I Built This: The Video

I Built This: The Video July 20, 2012

I asked you for pictures of the businesses you built, and you came through! I was so touched by many of your pictures that we put together a video with some of the best. Try to watch this without being inspired.

There’s so much uncertainty and fear in America today, and President Obama’s message to you was you can’t build – you didn’t build. You responded by saying, I can build, and I did.

Which message is the one we need? Which message will sustain us through tough times?

Watch this video, and you’ll know the answer:

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  • Manny

    You betcha!!!

  • blackbird

    Very inspiring video, well done Bristol and thanks for building this.

  • SunnyJ

    I don’t know any of these people and I know ALL of them. They’re my family, friends, neighbors and businesses I depend on here in rural Wisconsin. This video makes me cry for the sweetness of this life we all have worked so hard to build for ourselves and those we love. So proud of the hearts and souls of these pioneers of our time. Bless you Bristol, this is a wonderful idea. J

    • Maleena

      Very well said SunnyJ! 🙂

  • sue

    Good Job Bristol!!!

  • Jay Orr

    I didn’t respond in time to be considered for your video–powerful production. Do you suppose he will watch it? At 63, I withdrew my meager retirement savings, quit my job (no retirement plans in my field of developmental disabilities), and launched my own business. We provide early intervention to babies (birth to three) and foster care for older folks who are disabled. Twelve years later, over 30 families depend in whole or in part on the proceeds of this business. Neither the highway nor the bridge did anything to contribute. My daughter and I built this !!!

    • jay,
      That is one wonderful story like so many others. Thank you!!!

  • Maleena

    Love the video, Bristol!

  • blackbird

    Thank you everyone who sent in your stories and photos, you not only are the engine that drives the economy but you also built it and President has a position because you built that too.

  • Patti King

    we need these types of videos for election and beyond.

  • Great job! I got chills as I was watching this video. My dad built is own business over 35 years ago, and has supported my family. My uncle built his own business, also with over 30 years experience. Work hard America!

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome, Bristol! Thank you for sharing!

  • Joseppi

    Although this has nothing to do with what the President thinks or what he said and you are totally misrepresenting that aspect, it is a very good video. It could have come right from the President’s campaign, because that is the message he sends. Great job spreading the President’s message!

    • section9

      Nice try, but it won’t wash.
      But keep spinning. Nobody’s buying, btw.

    • Joseppi, what planet do you live on? The president did indeed say “you didn’t build that” and then he went on to give credit to every government sponsored project and not to the hard working Americans who built this great republic. Henry Ford built the first auto and then years later, the roads were constructed to accomodate them, not the other way around. President Obama has done more to hurt small business owners than any other president in my lifetime. If you personally don’t know a small business owner, take the time to ask one what they think of our presidents’ policies toward them.
      Joseppi, most likely you are on some form of government assistance or live with your parents and enjoy living off the sweat of others and don’t know what it is like to work for a living.

    • Mialei

      Give up – you are so totally clueless – Joseppi – after you build a business – come back and let us know – we won’t expect to hear from you again

    • Agkcrbs

      So, Joseppi, it turns out Obama built this video too, right? Interesting religion you have there, worshipping some politician.

    • Joseppi,
      You have GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! Do you have the flu and running a high fever. Are you on some
      type of medication that would make you delirious. I am trying hard to figure out why you would
      have said what you did.

      This video represents the best of America. Bristol this is just so moving. I am so glad you did this.
      These fine people are worried and some are having to go out of business. Some that have been in it
      for many years. Some will have to go out business and alot more will if we don’t get this President
      fired. This man cannot go another four years or we will be a bankrupt nations.

    • m.J.

      Joseppi, you need to go back and read what obummer said. He said it quite clearly. It is a great job at spreading his message; he hates hard-working Americans!

  • Emma Lora

    My dad built our farm, He built our house, he built furniture. My brother started his own business. My nephew started his… and I am still inspired by the video of others who worked hard and built with their energy!! God bless each and every one.

