Bullying in the Name of Tolerance: the Nikki Haley Edition

Bullying in the Name of Tolerance: the Nikki Haley Edition May 23, 2012

Lately I’ve been talking about how so many in the Left hate in the name of love and bully in the name of tolerance.  I’ve talked about how the President’s million-dollar donor treats women worse than any conservative I’ve ever known.  Each time I raise these issues, I’m told that those actions don’t represent the mainstream; that they’re the actions of a fringe few than no one need worry about.  But what about the video below?  It shows the president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO bashing in a piñata featuring South Carolina governor Nikki Haley’s face.  Is this person “fringe”?  And listen to the audience cheer her on.

When is the Left going to wake up and realize that it has a problem with hate, bigotry and prejudice?  How far will this have to go?  Until they do something about the Bill Mahers, Donna DeWitts and other haters in their midst, I don’t want to hear one more word from them about “civility” or about “compassion” or about “tolerance.”

Watch the video and learn something about liberal hate:


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  • Jeanne Swaney

    Thanks for continuing to bring the haters out into the open, Bristol! You know the main stream media won’t do it!!!!

  • bellagrazi

    What the ef?! Guess this is a fun sport for liberals. Yep, they’re real tolerant. Dang, that lady was scary! Haha She enjoyed that way too much.

  • Joseppi

    And that is why you can’t be taken seriously…
    You wan’t to call out the “fringe” and yes that is what they are, for their bad behavior and try to paint all liberals with your ugly brush. All the while you ignore the “fringe” on your side and pretend they don’t have just as much hate, misogyny and poor behavior as any of them, and that they don’t represent you.
    I am a liberal, I have many republican friends… they are good people and I know the fringe doesn’t represent them. I wouldn’t talk about my friends the way you talk about liberals so I have to assume that you have no liberal friends. Your heart has to be so closed off and filled with God knows what that there is no room to respect and love those that may have different politics than you do. Your immaturity shows glaringly.

    Just because your mom poses for pictures with Ted Nugent, an admitted pedophile who talks about using weapons on politicians doesn’t mean I think your mom must be a pedophile too and wants the POTUS to sit on her oozie. It means I think Ted Nugent is a poor excuse for a human being and that has no bearing on what I think about your mom.

    So instead of painting all liberals with a biased and black hearted brush why don’t you grow up a little and judge each individual on their own actions.

    It’s what Jesus would do

    • Tina

      Typical liberal response. They can call us haters, biggots, and paint it with a broad brush stroke, but we are supposed to judge their self proclaimed superiority on a case by case basis. The first response a liberal has when they disagree with someone? “Oh well, they must be stupid, or immature, or not as learned and wise as we are.” Give me a break. I am sick of it.

    • Linda

      Actualy…….Jesus would show some rightious anger, get out a whip and run these pharasses/liberials out!!!

      • LMA

        Blaspheme much? Or for that matter, spell-check much?

    • Emily

      I completely agree that there are poor excuses for human beings in every political party. I would imagine that Bristol, being a Republican, is mainly affected by the Democratic haters and therefore that is who she responds to (although, I’m sure there are plenty of conservatives who have commented on her situation, too).

      As far as the religious remarks being made:
      Jesus’ response would likely be, “if someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also” (Luke 6:29).

  • Thank you for highlighting this story! It is shocking and a disgrace.

  • Joseppi

    When I actually see you or your mom one time call out the republican fringe, instead of sweeping it under the rug, or dismissing it as “satire” then and only then can you be taken seriously. Until then you are just another hypocrite.

    • hrh

      A longtime host of an HBO show and regular political commentator on many mainstream shows is “fringe?”

      The head of a state AFL-CIO is “fringe?”

      Please enlighten us as to your definitions and parameters of “fringe.”

      Until then you are just totally incoherent.

      • LMA

        Joseppi said “call out the republican fringe.” That doesn’t include the people you mentioned above. You might call Rush Limbaugh “republican fringe,” but Sarah wouldn’t even call him out when he used the word “retarded.” In fact, she gave him a big ol’ pass and blew him an air kiss! But she called for Rham Emmanuel’s head on a platter. Remember that? I think that’s what Joseppi was talking about. And he stated his point quite coherently. You just misread the comment.

  • There is alot of head cases out there manma grizzley#2… And what makes we the people’s job harder is that those in charge sometimes are leading the rest down the wrong path… Keep on truckin…

  • thomasbrown

    Where’s the outrage when your kind is calling the President a Secret Muslim Terrorist who Must Love Hitler or hanging his likeness on a tree?
    Your selective outrage is funny. And Pathetic.
    And stop pretending you write this blog, you intellectually lazy, uneducated loser.

