Arrogance, Ignorance and the Unforgivable Sin

Don't mistake arrogance for pride.Sure, arrogance is nauseating, and when it's not nauseating it's amusing.When a person struts around with his nose in the air, assumes a know-it-all attitude and bosses everyone around, first you get annoyed --"Who does this guy think he is??"Then, once you step back a bit you have to laugh don't you? Arrogant people are vain, and vanity is always both hilarious and sad. "He's just an ordinary fella, like all of us, but he thinks he's someone … [Read More...]

The Rogan Family with new baby Killian, but without Dad

To Help the Widows and the Fatherless…

You may have heard about the Rogans, a traditional Catholic family who lost their Dad as he was driving them to the hospital so Mom could give birth to baby number eight.An oncoming car hit a deer which was thrown into the path of the family van.Mike was killed.Niki gave birth a few hours later.You can help the family by going here to donate.Will you please also help by sharing this post through social media and email?"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and … [Read More...]

Left Wing Writer Wants to Limit Freedom of Speech

Those of us who observe and criticize ideologies of all kinds observe that ideologues invariably fall into the most wild of hypocrisies.So the left wing--who have always been advocates of free speech--defenders of protesters, defenders of pornography, defenders of attacks on Christianity, … [Read More...]

Reagan Shooter’s Weird Link With the Bush Clan

Do you remember John Hinckley--the guy who shot Ronald Reagan?This article explains how he is being "re-integrated" into society. In fact, he has been out and about off and on since 2003.John Hinkley and the Reagan assassination attempt is one of the hugest non-stories ever to be whitewashed … [Read More...]

Is Religious Enquiry Reasonable?

Benjamin Franklin wrote, "The way to see by faith is to close the eye of reason."What a shallow lie that is, but it is understandable given his deistic, rationalism. The idea that faith and reason are incompatible is a commonplace among both rationalists and religionists.Very often along … [Read More...]

Resurrection or Re-Incarnation?

Christians believe in the resurrection of the body. This means that in some sort of way, at the last day, we will have a ‘resurrection body’. What does this mean and how can this be? Is God going to gather up every last particle of me and put me back together again? What about the people who were blo … [Read More...]

If You Died Tonight Are You 100% Sure….'d go to heaven?That is the question Evangelicals love to ask people.It's one of religion's easiest sells and the conversation goes like this:"If you died tonight do you know if you would go to heaven?"The majority of people would shrug and say, "Not sure."The Evangelical … [Read More...]

Are Catholics Just as Divided as Anglicans?

A comment on the recent announcement that global Evangelical Anglicans are starting up their own "parallel church" has brought the observation that "Catholics are just as divided as Anglicans although they have maintained authoritarian "unity".I suspect this comment comes from an Anglican, and … [Read More...]

Hillary Nixon

More and more Americans are beginning to connect the dots and realize that the corruption and sleaze of the Clinton clan makes Richard Nixon look squeaky clean.The fact that the American press give Mrs Clinton a pass on her blatant obstruction of justice is amazing.Maybe its the Amish in me, … [Read More...]

Anglicans Form Breakaway Church – So This is News?

The Daily Telegraph reports here about the new Anglican breakaway church.Developing out of a worldwide Evangelical Traditionalist movement called GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference) the new alliance brings together Evangelical Anglicans from America and Africa mostly--who are upset at the … [Read More...]

The Underdog Myth that Hillary Has to Overcome

When I was living in England I remember how the English hated George Bush Jr.The mocked him for seeming like a small town hick.What they didn't understand was that George Bush Jr's move to Texas to live on a ranch and marry the town librarian was the smartest political move he could have m … [Read More...]

Pope Francis and Persecution

My article at Aleteia this week focusses on Pope Francis' increasing awareness of persecution against Christians worldwide.After speaking out about the Armenian genocide over the weekend Francis also used the opportunity to remember other historic anti-Christian onslaughts and to condemn the … [Read More...]

What I Learn From Hearing First Confessions

It is the time of year for First Holy Communion and therefore the time for me to hear the first confessions of children.It is therefore also the time for me to renew my own wonder and love of this simple and powerful sacrament.I sometimes hear people say, "Well, they're only in second grade. … [Read More...]

Standing on My Head in the Top 70

Standing on My Head is number 68 in the top 300 religion blogs! Go hereThanks to all my faithful readers.I'll keep on blogging if you'll keep on reading.I got started nine years ago simply because I wanted to publish stuff somewhere that would probably not get published anywhere … [Read More...]

Hillary’s Truth Problem

What I find amazing is that Hillary Clinton is able to acknowledge openly that she has not only used her personal server for State Department business (thus circumventing all record keeping) but that in the face of requests for the emails necessary for Trey Gowdy's Benghazi investigation she admits … [Read More...]

Of the Resurrection of the Body, Cannibals, Crocodiles and Corpses

Every Sunday we say we believe in "the resurrection of the body"But what does that mean?Here's an excerpt from my book The Quest for the Creed which ponders the question.Any school child that thinks about the resurrection of the body soon starts asking delightfully gruesome questions. … [Read More...]