  • Robin White

    You realize that participating in disinformation campaigns is another form of lying, right?

  • Thomas Hubbard

    A bunch of farmers with Muskets stood against a mighty army tyrants and with the Help of Lord were victorious, built a Nation known as the United States of America.

  • samantha

    after watching this video im reminded of the construction company that my dad and his friends built. there was times when it almost fell through because bills weren’t getting paid for the jobs sites they worked on. job sites that were a contract for the government. this company builds state roads, bridges, puts in sewerlines, etc. even when the federal government tried to find everyway not to pay their millions of dollars worth of bills, these small town men made it through. they made sure the company THEY built succeded.

  • CJ

    FABULOUS video Bristol! Needs to be a bit slower though in order to be able to read and view what each person has done 🙂 I paused each screen to view it and it’s wonderful!

  • Mialei

    Anyone else get chills watching great Americans build the American dream? WOW! – if only the “Inside the Beltway” Crowd could get it!!!!! – My folks built two businesses – and there was never any assistance from anyone but great customers! God Bless America!

  • Whatwhywhenwherewho

    Bristol, Your father inherited that business lock stock and barrel from his grandfather. A fishing business which will have benefited not only from the billions of dollars in totally unnecessary federal subsidies (Alaska seafood can sell to the highest bidder worldwide) but also from the gigantic amount of pork spending that Alaska has received from the hard earned tax dollars of the lower 48. Still number one in earmarks, whatever your mom cut. We pay to keep you going up there.

  • David Otero

    the video “We Built This” did cause my throat to tighten up some…thinks its because I wonder if I will ever get the opportunity to do the same 🙁

  • Don Bernhardt

    We are America. We Build
    They are govt. They Destroy

  • David Dempsey

    Bristol, great video and background music! If Obama would watch this video, he might learn something about how America was built — something that he seems to be Clueless about.

  • Lois

    Hey, i can only add , when i tried to start my buisiness i tried to get a government grant, because we had just bought our first house and then my husband lost most of his hours, i remember the day clearly when we had just peantbutter crackers for lunch, and finished off the milk, because that was all that was in the house,we had tried for months to sell our one van, and that afternoon with plenty of time to go grocery shopping before the next meal, we had someone show up unexpectedly and want to buy it, we had told them we just take cash, and we were not sure they would take it, because it was Sat. and banks were closed…but they had a friend and they were back with the cash… God is our provider, andaHe will not forget us.
    i did build my own buisiness, because i was denied goverment grant to build it in PA, i did with my own blood sweat and tears start providing chemical free cleaning services to whoever needed, and now less than 2 years later i am up to 3 employees, and am also offering painting services, and help with yard work…. Thus, Think Green & Squeaky Clean LLC was born 🙂 and if i remember right, i was not able to get and money from the goverment, in fact it just keeps going into their pocket, because i still am not seeing alot of fruit for my labors….except i am so proud of myself and no one can steal that from me.!!!

  • Dee

    I have never replied on your blog, but have enjoyed reading it. Had to reply to this, excellent video, wish we could spread this around the country. This is really what America is about, Americans working hard, doing and the American Dream. Thank you for sharing.

  • Dennis McHale

    Stand up and CHEER!!!!!! Bristol knows who Americans are!

  • Marie

    Great job Bristol! Small business owners are the backbone of this great country.

  • kelly

    Bristol – just had to tell you that this video was on the mark – you ‘re finding your niche – America needs more of this – keep um coming – and thank you!

  • Alana

    Bristol you did a wonderful job on that video and I hope it goes viral…that American Dream is alive and well…thanks for sharing..

  • Robin

    Great job as usual Bristol!

  • Viator

    Bristol, I hope you continue to work on this wonderful idea. It is very powerful. I urge people to keep sending in pictures of enterprises, projects, and creative things they, their families, and friends have built.
    Thank you, Bristol.

