why I Reject Both

Iran’s recent history has been marked by two dictatorial regimes, a monarchy, the Pahlavi Dynasty, and a theocracy, the Islamic Republic. They present different values, and different identities. The Pahlavi regime crystallized the “Persian” identity, glamorizing the ancient kings of the old Persia, changing the calendar to a secular one, forcing a single language for [Read More...]

How to Write the Most Unlikable Atheist for TV

So I came across this post on the Friendly Atheist. It includes this image. This is such a fundamental misunderstanding of storytelling. These are interesting, likable characters. Dexter Morgan and Sheldon Cooper are so interesting that they carry the weight of their otherwise poorly executed stories on their shoulders. Let’s ignore for a fact that being [Read More...]

How Kurosawa Inspired Star Wars, and Why Movie History Is Awesome

HOLY SHIT this is an awesome video. It demonstrates how the movies of Akira Kurosawa (whom I regard as the greatest director who ever lived) especially Seven Samurai (which I consider the greatest film of all time) and Hidden Fortress inspired the Star Wars franchise, and also a very short history of American and Japanese [Read More...]