My husband and I did another discussion video. This is a subject I’ve been planning to talk about for a long time and we finally got a chance while Garrick Ravi was napping. So today Brad and I are talking about the fear of death… Ambaa: So let me give a little introduction about what we’re talking about today. I am terrified of death. INTRO Ambaa: …and it doesn’t really make sense because in The Gita, Krishna talks about how… Read more

Trying to migrate this to a once weekly post! I don’t want to repeat the same parts that are the same every week so this will be a post for the basics of each day of the week and then I’ll try to keep you up to date on fasts and events and festivals as they are about to happen. (Speaking of which, it is Krishna Janmashtami today!) So please bookmark this page as a reference! A lot of these… Read more

I was recently reading about some hateful comments Derek Dillard, of the despicable* Duggar clan, said about a 16 year old girl and it got me thinking about how our words and actions tell people who our Gods are. This is not a new idea, of course. Many people even within evangelical-style religions advocate for inspiring others to convert by how you live your own life. Showing the joy and beauty of your relationship with God should be all that… Read more

If you can’t afford murti for your Hindu altar, it is completely fine to use pictures of Gods, Goddesses, and Gurus. You can even print them out yourself. But recently I came across another potential option: 3d print them! You may be thinking: If I can’t afford a murti how am I going to afford to 3d print? It turns out you can often get free or cheap access to 3d printers. For example, my library system allows access to their… Read more

If people can change religions, what’s wrong with proselytizing? Read more

I often end up throwing myself into situations outside of my comfort zone because the growth of my soul is so important to me. Also I’m impulsive so I decide I’m going to do a thing and then I wonder why I ever signed myself up for such a thing! Visiting a mosque might be the boldest thing I’ve done yet. I told some of my friends that I would like to find more Muslim friends, people I can know… Read more

Finally what feels like a dry spell on festivals is coming to an end and the major Hindu festivals season will soon begin! August sees the first few well-known and widely-celebrated Hindu festivals… Raksha Bandhan Raksha Bandhan is on August 7th this year. This is a day when sisters and brothers acknowledge the special relationship they share. I made some nail wraps for this holiday: See more here: Krishna Janmashtami Krishna Janmashtami is on August 14 this year. This is… Read more

I hate this title. I would not choose this title. “Hate” is such a strong word. But Google tells me that people are searching for the phrase “why do Hindus hate Muslims” and so I want to address it. This post is basically a transcript of this video: Do Hindus Hate Muslims? First of all, Hindus are peaceful people. Hindu philosophy emphasizes peace, kindness, and seeing others as an extension of yourself. The vast majority of Hindus don’t hate Muslims… Read more

It seems like there is a lot of misunderstanding around the concept of trigger warnings. The idea behind trigger warnings is that before a piece of writing or a video or show or movie, etc. you would let people know if the content includes difficult subject matter that may be a trigger for someone who has experienced related trauma. The criticism of it that I hear most is that it coddles people and the general moaning about our society getting… Read more

When my parents were visiting we brought them to see the new age shop in town. It’s called The Crystal Fox and it’s Brad’s favorite shop to go to (of course!). Not only does it have all the crystals and incense and pendulums but it also has some board games and role playing supplies. So pretty much everything Brad loves. My parents have visited us so many times but we have actually never taken them to the local town center… Read more

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