Harvey Weinstein and the New Puritanism

There are a couple of new posts today over at my main blog Standing on My Head. Harvey Weinstein and the New Puritanism looks at the campaign against sexual predators in a new light. The second post looks at a theory that Irish settlers were in South Carolina before Christopher Columbus arrived. Go to Standing on My Head to read more. Read more

The Playboys: Hefner, Harvey, Trump and Clinton

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has been exposed as a serial sex creep. The not so big news is that this sort of thing not only continues, but men of power continue to get away with it. Read more

The Rosary Around Poland

To celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary this weekend millions of Poles surrounded their country in prayer. The news that a million Poles encircled their country with prayer in a public witness was a powerful reminder of the struggles that face Western countries with a Christian heritage. They were commemorating the Battle of Lepanto–a great victory of minority Christian forces against an invading Islamic army. In doing so they were also standing up against what they see… Read more

Las Vegas and the Angel of Despair

Here was a man who did not have a cause. He had nothing to live for and everything to die for. Read more

Blunt Talk About Hugh Hefner

Ross Douthat lays it on the line about Hugh Hefner. I wrote here asking if he is in hell. Ross doesn’t bother with that judgement. He simply makes the correct judgement not of the man but his deeds and his legacy. In doing so he opens up the whole ugly side of Playboy America–claiming quite rightly that Clinton, Cosby and Trump are all part of the same sordid and seamy underbelly of modern America Here are a few ripe paragraphs… Read more

My Conversion Story

Today over at my main blog (which is now located at my newly designed blog-website) I have posted the first published version of my conversion story. My Conversion from the Anglican Church also introduces readers to the section of my new blog called “Archived Articles”. In this section I will be posting some of the various articles I have written over the years for a range of websites, magazines, papers and journals. This section of the blog is partitioned off for… Read more

I’ll Be Standing on My Head Elsewhere

Load ’em up and move ’em out… This blog, Standing on My Head is moving It is now located at my newly designed website. I will retain a presence here at Patheos where my archived materials are lodged. I will also blog here from time to time. My main blog, however, is now here. Come pay a visit! Read more

You’re a Priest. How Do You Find Time To…

One of the major problems in the church is that we are still bound by a ridiculous clericalism in which “Father knows best” and “Father does everything.” I’m done with that. Read more

St Michael Hammer of Heresies

This is my favorite time of the year. Not only is the beginning of Autumn the most beautiful season, but I love this ten days in the church calendar: St Michael, St Jerome, St Therese, St Francis, St Faustina, Our Lady of the Rosary. Overdose of the Holy Ghost. Now to St Michael: Here’s one of the reasons I love the angels: because just by the existence of this feast in the church calendar we knock a couple of deadly modernist… Read more

Is Hugh Hefner in Hell?

Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine is dead. The Catholic Church teaches that at the moment of death the eternal destiny of each soul is determined. You go up or you go down. Hugh Hefner led a life that was not only sexually self indulgent, but it objectified women, glamorized sin and caused millions to dive into sin with carefree abandon. He not only hurt women, but helped in the breakdown of marriage, the destruction of the family and contributed… Read more

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