  • Joe Durnavich

    The question President Obama’s statements present is: What is the fundamental motive or driving force that makes the economy possible? His view is that government investment in roads, firehouses, and schools drives the rest of the economy or at least provides the motion that jump starts all other economic activity. After all, when you start a business, the roads and so on are already there first and are necessary for the business to function.

    True, that social infrastructure precedes business time wise, but it is not the fundamental force behind the economy. The motive force is best seen, I think, when the alarm clock goes off in the morning you have to drag your lazy butt out of bed and do something useful with your day. Individual action–smart, purposeful action–is fundamental. It drives the economy and brings all that is good in it into existence. Only after you have produced something of value for you and/or others can government confiscate a portion of it for its own purposes.

    The President has it backwards: He should be thanking all of us for creating the value through our own hard work and smart choices that funds his administration.

  • Babci Cathy

    Dear Bristol,
    My Dad opened a used car lot in 1949. He had zero education. His parents had no money…they lived in the same house for 70 years before dying at the ages of 96 and 98. Dad raised 7 children and put 5 of us through college. He never asked anyone for anything. We NEVER had health insurance. He paid every doctor, dental and hospital bill with CASH.
    My Dad is now 96 years old. He will be voting for the FIRST time in his life this November. He wants to tell President Obama… I built this and I’m proud.

    Can you tell how proud I am?

    • GarColga

      You’re proud that your dad never carried health insurance? And why would you brag that your 96 year old father has never voted?

      • Bethany

        She is proud that without Health insurance her dad paid their medical bills with cash from HARD WORK. He didn’t need the government to provide it or pay for it.

      • Steve

        And so she should be proud of her dad, he worked hard and was able to pay for everything they needed in cash, including health and dental work, who can say they can afford to do that now? especially since goivenment interfernece has push the costs of both up out of the reach of most workers.

        An i think shes going prouder f the vote her dad will make for the first time, than any of the other votes he could have made within the last 78 years.

      • N4CER (@n4cerinc)

        I think they’re proud of their dad paying with CASH! You do realize that means that dad was a man who knew how to manage his finances well, right? Or is that nothing to be proud of?

        • Page Hall

          thank you N4CER; you put that much better than I did but we totally meant the same thing!
          Its amazing that some people cannot see how absolutely responsible it is for a man to pay his own bills, including medical bills.

      • Page Hall

        @CarColga why would you question a person that way who posted their own life story, instead of commenting on your own? How bout you look somewhere else to be so argumentative, there ARE websites for it! From what I’ve seen, that is not in any way reflective of Bristol’s values or style, and I am certain there are better places to look for somebody to interrogate.

        • N4CER (@n4cerinc)

          I bet GarColga is one of the 24 who hit the Dislike button on the YouTube video:)

        • Trapper

          Good going Page. My comment was directed at CarColga also.

      • Trapper

        You are an idiot. Why he should be proud? Try that health care was reasonable enough that he did not have to buy it. Also health ins. has not been that much in need until prices started to sky rocket due to liability costs went sky high. Also, he has not had to worry about communism in this country until Obama got elected.

  • Cindy Voutour

    Thank you so much for the video and including our Excavation Business in it. I am honored to be a part of something that builds up America instead of tearing it down like Obama does. You go girl!

    Cindy Voutour

  • Jenny Miller

    Hey that’s my husband with the car carrier in your video! 🙂

  • verbatim

    Neither of my parents went to college. My father’s parents never even spoke English in this country. Yet, my parents built a great life for me and my sister — without any handouts or help from the government. After Obama’s idiotic comment, I made sure to thank my parents for all the opportunities they made sure I had and the great life I’ve been given in this amazing country.

  • Dear Bristol,
    Thank you for this! You did an excellent job standing up for American Bussinesses with this video. People all across the United states have started small businesses and took a risk and put up money from their own pockets, from their own families bank accounts to try to make it and never asked the govt. for a dime to help them. For the govt. to pretend they made all businesses and made them work is a disgrace. I have a small business and took a risk and never asked anyone for help except God. Thank you every small bussiness owner!

