Worried About the Church? Become a Child

I'll be honest.I'm tired of the grumbling, grousing, griping and gossip.Why are there so many Catholics who are down on Pope Francis, biting their nails over the Synod on the Family and searching the skies for signs of the world's end?To be sure we live in uncertain times.Read history. When were the times certain?To be sure the church seems to be under threat--undermined by corruption and heresy within and attacked by persecution and infidels without.Read your history. … [Read More...]


Is Catholicism About to Split?

My latest article for CRUX examines Marquette theologian Daniel Maguire's suggestion that Catholicism might split into three branches: Traditionalist, Magisterial and ProgressiveI agree with Maguire that these three tribes can be discerned within American Catholicism. Where I disagree is that there can be any formalized arrangement that establishes three separate groups. The three groups exist within the Catholic Church in an uneasy alliance, and that’s how it has to stay. I’m surprised that … [Read More...]

Is Comedy Divine?

My article for Imaginative Conservative this week reflects on the need for laughter in the face of the gathering dark.Let’s get theological. If we’re created in the image of God and we are able to laugh, then does God laugh? Is comedy divine? I’m convinced of it. Because he sees how all things w … [Read More...]

How “Mea Culpa” is a Cure All

“My fault, my fault, my most grievous fault” is what we will soon say in the Confiteo. I know, I know. We will be blamed for dishing out the guilt and making people feel bad, but I think it is going to be refreshing–and here’s why: Our whole culture is awash with the pop psychology counseling mental … [Read More...]

Has the World Gone Pope Crazy?

A couple of priest friends of mine--I'll call them Father Gary and Father Larry-- who are cradle Catholics-- were chuckling about the Pope's visit last week."Everybody's crazy about this pope." Fr Larry said. "Liberals think he's wonderful. Conservatives think he's terrible.""That's right." F … [Read More...]

The Power of a Positive Pope

My article for Aleteia this week focusses on the positive message of Pope Francis.To spend all one’s time, therefore lamenting and lambasting evil is not actually the best way to overcome evil. The best way to overcome evil is to build up all that is beautiful, good and true. This is the p … [Read More...]

Is the Latin Mass the Magic Bullet?

I love the enthusiasm some of my friends have for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. They take time and go to great expense and effort to make sure the worship of God is reverent, traditional, beautiful and transcendent. I'm giving them a thumbs up, straight A's, a shout out and genuine … [Read More...]

The Error of Arianism

 My blog post for National Catholic Register this week points out the heresy of Arianism and how it is not just a fourth century issue.Arianism, simply defined, is the belief that Jesus Christ was not equal with God the Father, but was a created being. In the fourth century the … [Read More...]

Cecile Richards, Kim Davis and the Dictatorship of Relativism

In watching the grilling that Cecile Richards--the CEO of Planned Parenthood received yesterday, what I found interesting was the way she deflected all questions that had anything to do with what might be right or wrong.She made it clear that Planned Parenthood was "judgement free" and that they … [Read More...]

On Women Priests? That Cannot Be Done

On the now customary plane home press conference Pope Francis once again firmly closed the door to the possibility of women priests saying, "Women priests. That cannot be done."Go here for my short debate on the Catholic understanding of priesthood and why women cannot be ordained.Go here … [Read More...]

Aliens, Elephants and Angels

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed a seemingly profound, but ultimately silly discussion which is prevalent within popular culture. It’s called the Fermi Paradox and it goes like this: “There are billions of stars out there like the sun. Therefore, statistically there must be billions of planets … [Read More...]

Are Angels Real?

St Michael and All Angels. Today's feast day reminds me of that section in C.S.Lewis’ science fiction books where his hero Ransom discusses the reality of the angel-like beings the Eldils. It’s a cool argument. He suggests that the Eldils (angels) are invisible to humans not because they are less re … [Read More...]

Pope Michael and Other Episcopal Oddities

My article for Imaginative Conservative this week explores the delightfully weird world of wandering bishops or episcopi vagantes.  One area of eccentricity that never ceases to interest and delight are the “episcopi vagantes” or wandering bishops. These schismatics are often quaintly bizarre. On th … [Read More...]

Catholicism: the Original Mega Church

This picture of Madison Square Garden last night reminded me of the pictures you sometimes see of Joel Osteen's church and other mega churches.Permit us a bit of triumphalism, but the Catholic Church is the original mega church.We are full of faults and flaws because we are full of sinners, … [Read More...]

Was Shakespeare Gay?

In a brilliantly titled essay my friend Joseph Pearce dismantles the current idiocy that William Shakespeare was gay. Contrary to Friedlander’s own glib acceptance of the myth of Shakespeare’s homosexuality, isn’t it unlikely that Shakespeare would have escaped punishment in a culture in which homos … [Read More...]

Why Are the Crowds Frantic for Francis?

The Pope's visit has been an astounding success with tens of thousands crowding to get a glimpse of him, the President and his family going out to greet him and the Majority Leader reduced to tears and chucking in his job as a result.What's happening? Are we about to witness a religious revival … [Read More...]