Chust for Fun

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This blog has been a rather serious place of late with a number of worried, sour and fearful people commenting. Why not lighten up and enjoy this re-mix from Mary Poppins, and for some fun go here and read Bishop Williamson’s review of Mary Poppins…Go here to connect to all of Bishop Williamson’s famous film reviews…

  • Dale

    eek…Mary Poppins?!

    Oh, that was far to scary of a movie for me as a child. A sure-fire way to make people fearful, worried and (at best) sour.

  • SKC

    Uh, why are you referring to Bishop Williamson’s “reviews”? Is there a point to this? Why now?

  • Gerard

    Had Williamson’s comments on movies have been done through some miraculous twist of a few decades by G. K. Chesterton, the ridicule would be cheers of approval. Chesterton actually wrote about the foolishness of filming “Pygmalion” and the idea of setting it to music. He found Punch and Judy more profound than cinema.

    That demonstrates the Lemming mentality that following and unknown leader for an unknown reason applauds one thing and condemns a similar thing and understands neither.