volvo wreck

In Which Your Blogger’s Car is Totaled…

...and he contemplates his mortality and materialistic mindset.I was heading over the church to hear confessions in my seven year old much loved Volvo.There was a traffic jam and tailback, so I eased down and joined the queue.Looking in my mirror I see a jalopy of an old Ford Bronco bearing down at some speed.Too much speed.Way too much speed.So I pump my brakes to indicate that we're stopped. I pump my brakes again and realize it's too little too late.The Bronco … [Read More...]


Weapons for Battling Lucifer in Lent

Lent is coming up and I'm finally getting down to Paul Thigpen's excellent Manual for Spiritual Warfare.This little book is the best I've found on the subject. Paul launches into the subject of spiritual warfare with clear explanations, solid research and simple language.This is an area where both cynicism, sensationalism and superstition usually take over. Paul avoids all  there pitfalls. He takes spiritual warfare seriously but does not sensationalize the battle with Satan or allow … [Read More...]

St Francis de Sales – Patron of Bald Writers

Quotes from St Francis de Sales --the patron of bald writers Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset. Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength. Make … [Read More...]

The Pope, Women Priests and Pedophiles

In all the rush by secularists to embrace Pope Francis as the Great Reformer, the Great White Hope, the Superpope, the New Messiah, the Man of the Year, the Poster Boy for all things groovy and left wing, a detail this week seems to have slipped by un noticed.This article from Catholic News … [Read More...]

Grow From Your Wound

When I was training as a screenwriter the teacher said something that stayed with me. He said, "Your character must grow from his wound."In other words, it is that hole in our heart, that gnawing pain, that dark shadow in our lives that must become our growth point.For one person it may be a … [Read More...]

So You Don’t Like Pope Francis?

Is that your fault or his fault?Whenever I write explaining why I like Pope Francis the com boxes are filled with the most amazing negativities.The complainer send me emails too, and I wonder if they have stopped to read what they have written before hitting the "Send" button.Who are … [Read More...]

Countering Campus Corruption

One of the most shocking things about sending our kids to campus is that there are not only a host of worldly temptations, but there are many schools in which part of the freshman curriculum is a course that is designed to undermine and destroy the Christian faith.One of our local graduates came … [Read More...]

Use Lent Books for Your Fundraiser!

Have you read and enjoyed Gargoyle Code?Would you like to get some good books into the hands of your parishioners and raise funds at the same time?Write to me at and I'll tell you how.It's very simple: Because The Gargoyle Code and Slubgrip Instructs are self pu … [Read More...]

Of Hobbits and Hermits

There is a double yearning in me, and I suspect it is pretty much universal, and that is to be both a hobbit and a hermit. Give me the hobbit’s life of adventure. I want to shrug on my backpack, pick up my stick and set off on the open road. I want to sleep rough with nothing but the freedom of the … [Read More...]

Slubgrip Instructs – An Excerpt

I'll be posting some excerpts from my new book Slubgrip Instructs as tasters. Make sure you get this in time for your Lenten reading!There is a special pre-publication offer on for the rest of the month of January. Go here to learn more.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Bell c … [Read More...]

Baby Rabbits Take Over Washington DC

Tens of thousands of baby rabbits have swamped downtown Washington DC today.Flooding out of the Verizon Center and many other venues across the nation's capital hoards of little bunnies marched through the streets protesting against government plans to cull the rabbit population through … [Read More...]

I’d Rather Be at March for Life

This year I am missing the March for Life.I have attended almost every year since moving back to the United States in 2006, but this year I felt I needed to attend our diocesan priest's convocation.With the greatest of respect for my bishop and fellow priests. I'd rather be at March for … [Read More...]

The Pope and those Airplane Talks

A good number of Catholics are getting worked up by Pope Francis' habit of giving informal interviews on airplanes.It was worrying me too, but I'm beginning to see the advantages of what he's doing.This week's article for Aleteia explains my thinking on the matter: When the pope meets with … [Read More...]

The Next Pope – Twelve Cardinals to Watch

Pope Francis has several times indicated that his will not be a long papacy.  During the press conference on his flight back from Korea he spoke about Pope Benedict’s retirement and said, “I would do the same. I would do the same. I will pray, but I would do the same. He [Benedict] opened a door that … [Read More...]

Slubgrip’s Special Offer

During the month of January take advantage of a special pre-publication offer on my new book Slubgrip Instructs--the sequel to my previous Lent book The Gargoyle Code. In The Gargoyle Code master tempter Slubgrip writes daily to trainee devil Dogwart–advising him on the temptation of a confused youn … [Read More...]

Abortion and Obi Wan Kenobi

In 1914 Agnes Cuff, a flighty and unstable young woman with few prospects and little money found herself pregnant. The father didn't want to be involved. She was alone, shamed, poor and pregnant.Today she would be encouraged to get herself to an abortion clinic and end the unwanted p … [Read More...]