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As obvious as it is, the Faith and Family portal is where we write about faith and family. But it's not obvious how exactly to "do faith and family" in the modern multi-faith world, is it? That's where we come in. Some of us are married with kids, while others love single life. We live alone, with roommates, or in all kinds of families. Some of us earn a paycheck, others stay home with the kids and some manage both. We're deeply faithful, religiously apathetic, or somewhere in between. Despite the differences, we all navigate and juggle the current complicated issues of the world.

We have so many types of writers, some might resonate with you. Amy Henry writes about being a "whole mama," Bristol Palin writes about life as a single mom in Alaska, Tom Walsh writes about seemingly unrelated issues like Africa, Jeopardy, and baseball, Rebecca Cusey separates the gold from the glitter in Hollywood, Paul and Jill Joiner write about seeing the cross in the culture, Amy Julia Becker writes about raising a child with Down syndrome, Dilshad Ali writes about raising a child with autism, Marcia Morrissey writes about being a grandmother and faith, Rick Banks writes about race and family, and the ladies at Building Cathedrals write about parenting (a lot of!) children. Plus, on What She Said and What She Read, we write about life, faith, and what's on our kindles and end tables.

We're all different, but we're in this together – no matter what faith tradition you or your family is in, we all strive for generosity, courage, and love. So please, ignore the laundry, reheat the coffee from breakfast, and sit for a while. Being in a family is an important job, after all. As Mother Teresa said, "What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family." In 2012, she might have amended it to "Get off the websites and love your family." So that's what we aim to be – your one-stop place to be real and uncomfortably honest. Then, hopefully, we can all go out into the real world and live better lives.

We're all in this together!