The Problem with Protestantism

One of the complaints of Protestant converts to the Catholic religion from is that they miss the “fellowship” they enjoyed in their previous church community. By “fellowship” they mean the warm friendship, camaraderie, sense of shared faith and personal commitment. When they come to the local Catholic church they are likely to find not only that it is five times larger than their Protestant church, but the members are from a wider range of socio-economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds.My pari … [Read More...]

Questions for the Archbishop of Malta

As an ordinary parish priest it falls to me to actually deal with the cases of divorced and re-married people.I'm the person on the front line, and am therefore the one who has to deal with their questions and help them in their chosen situation.Therefore I am grateful for any guidance from above, and any bishop who offers advice on the way forward is trying to help me do my job.I have read with interest the letter from from Archbishop of Malta giving advice on how to administer the … [Read More...]

Worried About the End of the World?

It's the year 2017 and the prognosticators and prophets have come up with a heady mixture this time.When you read history you realize that in every age people have been reading the signs of the times and predicting a great catastrophe.The end of the world, like an overdue bus, is always just … [Read More...]

On Being a Critical Catholic

When I became a Catholic I had a few people snark, "How nice for you! You won't have to think anymore."I'd never deny that there are robotic Catholics who either can't think for themselves or who think its a sin, but I haven't met that many. Most of the Catholics I come across are at least a … [Read More...]

Time for Some Ecumenical Common Sense

With the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Revolution this year there seems to be a heightened enthusiasm for ecumenism with the Lutherans.Far be it from me to rain on anyone's parade, but when Cardinal Kasper says he hopes the Pope's next statement will open the way to … [Read More...]

Document Discovered of a Jesus Eyewitness?

Here's one to make people click:The headline reads "Newly Found Document Holds Eyewitness Account of Jesus Performing Miracle"It got me.I clicked through and read the article. It sounded so convincing. In the Vatican archives a scholar unearthed a manuscript from a first century … [Read More...]

Should Dylan Roof Be Executed?

It seems impossible to comprehend why Dylan Roof felt it necessary to gun down nine good Christian people at a Bible study. The fact that he planned the massacre, sat in the Bible study with the folks for half an hour and then opened fire is incomprehensible.His lack of remorse and cold hearted … [Read More...]

Ten Reasons Why the Rosary is Powerful

Saints say it. Popes say it.The Rosary is a powerful weapon against evil. But have you stopped to figure out why?Here are ten reasons why the Rosary prayer is the most powerful and how you can use it most fully.It Engages Your Will  - The human will is powerful because it is a sharing … [Read More...]

Episcopalians Use Koran For Church Readings

This time it is the Scottish Episcopalians.As this article relates details about the Epiphany service at St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow. The congregation at St Mary's cathedral heard the Muslim version of the Virgin Mary's conception of Jesus, from the Koran's Sura 19, sung by Madinah Javed. … [Read More...]

Love and Death

Love, by its very nature, is outgoing and in search of another. We are built to love and so God's command to love him and to love our neighbor is a command that would be similar to saying to a car, "You must provide transportation." That's what a car is designed for. The command is … [Read More...]

Shared Communion With Protestants?

Edward Pentin writes here about the possibility that "in special cases" Protestants might be admitted to receive the Body and Blood of Christ at a Catholic Eucharist. The debate specifically over intercommunion with Christian denominations follows recent remarks by Cardinal Walter Kasper who, in a D … [Read More...]

The Catholic Temple Today

I am re-reading Margaret Barker's  Temple Theology: an Introduction  and am quite delighted by the way the new temple of Our Lady of the Rosary in Greenville echoes the symbolic furnishings of the Old Testament temple.Barker believes the furnishings of the temple represented the six days of C … [Read More...]

And All Was For An Apple

     Sometimes my mind makes big jumps, and I think this might be one of the clues to why and how I write.My mind makes connections that surprise and usually delight me and sometimes disturb me and sometimes all three.A case in point was my … [Read More...]

New Year’s Day: Pagan or Christian?

Some atheists, Muslims and Christian fundamentalists like to grumble and gibe that the celebration of Christmas and Easter are “pagan.” They are right and they are wrong. They are right inasmuch as the wellsprings of our Western culture are deep in the pre-Christian cultures of Europe. They are wro … [Read More...]

Where Are All the Rigid Catholics?

The Holy Father's favorite scold is against Catholics who are "rigid".In this he is echoing Jesus and the gospels. Jesus' big problems were the Scribes and Pharisees. Legalists without mercy, they famously sweated the small stuff--always taking the splinter out of someone else's eye while … [Read More...]

Is My Dog a Better Catholic Than Me?

I came down the steps this morning and caught the dog jumping down from the sofa.Anna knows she is not allowed on the sofa.She was guilty and she looked it. She glanced over her shoulder at me and went scooting off to her bed.She was afraid of being punished.She knew she had done … [Read More...]