Critiquing the Trump Cult

During the election cycle I was pretty outspoken in my dislike of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Since Trump's election I've commented in (I hope) a balanced way here and here.One of the most disturbing things about Trump's presidency is not Trump himself, but the seeming inability we have to treat the situation with any objectivity and balance.If I admit even a morsel of positive comment about what Trump has done I am howled down as a member of the Trump Triumphant Train. On the … [Read More...]

Fifty Days With the Devil

Gargoyle Code tracks the emails between a senior tempter and his juniors, but the idea is updated and applied to Catholics. The letters also go from Shrove Tuesday to Easter Day so it makes a great Lent Book.Slubgrip Instructs is the sequel. The demon Slubgrip has been demoted to teach Popular Culture 101 in Bowelbages University. He instructs his class of slugs and worms in the basics of corrupting the culture.These are great Lent reads for young adults.Learn more about the special o … [Read More...]

Chasing the Creed

St Benedict says you should read a good book for Lent, and I agree.Therefore in these days  which run up to Lent I'll be reminding you of some of my books which are availableThe Quest for the Creed is twenty short chapters on the Apostle's Creed. It is written in an upside down Chestertonian … [Read More...]

Why Do Priests Wear Fancy Robes?

My latest blog post for National Catholic Register poses the question from a Protestant, "Why do you Catholic priests wear those fancy robes?Go here to read the answer.Image Wikkimedia … [Read More...]

Peace or a Sword?

Yes it really is the sword Gibson used in Braveheart. I was in LA in a meeting with Steve McEveety about a film project and there it was in his office...Anyway, the point is (if you'll excuse the joke)...From time to time I have been blamed for being divisive. Its a charge that interests me … [Read More...]

Ten Reasons Why I’m For Betsy DeVos

Embed from Getty Images I still don't like Donald Trump, but if Betsy DeVos is for school vouchers I'm for Betsy DeVos.Here are ten reasons why school vouchers are a good idea.They Give Parents Choice - It is interesting how, when it comes to aborting unborn children … [Read More...]

The Tale of Two Catholic Churches

I will be re-posting various article from the past that I have written for various outlets. This article was first published by National Catholic Register in 2008.The Tale of Two ChurchesI have been a Catholic now for thirteen years. Like most converts, I described my reception into the … [Read More...]

Donald Trump and Padre Pio

I'm a committed Catholic and a cautious conservative.I'm Catholic because I'm convinced of the truth of the Catholic faith. I'm a conservative because it has always seemed to me that the conservative philosophy has reason, experience and common sense on its side.However, I'm a "cautious" … [Read More...]

Why So Much Fear In America?

When I lived in England people were not so scared all the time.Here in the USA I hear so much fear from people. I've lived back in my home country now for ten years. For eight of those years Barack Obama was the president.From those who disliked the president there was so much fear … [Read More...]

Am I a Priest or a Projector Screen?

You know those screens they had when we were kids? Uncle Joe would wrestle with the tripod legs and pinch his fingers trying to raise the darn thing, then he'd plug in the projector and show his holiday slides until everyone was yawning.I sometimes feel like one of those projector screens. A … [Read More...]

Are Muslims Our Brothers and Sisters?

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops have issued a statement re-assuring everyone that Catholics are welcoming to refugees.This is unremarkable in itself and simply re-affirms other documents which  lay out Catholic social teaching on refugees and immigrants.It's good to hear the church's s … [Read More...]

Trump and the Media: Dumb and Dumber

Embed from Getty Images The left clearly don't like President Trump's edict suspending travel from seven countries, but their hysterical hyperbole over the whole matter isn't going to do them any favors.The executive order might be dumb. The media's response is dumber.This … [Read More...]

Healing the Father Wound

Today's blog post over at the National Catholic Register goes through a topic I have written on before.God has created us to long for and need the unconditional love of a Father. Feminists can deny it. Children can rebel against it. Adults can think it doesn't matter, but it's there like a … [Read More...]

The Liberal Lie is Collapsing

Have you ever noticed how lies have to keep getting bigger and bigger?Take, for example, the lie of the sexual revolution. It started out being a kind of hippie dream. You could "love the one you're with" and with artificial contraception, have complete and joyful sexual freedom.But it … [Read More...]