Why Go to Confession?

Why go to confession?Because the fast way to hell might be through a big, nasty, dirty and shocking mortal sin (with sudden death soon to follow) but the slow way is to take the "broad way that leads to destruction."The road to hell is shoulder to shoulder with nice people who never do anything very bad, but also never do anything very good. Complacent, ordinary folks who say, “Yeh, well, I’m only human. It’s true I have some faults, but I’m working on them. But I’m not really a sinner. I … [Read More...]

Extreme Conservatives Join in Smacking Mother Teresa

You have to admit, the Catholic Church, being universal truly includes everyone. We have our saints. We have our sinners, and like every family, we have our crazy uncles.While millions of Catholics rejoice at the canonization of Mother Teresa guess what, some of the more wild eyed conspiracy theory types think she's a stinker.You probably know that the extreme fundamentalist Catholics not only can't stand Pope Francis, but they also think Popes John XXIII, Paul VI John Paul II and Pope Be … [Read More...]

If the Left Smacked Pope Francis As They Do Mother Teresa…

What if the left wing secular atheists attacked Pope Francis the way they do Mother Teresa?I expect it would read something like this: Can you believe what this so called "saintly pope" did yesterday? He gave 1500 homeless people a pizza party. That is sooo condescending? He's able to live an a … [Read More...]

War and Abortion

There’s some fuzzy thinking among Catholics on the issue of abortion and war. The argument goes like this: “Vote Democrat and innocent babies get killed through abortion. Vote Republican and innocent people get killed in an unjust war. Since you’re going to end up with killing either way, let’s ignor … [Read More...]

Why Blogs Will Die

It doesn't seem possible that I have been blogging for ten years, but it's true.I started Standing on My Head in September 2006.For the last six months I have been blogging less and less and I have been wondering why.One of the reason is that I have simply run out of steam, but there is … [Read More...]

Is Your House Built on the Rock?

We live in turbulent times. There is much transition and many sense that historic events are taking place before our eyes.Things we thought were solid and secure are shifting and changing.We seem to be dancing on quicksand.As a result of this transition and change people are bewildered, … [Read More...]

On Mark and Simcha

Everybody in the blogosphere seems obliged to weigh in on Mark Shea's release from National Catholic Register.I should say up front that I like Mark Shea. He's a friend of mine, and I've always taken his huffing and puffing with a shrug and a smile. He reminds me of  bellicose Hilaire Belloc who … [Read More...]

The Sign of Joy

When I was an Anglican priest I used to walk from my apartment over to church for evening prayer every day. On the way I would walk past the house of a Jehovah's Witness. This particular JW was the sort of man who always had his hair combed, the car washed and probably went to be wearing a … [Read More...]

Re-Branding the Catholic Church

As you drive around the American South you can't help noticing that the old fashioned Baptist churches are ditching their Baptist label. Reassuring brick churches with classic style porches and steeples used to be called "First Baptist Church" or "Second Baptist Church" or "North Road Baptist … [Read More...]

Can a Nazi Mass Murderer Be Forgiven?

I have been busy today about parish business, but I wanted to write a bit more about this story I contributed to CRUX. The story recounts how Rudolf Hoss, the commandant of Auschwitz and the one who actually devised and put into action the gas chambers and crematoria had been brought up as a strict … [Read More...]

God’s Mercy for a Mass Murderer

Did you know that Rudolf Hoss-- the Nazi commandant of Auschwitz returned to his Catholic faith at the end?Read the story here. … [Read More...]

Make a Wish Religion

Some time ago I was speaking to someone about religion and happened to mention the possibility of going to hell."Oh, I don't believe in hell!" said this person.The implication was that because she didn't believe in hell there was no such place. I've had the same thing with Protestant … [Read More...]

A Priest’s Priorities

Today is the Memorial of St John Vianney, the patron of parish priests, and it is a good time to be reminded of the parish priest's priorities.If he is to be an alter Christus then he will try to do what Jesus did, and Jesus' ministry consisted of four clear priorities.He taught the truth. H … [Read More...]

Ten Things for Confused Conservative Catholics to Remember

From emails and conversations I have had, I am aware that there are a good number of conservative Catholics who are confused, bewildered and distressed by the current state of affairs in our country and in our church.They see the disastrous presidential candidates our system has produced and … [Read More...]

Catholic Women Deacons? Why Not?

 With the announcement today that Pope Francis has set up a commission to explore the possibility of women deacons, here are some thoughts on the matter.Throughout his pontificate the Pope has called for women to be granted more prominent roles in the church and for the Catholic church … [Read More...]

Can a Catholic Vote for Donald Trump?

After writing an opinion piece about Catholics voting for Hillary Clinton, someone asked me to write a similar article about Donald Trump.Can a Catholic vote for Donald Trump?Let's think it through. What I find curious about supporters of Donald Trump is that they are eager to tell everyone … [Read More...]