Easter, Alaska Style

Easter, Alaska Style April 10, 2012

Easter is one of the most meaningful days of the year, made better if you’re surrounded by family and tradition.

This year, I got together Easter baskets for Piper, Trig, and Tripp. Then Willow, my mom and I played the “Easter bunny” in the morning and gave them their baskets full of tin foil covered candy. It was so fun to see the kids’ wide-eyed expression as they sorted through the fake green grass to find the goodies!  Then, after they’re on a sugar high from all the chocolate, we went to church.  The kids wore their brightly colored new clothes, we sang songs about Christ’s resurrection, and then we headed to my grandma and grandpa’s.

That’s where our entire family met up for the big Easter egg hunt.  My grandpa took this annual hunt seriously, as he always does. Because he hid money in them, he really made them work… he hid the eggs in ditches, in trees, in clumps of grass, on the outside wall of his shed, and around that 14 foot tall stack of elk antlers in his yard!

Instead of putting the eggs in the middle of a stretch of the yard, to make it easier for Tripp and Trig, he hid them so well that we seriously couldn’t even see a single egg with the naked eye. It took all my cousins hours to find the eggs, and they ended up finding faded eggs from the year before.  (We had to make sure they didn’t pop those in their mouths!)

It was insane, and I’m sure my grandpa spent weeks preparing. (Any wonder where my mom gets her competitive spirit?)  What are your Easter traditions?

However you celebrated, I hope it was surrounded by people you love.

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  • Virginia Revord

    That is so awesome, I just love to read things about your family,so down to earth.

  • I do admire your mother and your entire family. Stay strong!

  • Debra Ackley

    What a lovely essay on your blessed days events. Thank you for sharing it and the picture!! LOL~ grandpa needs to leave a tiny bit of each egg showing <3


  • You and your family are strong . Your mother is a tower of strength .

  • Lisa T.

    Your little boy is darling! 🙂

  • Lori

    I loved watching your family on Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Sadly my family did not have many family traditions. My Husband and I are trying to change this. Our main focus merely to get our family together. We are taking baby steps, but appreciate the example your family has shared with the world. I know it must not be easy to live your life in a fish bowl but thank you. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Wilma Darnell


    Thank you so kindly for sharing this marvelous tradition for your family – the Easter Baskets, the Egg Hunt, dressing up, and going to church together and singing hymns about out Risen Lord! The Easter Egg Hunt prepared by your grandfather sounds awesome! What a precious thing for him to do! It is quite obvious that you have a wonderful family heritage and I’m happy to see that you are passing this on down to your son. Again, thank you for sharing! Blessings to you and your family!


    Wilma Darnell

    Wilma Darnell

  • DebinNY

    I love how your family traditions ring so true to so many of us. We celebrate Easter the exact same way: baskets, sugar high, beautiful church service, family time with grandparents/aunts& uncles/cousins, hidden eggs with quarters and (gasp and cheers) some of them have dollar bills! lol I just love your family! 🙂

  • Hi Bristol
    How are you and your family doing? good to hear from you your little boy is so cute and is growing fast.
    sorry to hear that you moves back to Alaska and that the people was so mean to you.

  • Justine Stewart

    Hi Bristol! Every year a few weeks before Easter my mom, sister, my husband, me, and our kids go to the Broadway Market in Buffalo NY. There we get our butter lamb, and chocolate treats for Easter. This tradition was started by my great grandma who has passed but I still want to keep the tradition going with my children as long as we’re in Buffalo and as long as they’re still open every year. Unfortunately, there is talk every year about closing the market due to the lack of people going and the decline in the neighborhood.

  • bellagrazi

    Easter, Alaska Style, sounds like a lot of fun! Bristol, Tripp is seriously the most beautiful little boy I’ve ever seen. He’s the spitting image of his mom. Thank you so much for sharing your Easter with us!

  • Justine Stewart

    Hi Bristol! Every year a few weeks before Easter my mom, sister, my husband, me, and our kids go to the Broadway Market in Buffalo NY. There we get our butter lamb, and chocolate treats for Easter. This tradition was started by my great grandma who has passed but I still want to keep the tradition going with my children as long as we’re in Buffalo and as long as they’re still open every year. Unfortunately, there is talk every year about closing the market due to the lack of people going and the decline in the neighborhood. Hopefully we’ll have a few more years to be able to keep going. Thanks for sharing your picture and stories! Talk to ya later!

  • Bless That gorgeous little guy you have, and also yourself and wonderful family!

