I feel that my post the other day about feeling awkward sometimes with people who are ethnically Hindu was not well articulated. People seem to be taking it and reading it in ways I didn’t intend. I think I should have left this topic for a time when I can actually devote depth of thought to it. Being pregnant and chasing a toddler is making it very hard for me to think as deeply about issues as I like to…. Read more

Garrick Ravi has some news to share with you all… Doesn’t he look thrilled? Amazingly I have fallen pregnant without really trying or knowing it. True we have not been doing anything to prevent pregnancy, but considering the infertility struggle we went through with Garrick Ravi, neither of us expected it to be easy and normal the second time. I am not much of a “woo woo” person but I truly believe that His Holiness Sri Bharati Tirtha cleared away… Read more

I’ve reached a point where I’m in the awkward position of sometimes knowing more about Hinduism than some people of Indian ethnicity that I encounter. Being Hindu is a huge part of my life and I dedicate a lot of my time and energy to it, so it’s not surprising that by this time I have a reasonably deep understanding of the faith. At the same time it seems there are many children growing up in the west with Hindu… Read more

A Mom friend said to me last week, “My husband says life is suffering and the root of suffering is desire.” I said, “Funny, my husband says that too.” She said, “It’s never more clearly true than when looking at a toddler.” She is so right. Toddlers are nothing but a bundle of desire. I’m a super permissive Mom, I don’t want to be saying no to things because of continence or things that are not critical. Yet even I… Read more

I was playing an app game the other day when an ad played for a language learning app. I’m usually disappointed by these since they rarely include Hindi and usually only have European languages. But it said it had 33 languages, so I clicked through to look and Hindi was on the list! It’s called Mondly Languages. So I downloaded it and I’ve been using the free trial. After a trial week it costs $9.99 a month. I’m not sure… Read more

One of the other moms in my moms group is married to an Indian man and they go to the self realization fellowship founded in the 1920s by Yogananda, the man who wrote the very famous book Autobiography of a Yogi (which I have but haven’t read yet!) She invited me to attend and this past Sunday Garrick Ravi and I went. It was really nice. They have a parent/child room so Garrick Ravi could run around and play while… Read more

Last week my little brother got married. It was such a wonderful event and I’m so happy for him. His new wife is everything I could want in a sister-in-law! We didn’t have to do anything for the wedding, just show up. It was so much fun to see both sides of our family for the weekend. It was very emotional too. The wedding ceremony took place in a Catholic church as the bride and her family are Catholic. My… Read more

I apologize that I didn’t post anything for Diwali. It really snuck up on me! Usually it’s in November but it came early this year and I was so focused on Navratri that I didn’t really do anything for Diwali. That said, we had a lovely Navratri. Recently we took boxes of my husband’s childhood toys from his mom’s house and the majority of them are Star Wars toys. So I told him that we should use his Star Wars… Read more

I generally avoid TV shows and movies that are “faith-based.” And only partly because, at least here in America, that is pretty much code for “Christian-based.” But what bothers me more than that is the agenda coming off these stories. You can smell it a mile away. It’s like how you can tell when someone wants to sell you something. These writers want to sell you on their God and because of that agenda they are not going to be… Read more

The Hindu holiday of Navratri (the fall one) is coming up fast! This is probably my favorite festival of the year. I particularly like the golu “doll” displays that are created in South India. This year Navratri begins on Thursday September 21st and ends Friday September 29th. How To Celebrate Navratri  This year I think my theme will be Star Wars. Garrick Ravi is still a little young to enjoy and understand but I’m really looking forward to when he… Read more

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