I generally avoid TV shows and movies that are “faith-based.” And only partly because, at least here in America, that is pretty much code for “Christian-based.” But what bothers me more than that is the agenda coming off these stories. You can smell it a mile away. It’s like how you can tell when someone wants to sell you something. These writers want to sell you on their God and because of that agenda they are not going to be… Read more

The Hindu holiday of Navratri (the fall one) is coming up fast! This is probably my favorite festival of the year. I particularly like the golu “doll” displays that are created in South India. This year Navratri begins on Thursday September 21st and ends Friday September 29th. How To Celebrate Navratri  This year I think my theme will be Star Wars. Garrick Ravi is still a little young to enjoy and understand but I’m really looking forward to when he… Read more

When we were at the beach a couple weeks ago I spent a lot of time playing games on my cell phone. I’m a fan of computer games and video games (and tabletop games too). Every once in awhile I would think that I should not be on my phone, I should be making memories! (And that’s not to say that I didn’t also spend lots of time making memories with Garrick Ravi too. He took his first steps there!)… Read more

I don’t spend much time or energy wondering about my past lives. I’m sure they happened but it doesn’t have too much bearing on right now. This life and this moment are the only places where change can happen, after all. This past week we took Garrick Ravi on a beach trip with Brad’s family. I grew up also taking beach trips each summer and I loved it. I love the ocean so much and I took to it right… Read more

Last week there was this big event of a full solar eclipse, which from what I understand doesn’t happen very often. Around us in the U.S. it was the topic of conversation every where for about a week. Everyone you met wanted to know if you were going to watch, if you had gotten the special glasses to be able to look at the sun safely or if you’d use a pinhole camera to see an image of it on… Read more

Well, as I was saying a little while back it can be easy to miss Hindu events and festivals when you’re a new Hindu or a Hindu convert. Though I do have a little Hindu community around me, it is still easy to miss things. We were traveling last Friday, driving back from a trip with Brad’s family, so we didn’t do anything for Ganesh Chaturthi. Which is a shame because it is one of my favorite holidays. Actually over… Read more

Yesterday was my fourth wedding anniversary. As I reflect on my marriage, I am in awe of how wonderful and perfect it is. My husband is so awesome and perfect for me in every way. I’m usually a skeptic and I’m not one to put much stock in the blessings of a “holy man” but it really is remarkable that less than a year after visiting the guru (who at the time I thought of as only my parents’ guru)… Read more

My husband and I did another discussion video. This is a subject I’ve been planning to talk about for a long time and we finally got a chance while Garrick Ravi was napping. So today Brad and I are talking about the fear of death… Ambaa: So let me give a little introduction about what we’re talking about today. I am terrified of death. INTRO Ambaa: …and it doesn’t really make sense because in The Gita, Krishna talks about how… Read more

Trying to migrate this to a once weekly post! I don’t want to repeat the same parts that are the same every week so this will be a post for the basics of each day of the week and then I’ll try to keep you up to date on fasts and events and festivals as they are about to happen. (Speaking of which, it is Krishna Janmashtami today!) So please bookmark this page as a reference! A lot of these… Read more

I was recently reading about some hateful comments Derek Dillard, of the despicable* Duggar clan, said about a 16 year old girl and it got me thinking about how our words and actions tell people who our Gods are. This is not a new idea, of course. Many people even within evangelical-style religions advocate for inspiring others to convert by how you live your own life. Showing the joy and beauty of your relationship with God should be all that… Read more

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