  • Hi Bristol,
    Thanks for sharing your personal time with your family. It makes us love your family even more. I hope all is well with you and was wondering if you are still dating the same guy you were a few months ago, or have you moved on? Just wondering. Your son is so handsome!
    love you all,

  • Dawn Elle

    Aww ! what a sweet picture! But Brrrrrrr! I’m in Florida and just can’t imagine snow for Easter! But the rest of it sounds very familiar! He is Risen!! 🙂

  • gene Trower

    What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter. Truly Christ’s resurrection is the most important event in history.

    Our family is all grown now, so it was good to see how you celebrated the day with your family.

    I’m glad your mother is able to be home and enjoy her family. Yes, I’m quite certain that either your Mom would be a better president than anyone in recent memory, but at the same time I would hate to see the pressures of a presidential campaign and the cares of the office turn such a lovely lady into a tired, careworn, white haired old granny!

    Wishing the very best for you gal

    Yours in Christ\\


  • Sue Lynn

    Super wonderful!!!! Love you Bristol….God is truly into Easter Alaska Style!!! Thank-you for sharing your loving family with us. I look forward to your posts and they inspire me………He is Risen…He is Risen indeed!!!!!

  • AnyOldNameWillDo

    Hi Bristol 🙂

    Wonderful to be a kid growing up in Alaska. So much to see and do!


  • Judy Wolven

    You Palins make Alaska sound so fun. I had my sister over Easter and she is mentally impaired but I played Guy Penrod cd of old hymns and we sang along and then read the sermon insert from my church and later family came for lunch. So we made the best day we could for her and we all enjoyed

  • Jesse Martinez

    Very cool!! Your family is so much fun. Wish we could hang out sometime but its a long way to Alaska.

  • I used to fill the plastic eggs with Hershey candies(my son works in their treasury dept so I am a big fan) and hide them in the shrubs and lawn at my daughters home for my grandsons to find. I told them that their wimpy grandmother would not be doing it this year since we found a large snake skin in that area last year. Two years ago, a dog was bitten by a copper head snake and I do not want any of us to be next.
    Last year, I attended a non Pentecostal church for Easter and vowed never to do that again. What a glorious day Easter is and what an honor it is to serve Jesus.
    Thanks for another great posting.

  • daisy51

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter with your family… Tripp is just as beautiful as his mommy. 🙂 we spend Easter at the park with my sister and her family every year. The kids all have a wonderful time together. I have grandchildren from 3 weeks to 22 yrs old and they were all there along with my nieces and nephews.. Great time with family!!

  • Penny

    Ah yes, I remember the days of hunting Easter eggs in the snow. I loved growing up in Alaska.

  • TAMpoet

    Easter in Wasilla can sometimes be funny.
    If it snows the Palins just make a snowbunny!
    And grandpa just like a kid,
    made sure the eggs were well-hid.
    Because this year he filled some of them with money!

  • Holly

    Sweet stuff! What a beautiful boy you have, Bristol! 🙂

  • Thomas O’Connor

    Snow and snowmen on Easter. Sorry, not for me.

  • Grannie Annie

    Love every word you place on this site. Great Bunny cute little guy!! Thank you! I admire your family and all the smiles.

  • Joanne Mayo

    Happy Easter! Belated, but still have the spirit. Your photos are awesome. Wish we could share some of ours with you. Would you allow that?

  • Jan

    Back in 1969, before we had kids, we lived on Cape Cod in MA and I remember the neighbor’s children hunting eggs on Easter in the snow. There are smiles on their faces regardless of the weather.
    I just loved your grandparents on Sarah’s Alaska. I hope to see them on your new reality show too.

  • Dittobugs

    A nice meal w/family and then watch The Passion.

  • Becky Boyer

    We went to Easter Sunrise Service at our church and after the service, the men cooked breakfast for us. Men are such good cooks!!
    Later, we went to Mom’s for a late lunch and afterwards went to the cemetery to place the Easter wreath that I made on my niece’s grave. Ashleigh was killed in a car wreck on Jan 7th of this year, with her best friend, Callie.
    Easter was bittersweet this year. We miss our precious Ashleigh so very much, but because of Easter and Christ’s resurrection, we will see her again. There is no doubt that she is with Him as we all will be someday. Praise His Holy Name!
    God bless you, Bristol and all of your wonderful family…hug Molly for me!

  • Doug

    Hi Bristol ! Was there any snow on the ground ? Gld you all had a good Easter. We had a good one allso. IT was in the 80s here in Florida. Have a blessed week and God bless.

