My New Baby Krishna

My New Baby Krishna January 18, 2018

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For a few years now I have been occasionally making ultra realistic baby dolls known as reborn dolls. A lot of people find them creepy because they are so life like. I find them delightful. I love snuggling babies and real babies are not always on hand.

Anyway, it occured to me that I could use these doll making skills to create a baby Krishna to use during Janmashtami.

I’m very pleased with how it came out! As much as I like my crocheted baby Krishna dolls, this one is something really special. These dolls require a lot in terms of both money and time to create. I’m very excited to snuggle this realistic baby Krishna!


And because it was impossible for me to find any tutorials on creating blue fantasy skin on a reborn doll, I will present my own how to. This is what I did:

How To Make Blue Skin on a Fantasy Reborn Doll

I only had the basic set of colors so I mixed vein blue with “skin” color and thinner until I had a few different shades to try out. I kept putting on layers and pouncing and sometimes wiping off. It often got too gray.

So I did not bake at all until I had the full skin at the shade I wanted. Since with the blue skin I wasn’t doing veins, creases, or mottling it was easy to hold off baking. One struggle was that I would do a layer and let it dry a little and as it dried it would become splotchy. This happened a lot on the limbs. But I kept putting more layers on.

Once I had the shade of blue I wanted I baked. Then I did creases of the eyes, the lips, and blushing on the cheeks, nose, palms, and bottoms of the feet (I only did a very thin layer or two of blue on the palms and bottoms of feet so they would be much paler).

After that I added the tilak mark with a different kind of paint, an acrylic paint.

The body was dyed with a RIT dye formulated for synthetic fiber. These bodies are some kind of suede. The dye made it not quite as soft, but it’s not too bad.

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  • Nadia

    Hi Ambaa. I love your blog! As a Hindu born into a West Indian family, I’ve always struggled with the cultural appropriation of yoga, and by that I mean the tendency in the West to erase Lord Shiva and Hinduism from yoga practice, which originates from Shiva. I understand that yoga helps lots of people in many ways, but I don’t find it right that our spiritual/religious beliefs are erased so people can profit from yoga. I was wondering, do you have any thoughts on this topic?

  • zeezuq

    Great article!!! I like this site so much it’s genuinely stunning. I have similarly encountered your distinctive posts also and they moreover especially recognize proficiently

  • Sushil Kumar

    Indian women make exellent crafts like this doll. My mother had made many didi.

  • showyourfacewithpride

    Are your dolls available for sale? Do you take orders for custom-made dolls?