  • Viator

    Keep checking this video on YouTube. It looks like this video is going viral.

  • Teresa

    Nice work Bristol. Keep it up.

  • Tim


    President Barack Obama may believe “you didn’t build that,” but 72 percent of Americans disagree, according to a newly-released poll by Rasmussen. According to the poll, 72% “believe small business owners [are] primarily responsible for success of their business,” while only 13% disagree.


  • Tim

    The very first picture is Pat Roy Crane Enterprise, LLC, which got an SBA loan to help start the business.

  • Jan Page

    This video is great! Bristol, what is the music that you use in it? I love it.

  • Jim Britt

    There’s a BIG difference then having a one-man operation where you do all the work and earn ALL the profits and a big-shot sitting in a penthouse getting rich from the hard work of others that he pays starvation wages to!

    We need a Federal Profit Sharing law forcing business to split 75% of the profits between the EMPLOYEES that actually EARN the profits!

  • Page Hall

    Beautiful and inspiring, Bristol! I built my home and garden and ultimately my family. I built a karate school, and a wholesale craft vendor business. It was only when I went to work for THE GOVERNMENT that I was disabled by my job, intentionally in fact by a boss who does not want females in the workplace… and thanks to that I now am not even able to physically take care of my own self and home. Yeah thanks (sarcasm here) “Mr President”, for not caring about the people who TRULY built this great country of ours, for turning our huge government into a monster while cutting our great military down, and for being not only a Chicago Politician but also a LAWYER… you know, the kind of lawyer that calls outright lies “litigation”. I’ll thank Obama in seriousness (for getting out of my life) the day he packs his bags and moves OUT of MY country’s head office. Hopefully in a few months he can move back to Chicago where they appreciate fraudulent, corrupt, power-abusing men like NObama!

  • Shawn

    We built this city on Rock and Roll….lol

  • Johnnie Baptista

    Great job young lady ,It really shows up Dumboma .

  • This is outstanding. Thank you. Romney should buy this piece and use it as a commercial. This is what being an American is all about…freedom…lifting oneself and others UP through ambition, invention and will. Very well done, Sarah.

  • Kelly Cooney

    Thank you for building this. It is very heartwarming and the heart of America as most of us know it!


    Needless to remind you that Obama never said small business owners didn’t build their businesses. What he said, and is easily found on the web by anyone who isn’t just wanting to build false outrage, is that some things people build themselves, like small business, but the things you need to support your small business (schools, roads, the internet) take tax dollars and many people. You didn’t build that: the internet, the roads, the schools. People did that working together.

    That was what the president said, so react as you want, but don’t pretend that he was telling small business owners that they didn’t build their own businesses. He never said anything like that.

  • Bill Hoffman

    Bravo, Sarah. Show everyone how deep Obama stepped in it. He has no idea what makes this country tick. I’m not a Romney fan but I’m willing to crawl through broken glass to vote for him. Obama has got to go, period.

  • Pete

    Hey Bristol, I am a Pastor in Fresno California and just wanted you to know I’ve been rooting for you and your family since day one. As a dad of three, one of which is a daughter around your age, I felt a sense of personal admiration for the way you have carried yourself through some very difficult and trying times. May grace and peace and joy rain down on you and your son in the years ahead. P

  • Nichole Edwards

    Great video of the photos!!!! If I would have seen this earlier I would have sent some photos in to you!!! I opened my own business 1 1/2 yrs ago at 32yrs old!!! Beauty Worx here in Ca it’s a beauty supply & salon!!!
    Good job and keep up all the good hard work everyone!!!!

  • moe

    construction for fourty years, everytime I cant make it anymore I simply call the white house and they come running with solutions amd cash,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOT the curreent occupant is so void of character he lies without regard at all, did you see his latest commercials all over tv claiming Romney outsources Jobs??? what about Obumma??? hes outsourcing businesses ALL the time, if the tittysuckers of this once great country reelect this Bummer they deserve him is all I say

    • I agree. GOD, Guns, and the American people make this country great.

