Hindu Worship Tuesday July 4th, 2017

Hindu Worship for Tuesday July 4, 2017 Tuesdays are dedicated to Sri Hanuman and Muruga/Kartikeya, the brother of Sri Ganesha. Hanuman is a very special deity. He is most known for his incredible selfless devotion to Lord Rama. It is said that at one point he tears open his chest to reveal that Rama and Sita actually reside literally in his heart. At one point Sri Hanuman says that in the world of maya Lord Rama is his master, but… Read more

Hindu Worship for Monday July 3, 2017

I was talking with my brother and my husband and an idea came up that I wanted to test out. (I am always getting wacky ideas and I tend to dive in and try to do them without thinking it all the way through so we’ll see how this goes. Temple Buddy was a failure, though I think it could be great if it has a stronger network and was run by someone with a different skill set). Anyway, my… Read more

Am I A Hindu? Book Review

I’ve seen the book Am I A Hindu? on Amazon before but I didn’t give it much attention. After all, I know the answer to that question for myself. I am most definitely a Hindu! But my mom found it in a sale recently and brought it to me. So now that I look at it, it is so much more than the title suggests! I am impressed with how much information is packed into this book and how many… Read more

Anxiety and Perception

Over the last few days I have been feeling intense levels of anxiety and I don’t know why. You know that feeling of something important you are supposed to do, something that’s nagging you and hanging over you, something you have forgotten? It’s like that. For several days I’ve had a foreboding anxiety, which is starting to trigger feelings of depression. What’s really interesting about this experience is to see how one’s entire perception of the world is changed based… Read more

Hinduism Is Different

We are a fundamentally peaceful people but we’re being left to be devoured by wolves because of this perception that all religious people are the same at the core. Read more

Are Montessori Schools Christian?

The Montessori method of schooling is quite a unique one, very different from what most Americans experience in school. Read more

Haven’t I Done This Already?

An old friend of my husband’s recently took the first vows towards becoming a Buddhist nun. I didn’t know this, but apparently there are some 300 vows on the road to being a Buddhist nun. Hearing about her choice brought up an old nagging feeling that I’ve often had. I used to feel much more torn about the direction I should go in my life. I had the good fortune to be born into a family that had access to… Read more

What Does Om Really Mean?

You’ve seen it, you’ve heard it. People say Om in yoga class, or when making fun of bohemian hippie types. There are puns and you can get an Om symbol emblazoned on anything. Anything at all. But what does OM really mean? It isn’t a word per say. It is a sound and a symbol that represent the vibration of the entire universe. This is what the symbol looks like (not counting the circle): Om is sometimes written Ohm or… Read more

That’s Racist

As I’ve expanded my Youtube channel I have come into contact with a new audience. The majority of my viewers are in India and the second most viewers are in the UAE. So through the comments I’m getting a much closer look at the way Muslims and other non-Hindus in India view Hinduism. I must admit I find it quite shocking. The challenges facing Hindus in the U.S. are very different from those facing Hindus in India. Here in America… Read more

Is Organic Milk Bad For Cows?

I am so used to thinking of organic as always better. But there are consequences that I haven’t thought through and it distresses me to think that organic might not be better for the poor cows. Read more

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