    • ceil

      the left always resorts to name calling….sooooooo tiring!! Bristol is an intelligent, educated young woman. How about you check out how liberals are always the one mud throwing!!

  • Tim

    Tolerance” in the mind of the left is to act like demoniacs to anyone and everyone who doesn’t think exactly like they do.

  • LMA

    Bristol, you’ve got one thing spot on: while the left at least tries to embrace tolerance (albeit an effort that often falls short), your side of the aisle doesn’t even pretend that it cares about others — not minorities, not the needy, not gays, not immigrants. No harm, no foul, since the right falls woefully short of tolerance but doesn’t profess to care about tolerance anyway.

    BTW, please Google “Obama Hung in Effigy” and see all the hits that spring up. Guess we’re all alike.

    • Linda

      You seem to be missing the whole point of Bristols artical. Show me one dang Democrat woman , who is a national know figure…….that has had to endure the hate and intolerance that the republician women have.

      • LMA

        Oh, Linda, I totally get Bristol’s point, and I believe I clarified mine. But here’s the thing: hypocrisy is totally circuitous. For every instance of “liberal hate” you point out, I can point out some that folks on the right direct at liberals. I can’t tell you how much I’ve personally been maligned because I’m an Obama supporter in the south. What good would it be for me to go out and spew hatred at my Republican neighbors just because they don’t see things my way? I don’t. I won’t. This has all got to stop somewhere. Bristol Palin has a national platform here on her blog. How she wastes it by using it to point and condemn and rile up folks like yourself! And she’s not the only one.

        As I said, this BS is all circuitous. For every Bristol Palin out there, there’s one who takes up the self-righteous, “woe is me” mantel for the left. I honestly thought Bristol would be different, but she’s not.

        • LMA

          But if you REALLY need to see those examples, what about “Moochelle”? (Surely you know who that refers to.) Sandra Fluke’s absolute skewering in the Conservative press (not to mention Limbaugh’s “intelligent” commentary on the matter)? Chelsea Clinton being called a dog — again by our favorite blowhard Rush Limbaugh — at the tender age of 13?!

          And I don’t remember one Conservative actually saying words like those that issued from President Obama’s mouth during the 2008 campaign: “I think peoples’ families are off-limits, and peoples’ children are especially off-limits.” That’s what he said about Bristol when it was discovered that she was an unwed pregnant teen. And then she goes and brings Sasha and Malia into her anti-gay bigotry just a few posts ago.

          • Mrs. Sixx

            Thank you, LMA. I was going to bring up those instances myself. Rush Limbaugh regularly makes vulgar comments about women on the left — especially Michelle Obama. We hear nothing from Bristol and her mother about this. In their world, as long as they are the ones doing making the incendiary comments, it’s okay.

          • Sue

            Helllllooooo- none of these things imply violence like this video does, and honest people know that if anything like this was done to a lefty woman- that it would be outrage all around in the media. But lefties can make rape jokes, threats, etc. and they are applauded and invited everywhere.

          • LMA

            Sue, how about some crosshairs on a map? Does that imply the violence that’s depicted in this video?

          • LMA

            “Don’t retreat. Reload!” Violent, Sue?

      • GrizzlyMom

        Linda go spend some time at freerepublic.com and see how disrespectful conservatives are to democratic women. Just do a search on nancy pelosi and look at all the comments and photoshopped pictures they post. Please do this and come back and tell me what you think.

        • LMA

          I’m sure Linda’s already been there, GrizzlyMom.

  • Great post. Nothing else needs to be said.

  • sodakhic

    Yeah let’s find out who all those people are at that hate fest, do background checks, see if they paid there taxes, spread it all over the internet, just like the libs did to Joe the plumber. Donna deWitt really outed herself. Liberal civilty on parade.

  • Dan

    Bristol is right again. Just the most recent example of the hatred and intolerance of liberals: the teacher in North Carolina caught on video telling a student he could be arrested and thrown in jail for “disrespecting” the president. In fact, the student was merely pointing out that Obama admitted to being a bully just like Romney did, an accusation not even CLOSE to the unbelievably venomous and disrespectful lies and insults heaped on Bush, and the teacher lost it and was screaming her hatred at the student like a rabid fool. Liberals are sheeple, blindly following the race-baiting, lies, brain-washing, slogans, propaganda and corrupt cult of personality that is the Obama machine. WAKE UP liberals. Stop the lies. Redefining marriage is NOT a basic right. Murdering your own child is NOT a basic right. Welfare and taxpayer dollars stolen from your fellow citizens is NOT a basic right. If you want to live in a bloated, welfare-dependent North American Union police state rather than the United States of America that became the beacon of opportunity and freedom to the world, then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. You are the rotten core eating away at this nation from the inside.