  • Judy

    I have been running three businesses for 8 yrs now solo. Trying to keep employees going. Restrictions, Regulations, fees, and Taxes are trying to pull me down the septic system. But I have news for the system. I built up these three businesses from the bankrupt stage and I plan to keep them going! I have been told that I could’nt run them and that I would fail. I’m still here!!!!!!!!!

  • Donna Warner

    Professional Sweeping Contractors, Inc and Turquoise-N-Treasures. We built our businesses and we should have the “credit”. Govt Restrictions, Regulations, fees, and Taxes have come close to helping us close the doors at times, but we are still here, through our own strength.

  • nita roberts

    This is what America is all about. Self made, God fearing, gun an Bible toating citizens. Who literally want to work. Show me the shovel ready jobs Obama machine.

    • feral

      america is all about god fearing, gun and bible toating (sp)? everything you said there is wrong..

  • jp

    Dear Mr. President,
    If the government is the source of all job creation and the engine that drives business and the life force that animates businesses and makes them work, then please explain the post office.

  • Steve P.

    Excuse me Mr. President but all roads are built by contractors paid for by the American tax payer,as if you didnt know,Hey you said in your own words if you couldnt get the economy going youi would not run for a secound term, and now you are lying to us ,plz .quit.you have split this nation and you just dont seem to care..!!

  • Susan

    I love this video and think this should be the opener for the Republican Convention!

  • Donna

    Your video & response is great communication. I would like to see a viseo of all the things that were built before the roads and airstrips were around to get there. Roads were built to get to where the good ideas are.

  • anybodybutbarry

    What a wonderful video, was such a great Idea. Bristol is as Patriotic as her Mom Sarah!
    God Bless America!

  • My husband, daughter and I have worked for 10 years building a real estate company. We work 7 days a week from early in the morning until long after dark. We have lots of daylight in Florida so those are long days. In our spare time we have been able to rally several hundred volunteers to put in a USO at Tampa International Airport which will have the Grand Opening on September 6. We will have two weeks of Open Houses from August 19 thru Septemper 5. The RNC will be in Tampa….if you are flying in for the convention please stop by the first new Chartered USO in 22 years. We are on level 2. Call the USO number at 727-389-3277 and ask for Walter. Support America’s Sons and Daughters as they serve our country. USO is a “Home away from home” for our Active Duty Military and their families. Americans are donating their time and dollars to give back to those that protect our country.

  • Diane

    The idea of autonomy denies that we are born into a world that existed prior to us. It posits an essential aloneness; an autonomous being is free in the sense that a being severed from all others is free. To regard oneself in this way is to betray the natural debts we owe to the world, and commit the moral error of ingratitude. For in fact we are basically dependent beings: one upon another and each on a world that is not of our making.
    Matthew Crawford

    • Mymati

      But the fact that we are all interconnected does not give the government the right, through the force of law to tell us how we should build our lives. This is not a commentary on whether or not we depend on each other it is a commentary on the freedom to reach our dreams without interference from sufficating regulation and government corruption.

  • jackofalltrades

    You do realize that when he said “you didn’t build that”, he meant that literally. If you have a business in an office space or own building, a construction company built that. Unless you helped put up the steel, lay the bricks, run the wiring, the plumbing, etc…you didn’t build that…you paid for its construction. Not a hard concept to grasp.

  • Just posted this YouTube video to Facebook and Twitter with the following:
    Read Common Sense by Thomas Paine where he explains how government evolves AFTER others suceed

    • Isn’t it amazing how illiterate some Liberals Elitists are?

      • Peter

        Isn’t it amazing that you couldn’t create a short sentence denigrating liberals supposed lack of literacy without failing? “Liberals Elitists” eh? Aside from the questionable capitalization choice there, we don’t normally apply pluralization to adjectives. FAIL

  • shawn


  • https://www.facebook.com/PhoebesGiftBoutique?ref=hl

    I built this.

