Conversational Bodies.

To be created in the image of the triune God is to exist as a conversation. God, as trinity, exists as three “persons” in an eternal conversation with one another: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, listening and responding, giving and receiving with one another. Read more

The Hopeful Politics of “Everyday Attentive Reciprocity”

“We think that it is most vitally in and through concrete practices of tending to one another that people find the sources of renewal and sustenance for a life-affirming politics.” – Stanley Hauerwas & Romand Coles Read more

A Politics of Hope in the Trump Age

Over the last week, I’ve been reflecting on how we can find hope in these anxious times. Our hope of a different — and better — sort of politics begins in our local churches. Read more

An Open Apology to Chris Rock.

That’s how it works for me. As a white male, I can hear the complaints, the cries of someone not in a position of power and privilege and decide whether to “take up the cause” or summarily dismiss it. I can dismiss you. On Sunday night, I wanted to dismiss you. And I am not sure there’s a worse thing one person can do to another. I am sorry. Read more

Deeper into Your Love and Compassion – A Slow Church Benediction.

Lord God, Giver of all gifts, who loves and abundantly sustains the whole of your creation. We come humbly before you, with gratitude for all you have given us in our churches and in our neighborhoods. … Read more

Indiana’s New RFRA Bill Hits Home on Indy’s Near Eastside

An article broke in the Indianapolis Star this afternoon, announcing that in response to Indiana’s newly signed RFRA bill, major corporation Angie’s List would be cancelling plans for an expansion to their campus on Indianapolis’s Near Eastside. Read more

Looking for Enemies

The March 2015 issue of Charisma magazine includes an article entitled “Here’s How the New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel.” Now, I’m not familiar enough with Charisma’s digital reach to say whether or not this article went “viral,” but I can tell you that the online version has been shared 676,000 times over the last nine days and that it popped up three times on my own Facebook feed. There is so much wrong with this article that it makes my… Read more

Scot McKnight – A Fellowship of Differents [Patheos Book Club]

If you have read Slow Church, and want another book that makes a similar theological case, and one that is wisely attentive to biblical scholarship, A Fellowship of Differents is your book. Read more

Ragan Sutterfield – This is my Body [Patheos Book Club]

Sutterfield’s journey, as chronicled in This is My Body, is a poignant reminder that though the way will be grueling, there is a deep joy in the health we experience in thoughtfully and faithfully caring for our bodies. Read more

Two Slow Church-related ebooks on sale now!

Download these Slow-Church related ebooks now… Franchising McChurch (FREE!) and Kingdom Calling by Amy Sherman ($2.99) Read more

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