    • dan,

    • Aaron

      What happened to that teacher?
      What happened to the pastors in N.C. who advocated hate in the last three weeks (the one who said to beat your kids if they are gay and the other one who said we should round them up and put them in concentration camps?).

      Agreed. As Jesus said:
      Blessed are you who are rich, for you shall make the jobs.
      Blessed are you who are born privileged, for yours is the kingdom of heaven!
      But woe to you who are poor; you are probably on drugs and are a drain on society. Get a job!

  • Claire

    I just finished reading your book, and LOVED it. Your words ministered to me in ways you can never know. I just found out yesterday that my sister is about to be an unwed mother. Ironically, she called me as I was 10 pages into your book. Thank you for being real, being honest and putting into perspective how this mistake can bring about such joy, and change. I genuinely appreciate your blog posts, Thank you for speaking the Truth.

  • Luis

    To those who are wondering why Bristol isn’t being “balanced” in pointing out those that hate, I have to ask: why should she? The mainstream media covers to death all the people on the Right that “hate.” Bristol is doing what they won’t by covering the side that said media ignores.

    • conservativemama


    • KCF

      Finally! Two wrongs DO make a right!

  • Alisa A

    Disgusting. Imagine if that pinada featured a left side woman.

  • Georgia

    You are spot-on, Bristol. Liberal Progressives appear to be perpetual adolescents who have never learned how to deal with differences of opinion and conflicts and they seem to have a need to physically harm their opponents, instead of dealing with them on a one-t0-one rational basis. They are like little kids in a sandbox that hit those they do not like, over their heads with heavy Tonka Trucks, in an attempt to silence them permanently! They are not mature adults and their behavior is filled with loathing and hate. They appear to be walking dysfunctional human beings on many levels.

    • Mrs. Sixx

      So, Georgia, what does that say about the conservatives at CPAC 2010 that had a pinata of Nancy Pelosi?

      I guess that means that they, too, are “walking dysfunctional human beings on many levels” also?

  • “Shania Twain: She’s Not Just A Pretty Face”

    This is the sound of all Palinistas converging on Tampa, Florida…


    “Natasha Bedingfield: Pocketfulof Sunshine”

    “Eagles and Travis Tritt: Take it Easy”

    “Video/Audio Content for Grizzly Fest”

    “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: American Girl”


    “Elvis Costello: Pump It Up”

    “Stevie Wonder Isn’t She Lovely?”

    “Def Lepard: Undefeated”

    “Rascal Flats: Life Is A Highway”

    “Johnny Kahn: American Heart”

    “Crazies for Sarah Palin Hey Hey”

    “B.B. King: Better Not Look Down”

    “Krista Branch: Can You Hear Us Now?”

    “Sarah Palin: America”

    “Enya: May it be”

    “Krista Branch: I Am America”

    “Sarah Palin: One in a Million”

    “Sarah Palin: The World’s Greatest”

    “Heart: Barracuda”

    “Marhta Reeves Wild Night”

    “Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made For Walkin”

    “Dolly Parton: Nine to Five”

    “Van Morrison: Someone Like You”

    “Notre Dame Bagpipe Band: The Minstrel Boy”


    “At the convention anything can happen!” —Jim Taylor, party boss; 4 minutes 20 seconds into the film.

    “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939)”

    Full Movie:


    If this primary season ever gets you down then I recommend watching this hilarious film, which is one of Sarah’s favorites! Every Palinista needs to see it at least once. The film contains many clues about what has happened in the past few years, AND about what’s going to happen on the road to Tampa…

    “Palin About Open Convention – Anything is Possible!”

  • observer1

    America is a house divided. The nation is so extremely polarized that Democrats and Republicans, although fellow Americans, see each other as enemies and value party interersts above the national intererst.

  • Sue Lynn

    Right on Bristol!!!!

  • Eileen

    So what about all those tea-partiers who put a Hitler mustache on Obama? Seriously, it’s just a pinata. Chill out.

  • huntingmoose


    isn’t that great? it means that it is now politically correct OK according to the unions and the LSM, to have a pinata with Obama’s face on it, yell, as in the video, hit him!, and actually hitting him and then some more.

    Let’s wait for the smart hispanic who are the masters of pinata’s to start selling the Obama pinata.