    With some paint pens sitting on my kitchen table and some left over Christmas ornaments I began doodling. Those doodles, which were of an OSU and a Michigan couple, turned into orders for personalized ones. The orders grew, as did the need for space. I found a location, sought out other artists, crafters, seamstresses whose things would compliment my shop and purchased outright and on consignment their items. Used word of mouth, flyers I made and friends to promote.
    I currently have items from over thirty different LOCAL crafters. Mothers helping their families monetarily out while staying home with children. College students paying tuition. Father’s earning extra money so their kids can play sports.
    We are all contributing to our community and country.
    We are all struggling to make it work.


  • a normal person

    Blah blah blah. It’s a good thing seeing small businesses start, continue, and thrive. All the other rhetoric spewed and the hate towards a democrat president is sad and shows your true colors. You can blame the president all you want for your problems. In the end, whoever is the president doesn’t care about you or your ability to keep a roof over your head or food on your table.

    You really think that Sarah Palin gives a crap about you? She is just as greedy as any current or former politician. We can see how great of a role model she is. She quits a position she was elected to more than once. She grabs attention by putting down the president who is trying to pass laws and get universal healthcare, even if it’s just a watered down version. Also we can’t forget how the billionaire republican can relate to your average American. Because he with millions or billions of dollars, several homes, and staff to take care of those homes, knows how it is to struggle paycheck to paycheck.

    You are idiots to believe any of these politicians have your best interest at heart. I for one would not want to vote for someone who believes in magic underwear…..

    • anonymous

      I’m sorry that so many of you liberal’s are blinded to the TRUTH by your political world view.

    • A Friend

      I am so sorry that A normal person says is so blinded by the destruction in this world that we live in that he is unable to see Truth. Take a look all around you, there is beauty in this world created by a loving God who loved you so much that He chose to offer you a way to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ His Son. Give up all your hatred and bitterness and find Him, before it is too late.
      Blessings to you this day.

  • The fact is that President Obama was never a tenured professor of law as he claimed. He was a lecturer expounding his views and ideas concerning the Constitution, he has indicated he does not accept America’s values of the U.S. Constitution and we should give him a real break and vote him out at the next election. Then he will have time to go home to Kenya and visit his paternal relatives.
    Frank E. Vincent

  • Awesome video!
    When we stand up for what we believe it and dream about where we want to freely go, people will join us. When the government decides what it wants us to do, we end up on food stamps and living in housing projects. These “great minds” who supposedly run our country from the top down aren’t doing so well right now. Why not give us a try. After all, we are “We the People.” After all, “we are Americans.”

  • anonymous

    Excellent video!

  • I am building a Business with the ViSalus, Body by V 90 Day Challenge … and we are FIGHTING OBESITY in the USA! I am currently in a Challenge Showdown Contest … and getting healthy and losing the weight! ONLY in AMERICA would a Company like ViSalus do so much for those little people that need more money and want to get healthy and share this with others be so Dedicated to helping us succeed! By the Grace of God 3 young men started and continued this Business… I am so Proud to be part of it.

    • I am a breast cancer survivor (2 years). I did not know that OBESITY could lead to breast cancer, but after going through all I have, I looked into how to help preventing in and there are so many articles on how cancer loves estragen, and extra estragen is produced when a person is overweight. So I have started a ministry “How well are you taking care of your Temple” trying to get the word out and I have a business to help other lose weight. Good luck with your business! Get the word out about the cancer issue.

  • Cyndi

    This is fantastic, add more and let’s send it to Mr President and then ask him what he’s built lately

  • K

    Please take the high road on this one. People look up to you, Bristol. Everyone who saw the president’s full speech knows that this was a sound bite that was taken out of context. Just as Gov. Romney’s comment about “I like to fire people” was a sound bite that was unfairly taken out of context. Speak truth in all circumstances — that’s the message will sustain us through tough times.

