My Latest Papabile Profile

Get to know your Cardinals!

Here is my latest Papabile Profile for Aleteia on Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi.

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  • jeff

    We need an able administrator not an intellectual as Pope. Hosting a few feel-good talks, whilst a good idea, doesn’t exactly make you Pope material.

    We need someone who can run stuff, running, like, the Catholic Church with 6000 bishops and hundreds of Orders, universities, corrupt seminary rectors and feral nuns . We need someone who can reform the system so that stuff he says actually gets done at the parish level and isn’t swallowed up in the bureaucratic quagmire.

    And another thing–THE GUY CAN ONLY SPEAK ITALIAN!?!?!? Italian isn’t a world language. It’s relevance ends at the Swiss border. Even the Italian diaspora don’t speak Italian anymore. We need a Pope who isn’t so beholden to the Italian media and newspapers but who can see what the Americans, Australians, Brits, Indians, South Africans (and pretty much the rest of Africa too, for that matter), Phillipinos, New Zealanders, Pacific Islanders, Chinese (yes, they have English language media. they have no Italian language media) are up to.

    Castrillon Hoyos’ dumb comment that the sexual abuse revelations in the US were just a media beat up is evidence of this Euro-centrism at its worst–you gotta know English to be freakin CREDIBLE as a world leader today.

    • Victor

      (((–you gotta know English to be freakin CREDIBLE as a world leader today.)))

      Well said Jeff! NOW we all know that The Holy Spirit will be needed! Right?

      Just asking NOW?