    • K

      Thanks to comments like yours, Huntingmoose I’m learning to really see how hateful the left is! Now that a state level Afl-CIO official bashed a piñata with her Governor’s face on it no one can EVER complain about someone hanging Obama in effigy or bashing a piñata with his likeness on it!!!!!!! Seeing those hundreds of union supporters and members of the press in that video cheering DeWitt (really should be DeNitWit) on as she DESTROYED that Governor Haley piñata turns my stomach! My eyes are truly open and I am SCARED for our nation now that this video has gone viral in the LSM (because they LOVE it and agree with the cheers of those monsters) and EVERY union member in the country has signed a pledge stating that in solidarity they will be filming themselves bashing a Romney piñata and posting it on YouTube!!!!!!! Thanks to the powerful logic of patriots like you and Bristol Palin ai am now on team Lovitz!!!!!!!

      • K

        I forgot to mention how disgusting the cursing of those thousands of union members and reporters watching the Haley piñata spectacle was! And I’m a SAILOR!

      • JustAMom

        It goes both way’s K. At the Conservative Political Action Campaign (which Bristol attended with her sister and her mother spoke at) they features a Nancy Pelosi pinata and a Harry Reid punching bag. Why isn’t that just as bad?

        • JustAMom,
          Do you have pictures of that? I looked at the Action Campaign and did not see anything of
          the sort.

      • LMA

        What video were you watching? I didn’t see hundreds of people (or thousands, for that matter) cheering this woman on. She was at a retirement party, for Pete’s sake.

        • JustAMom

          Lol. You tell em LMA. Conservatives love to exaggerate and play the victim.

          • Amalia

            Oh, as opposed to the whiny gay community every time someone expresses support for true and proper marriage.

            Or as opposed to Obama supporters who shriek “racism” every time some white conservative criticizes Obama.

            Or as opposed to every brain dead feminazi like you who insist that we all drop all our convictions and defend a lazy bum like Sandra Fluke because some meeeeean conservative called her a name.

            Leftists like you are professional victims. Spare me your faux outrage. You seethe and writhe with hatred for the right and you know it.

          • JustAMom

            Amalia let me guess…your one of those compassionate christians i keep hearing so much. I could certainly see jesus in all your comments. god bless

        • K

          Well LMA, it’s probably a retirement party for a member of the South Carolina AFL-CIO!!! Which explains how this video has become such a powerful weapon for rallying TENS OF THOUSANDS of liberals in a state that has the lowest percentage of union workers in the country!!!!!! Only 2.3% of workers in South Carolina belong to unions as of 2005. Now that this video has gone viral in the natonal LSM it will probably motivate MILLIONS of voters to buy and pummel Romney pinatas!!!! Think about how DANGEROUS that is to our country!

          • Patriot

            OMG!! Just think what this will do to the worlds supply of papier mâché? Those dastardly liberals!

      • Dittobugs


  • Victoria

    Honestly Bristol I have been a supporter of yours since day 1! i am the same age as you and am also in somewhat of the same circumstances as a single mother and tied in as a “politicians kid.” I respected you especially when you would peak out as your own person and would not be under anyones influence. You have been an inspiration and also a great spokesperson on behalf of teen pregnancy. You seemed to resisit talking about politics and and types “mainstream” issues. I respected you for that. It seems lately you have picked up on these issues and frankly i was expecting more of what Bristol was really about on this blog. Dont get me wrong its important to voice opionions. On a lighter note im so happy for you and tripp and am excited to see your upcoming show. I wish you nothing but the best.

  • Vanessa Stockwell

    That’s pretty creepy actually, disturbing to say the least.

    • Vanessa Stockwell

      Making effigies/pinatas of someone and delightfully beating it with a bat or whatever, just seems wrong, gross.

    • Medbob

      Even Napoleon Dynamite knows that….

  • GrizzlyMom

    Bristol – Here’s some Ted Nugent quotes for you about liberal women:

    “Mr. Janet Reno? I think Mr. Janet Reno… I think he’s one of the best hunting dogs in the world.”
    “Hey Hillary, You might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bi*ch.”
    “Debbie Wasserman Schultz is such a brain-dead, soulless idiot,”

    • BobbyJoe

      Let’s not forget Rush on Fluke, slut, slut, slut, show me the videos, slut, slut, slut for 3 DAMN DAYS. DIDN’T CONDEMN RUSH DID YA BRISTOl nor did your mother.

      Didn’t hear a word from the 2 of you about that, did we Bristol. You hypocrite.

      • BobbyJoe,
        You need a flower garden to water to. Might put you in a better frame of mind.

  • I love you Bristol! Your posts are always dead-on!!!!! Keep on doing what your doing and giving us all that agree with you a voice!!!

  • BellaItalia


    Love your blog. Keep it up. With young adults like you around we have some real hope instead of the manufactured kind!