    • laura

      K, this was not taken out of context. In fact the more you hear the worse it is. Please watch for yourself, the video of the speech is not hard to find. You can no way twist the words. That is what makes this so great, we can see the real Obama with this speech, it is his real thoughts without the teleprompter. Watch it over and over if you like. It is what it is. This president believes anything great comes from government, that is why he thinks the government should control everything. It is not just a fumble of words, but an ideology of the President right in our faces.

      • ScoJo

        Laura, what are you blathering about? Teleprompters? Grammatical errors? There’s nothing wrong with saying teachers, communities and fellow businesspeople help any business. Do you really think you do everything on your own? You don’t even comment on the internet on your own, you’re typing on a computer that you did not build…

        Do you think other businesses, teachers and communities are all “government” creations? That’s silly.

      • K

        Hi Laura, I’m sorry for the delayed response (very busy with work & family, as we all are!) I watched the video in its entirety before I ever made the initial post, of course. I agree with you — it is what it is and the words needed no twisting. However, I didn’t “see” his thoughts; and neither did you (no offense intended). What I heard was a president saying “WE” build this, which ironically was the same message that I read on the wall at our recent Republican Convention. We are fortunate to live in a country where “WE, the people” are interdependent — e pluribus unum — but with limitless opportunities for individual achievement. We’re not victims of a controlling government — check out Syria, for one. I thank God to be in the USA and for the government we have, because when it’s not working we can vote to change it! My post to Bristol was only meant to call attention to the fact that she is a beautiful, intelligent young woman who has an opportunity to emphasize the common ground that brings Americans together — people listen to her, she’s a role model for many. I heard “We Build This” from both republicans & the president — that’s a positive American message. All the best to you & yours, Laura. K

  • Love the “I Built This, Mr. President” video. Only wish I had shared a photo of my business. I listened/watched President Obama’s speech in it’s entirety. Only people who have actually built their own business can really appreciate the egregiouness of our President’s comments. Yes, I do drive on the roads. I am also part of the 50% in this country who pay taxes.

    • ScoJo

      Toni, if I may burst your bubble, more than 100% of this country pays taxes. Any human being who’s ever bought anything in this country, be they citizens, aliens or tourists, pays taxes.

      It’s not “egregious” to say to humanity that we all need to work together. It’s foolish to think that you can do anything alone. Unless you’re supplying your own utilities, building homes and cars from scratch, farming all your own food and homeschooling yourself, you must understand that “building your own business” isn’t something you do alone. It’s an insult to your friends, your teachers, customers and all the other businesspeople you work with to think so selfishly. Without your friends, neighbors, congregations, other businesses, customers, congregations…what do you have? You’ve got to be a part of the whole human family.

      Ecclesiasties says “two is better than one”, Proverbs says “one tool sharpens another” Romans has a whole long bit about how we all have different talents and need to work together to accomplish anything.

      • Light

        FYI, there is nothing more than 100%.

        I like part of your message of community but you may not have received President Obama’s message of: you did not build that, it was given to you.

        You quoted the Bible but I do not believe that President Obama was referencing the Bible and talents when he made the comment. We all stand on the backs of giants and would be nothing without our talents and gifts but also like the parable of talents, we must still act and do something with them. It is at this point that President Obama says it was given to you and you did not work for.

        We can all read into things so we might also as well but what he says changes nothing for me.

  • ScoJo

    These are great businesses, but did your husbands mine the iron ore out of the ground and turn it into steel to build the truck vital to running the business? Did your husband build the roads to get to the houses to fix their air conditioner? I notice these businesses have phone numbers. Could they survive without phone lines? Did these business owners create the phone lines? The electricity? The water? The tools? Nope.

    Let’s not be smug here folks. To quote High School Musical – or any church – “We’re all in this together”. Any reasonable person not clouded by a political ideology can see that.

    Palin gave money from oil profits to the people of Alaska. A corporation giving money to the greater good of the people of their home state, why? Because the oil company couldn’ta done it without the people of Alaska. Yeah.