  • Doug

    Hi Bristol ! Was there any snow on the ground ? Gld you all had a good Easter. We had a good one allso. IT was in the 80s here in Florida. Have a blessed week and God bless.

  • Jill

    That is the most adorable “Easter snowbunny” I have ever seen! Well, it’s the only one I have ever seen! (I am too far south for that). Topped off by a cute little boy who is getting so big!

  • Mary Cole

    Thank you, Bristol, for sharing your family with us! From my family to yours, we love you and are so thankful for families such as yours!

    My family celebrated Resurrection Sunday by attending an Easter brunch followed by a great worship time together and fellowshipping afterwards. The day was awesome!

    Give my love to your mom….and by the way….I am unable to post or comment to your mom’s page, but I love and respect her dearly! (I cannot figure out why I don’t have a ‘post/comment’ button.)

    Many blessings,


  • Linda

    GREAT snow bunny with happy boy!!! 🙂

  • mistah charley, ph.d.

    For Easter this year we went to church, of course, where the children’s choir sang – they were wonderful. Then we went to have dinner at the retirement home where my stepmother lives – my dad died a couple years ago. My stepmother’s memory is failing but she is still glad to see us. It was a beautiful day and after dinner we went and sat outside in the sunshine and admired the spring flowers.

  • Tiffany s

    Love it. Sounds like really good memory making moments. Love the fact of
    A snow Easter bunny that would never ever happen in north Carolina but would be super cool :). Love your family and the values you all possess. It’s a really great thing to see

  • In my family we have the centuries old tradition of making and giving Lithuanian Easter Eggs:

  • Wayne

    Went to daughter and SIL for Easter dinner.

  • Hi Bristol. I’m glad your family had a blessed and fun Easter.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, HAAPPPYYY EAAASSTERRR, says Thomas! Where’s Mamma Sarah? “inside next to that nice warm fireplace!”

  • Morris Hahn

    SE MO had an exceptionaly beautiful day. Had all 6 kids, 5 kid inlaws [1 had to work] 13 grandkids and one on the way. BBQ, deviled eggs and many side dishes took care of the hunger pains. Grandkids found numerous bunny eggs filled with candy and money. Thank GOD for all the family love and good times. Happy Easter to the Palins from a dirt farmer and family from SE MO.

  • kate

    What a thoroughly nice story and we so enjoyed reading it. Continued good luck to you and Tripp and bless you all.

  • Misty

    That pic is adorable! Great job!

  • Nita L

    Since I have no family around, I went to church, then came home wishing someone would call me. My sisters and brothers have nothing to do with me. I cared for my parents for 10 years, as they were ill, and when they went ‘home’, I was blessed to inherit their home. I was accused of changing the Will, which isn’t possible, of stealing their money..I sent it to them, but I forgive them. Seems like it’s all about them, and I pray they turn to God, leaving the earthly things behind. My Special Forces son called, my daughter never did, she never answers my calls, so why bother. I spent the rest of the day with my dog, walking, hiking, and praying. It turned out wonderful, for my son called, and Jesus was with me all day!! His love for me is forever, bought by his blood, stripes, and promises. Lord Jesus is everything to me, where my son is my Hero. Yes, I was a bit sad, but with Jesus, all things are possible, and I pulled myself out of my loneliness. In His grip always!!

    • Howard Peacock

      NitaL….May God bless you in your times of sorrow, and may you celebrate with Him always. I hear the pain in your voice, and I feel the strength in your soul. I will pray for enlightenment for you so your path will be clearer……Best wishes..

  • Howard Peacock

    Bristol…..Thank you for leading us on a wonderful Easter journey. I admire your strength of purpose. My best to your family….

  • Joseph

    What a cute picture of Tripp; he’s sure growing up! I like the snow bunny! My Easter was great! I went to Church on the Saturday before Easter. Then on Easter Sunday, my family and I had a cookout! Thanks for sharing, Bristol!

  • The easter bunny snowman is adorable! 🙂 (And of course your son is as well.) Easter egg hunting is so fun in the snow, it get pretty tricky with the white easter eggs.

  • Jim Trowbridge

    Beautiful family! So proud of you! Keep smiling! Jim T.

  • Kathleen

    Your son is beautiful!! He’ll be a REAL lady killer!! Wish you all the best!!

    • ^^You are^^

      the all CAPS made that creepy somehow. just sayin

  • Becky

    So cute!