  • LauraJ

    Keep up the good work Bristol and ignore the haters. Seriously, putting a mustache on someone is not the same as the Nikki Pinata. I read the hate.. absolute hate that comes from liberals that post on your blog and it makes me laugh that they actually believe the stuff that comes out of their own mouth.

  • Joanne Mayo

    Stone silence from the Bella Abzugs and the Gloria Steinems as women get battered symbolically. Oh yeah–just conservative women. They wouldn’t have gotten away with this in the 70’s.

  • JustAMom

    CPAC 2010 featured a Nancy Pelosi Pinata. “Mary Christopher, outreach coordinator for CPAC, said the Pelosi piñata will be filled with favorite Pelosi sayings, bills and candy. The party hopes to invite two other well-known D.C. residents to smash the piñata first, before others in attendance will be invited to try to take the Speaker down. “We’re hoping to have the females whack the piñata and males try their hand at a Harry Reid punching bag,” Christopher said.”

  • JustAMom

    Each time I raise these issues, I’m told that those actions don’t represent the mainstream; that they’re the actions of a fringe few than no one need worry about. But what about CPAC 2010 participants bashing in a piñata featuring Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s face. Is this person “fringe”? Why did audience cheer her on.

    When is the Right going to wake up and realize that it has a problem with hate, bigotry and prejudice? How far will this have to go? Until they do something about the Ted Nugents, Rush Limbaughs and other haters in their midst, I don’t want to hear one more word from them about “civility” or about “compassion” or about “tolerance.” Well said Bristol!!!!

  • Tim Kelley

    I LOVED THIS! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! You nailed it. THEY ARE UNASHAMED HYPOCRITES! Bill Maher is the slimiest of the slimy. Women are an object to be used by old granpas’ like him and hefner. A VERY SAD EXCUSE for an “ADULT” Male. His best work was in the movie “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”?! not sure about the name…no wonder he become an off color commentator the guy could NOT act …it’s been downhill for him since then. I am still irritated that Matt Damon was so condescending and rude in regard your mother’s candidacy- they were a bunch of predatory wolves attacking her before they really even knew anything about her just because she had an R next to her name. I got a book ecently that has listed all the prayers of the Presidents and many, many, many of them adrress God as Creator. But ALL of the SUDDEN, according to the god of Hollywood, Matt Damon, if you believe in God as Creator you are not fit to be President. Well I guess George Washington acc to Matt was unfit to be President, or Abraham Lincoln…or MANY others….They were just not intelligent enough for Matt. Not ACCORDING TO THIS ARROGANT KNOW IT ALL Matt Damon Who PRETENDS for a living. I won’t take it away form him- he wrote a good movie script with Good Will Hunting and he is a good actor but in reality his little european car in The Bourne Identity would have never made it down the steps without cracking aprt and he wouldn’t have made it through ONE FIGHT he would have got his butt kicked… Maybe he is having a A Bourne Identity Crisis , where he really does think he is invincible. My brother used to do the same thing when he would put on his batman cape as a kid. INt’s sad really. Notice he plays these roles where he is borderline genius…maybe he really beileves he is more intelligent than everyone. Well perhaps the fact that he grew up in a commune in Cambridge MA near Harvard… may have influenced his squeued view of our Presidents faih in CREATOR GOD. He was probably not taught the true history of these great men. (As a side note: If God can make a fully mature man-(Adam), with ther appearance of age, why could he not create a fully developed mature looking universe that in actuality is not as old as people think??)..Well in Matt’s mind…His worldview is “In the beginning was Matt”…and he knows EXACTLY how it all began – Keeep pretending Matt…you are good at it.My brother has been an aspiring actor in hollywood for a long time and has bought into the “groupthink”It is pretty sad that to get ahead you have to totally agree with the powers that be or be marginalized. Back to Bill Maher. I would pay good money to see your Dad and Joe the Plummer in a tag team bout with Maher and Matt. or you can throw Al freanken in there. Your dad give Matt a good manly beating and then say…”HOW do YOU like DEM APPLES?!?” HA!!…All in good fun i am teasing of course…i think. I am thinking about running for the Senate in MN in 2014. I am going to do some comedy like Freanken and some wrestling like Jesse Ventura…and then i should be all good to go to get elected to the second highest office in the country!!!!! And they say your mother didn’t have experience …HA…SUCH a double standard!!!!! Remember TJK for US Senate-Minnesota 2014. you heard it hear first!!!! 🙂

  • Jenny C

    Ummm. Your mother got someone shot in the head, and other people killed. You should SHUT UP.

    • ???? really jenny c…why all the hate?!?

  • Amanda

    Practice what you preach, Palin.