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Cecile “See No Evil” Richards

Is anybody else as repulsed as I am by Cecile Richards with her tight face job, fake smile and phony sincerity?In her latest interview with CBS (in which the interviewer basically threw her one softball after another) it is interesting that she has now dropped the line that Planned Parenthood does not make any profit on selling baby parts. That was disproven in today's video. Why? The expensive PR handlers probably told her she can't win that one.She has dropped the line about the "tone" … [Read More...]


Bully Me Bully You

My article this week for Imaginative Conservative is the Rise of the Victim BullyBeing a victim is fashionable—ironically, becoming bullied is now the best way to bully others. It works like this: If you want to move forward in the world, make progress for you and your tribe, further your ambitions, justify your immoral actions, grab a bigger piece of the pie, and elbow others away from the trough, simply present yourself and your tribe as victims. Once you successfully portray yourselves as … [Read More...]

Stories from Slaughterhouse Five

The fifth video from the Center for Medical Progress outlines in more gruesome detail exactly what is going on in Planned Parenthood Slaughterhouse.Now there is simply no excuse.There is no place for Cecile Richards, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and other supporters to hide.This … [Read More...]

Fifth Planned Parenthood Video: Killing and Selling Babies

The fifth video from Center for Medical Progress has been released.The evidence piles up relentlessly.Every video is more explicit than the previous one.Every video is more damning.Every video portrays Cecile Richards and her politician cronies as liars and killers.Once again, … [Read More...]

The Real Reason Politicians Fund Planned Parenthood

After the failure of the attempt to de-fund Planned Parenthood, we should get think through what is really going on.I'm sure there are some politicians who genuinely want to de-fund Planned Parenthood, but they are clearly a minority.There are more who voted for the de-funding because it was … [Read More...]

Six Reasons Why Giving Away Your Money Makes You Prosperous

My Dad was a Christian businessman who tithed 15% of his income to the church.That's right. A whopping 15%. Before taxes. With a wife and five kids.He did so even when he had to re-mortgage his business property and his business was on the skids.At the age of fifty he and my brother sold … [Read More...]

Atheists Believe in “Progress” – More Wishful Thinking

Check out Dawkins' T-shirt sophomoric slogan: Religion. Together we can find a cure. I expect that's what Stalin said to his cronies as he rounded up the priests, nuns and religious, shot them or herded them off to the Gulag. I usually don't argue with atheists, but here is an exchange  from an … [Read More...]

Is Atheism Wishful Thinking?

One of the jabs atheists make towards Christians is that our religion is all wishful thinking.They like to blame us for believing in a sugar daddy in the sky--a kind of invisible Santa Claus who is going to make everything okay one day. When we die we'll all go to a happy family reunion and all … [Read More...]

Planned Parenthood’s Bill Cosby Moment

John Zmirak analyzes the earthquake that the Center for Medical Progress videos have unleashed here by comparing how Bill Cosby handled the scandalous truth.This was the playbook that Bill Cosby and his damage control team were using, and it almost worked. Had there been a little less evidence … [Read More...]

Church Militant or Church Hesitant?

St Ignatius Loyola's memorial today reminds us of the role of the Christian soldier. Wounded in battle, Ignatius began to read the Sacred Scriptures and was truly and completely converted. He went on to found the Society of Jesus as a kind of military style religious missionary order.The idea of … [Read More...]

Persecution of Christians Accelerates Worldwide

This article highlights the increasing persecution of Christians worldwide.Christians may be the most persecuted group in the world, and their persecution is on the rise. As Islamic extremism takes hold and repressive governments step up their campaigns against Christianity, the Pope has been … [Read More...]

America the Murderous: A Solemn Prophetic Warning

If you haven't seen the latest video from Center for Medical Progress yet you ought to.The editing and release of the videos...drip, drip, drip has been a brilliant piece of investigative journalism.They did their research, they gathered their footage, they edited it down to show exactly … [Read More...]

Planned Parenthood Discusses How to Bend the Law in Fourth Video

Center for Medical Progress has released their fourth video today, and it follows the gruesome reality shown in the third video on Tuesday.In today's film the Planned Parenthood doctor discusses how they deal with "compensation" to make sure the public relations look good. She assures the … [Read More...]

Should We Call the Pope “King Francis”?

My article for Aleteia this week explores the idea of a monarchical papacy.Is the pope a monarch? In what way does he stand for the kingdom of God? Should he wear a crown? Seated like a monarch on his throne called the sedia gestatoria the pope would be carried by a squad of men shoulder … [Read More...]

The Devil in Detroit

My latest article for CRUX explores the image of Baphomet which was unveiled in Detroit and asks whether it has a rightful place outside the Capitol in ArkansasThe hideous statue of Baphomet is not, therefore, a harmless exercise in testing the limits of American tolerance. Satan is not just a … [Read More...]

Super Rich Foundations Target Religious Freedom

In the wake of the SCOTUS decision to make same sex marriage legal, this article outlines the concerted plans super rich grant making foundations have for targetting religious freedom. A leader in LGBT grant-making has told business leaders that he wants to shut down the political fight for … [Read More...]