Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman: “Father” of Vatican II (Links Page)

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman: “Father” of Vatican II (Links Page) April 18, 2006
Cover (432 x 648, 95k)
[published in 2015; 367 pages]
This page has been discontinued (see my post explaining the reason why, with many reminiscences). Older archived versions can be found at Internet Archive:
Here is a Blogspot version of my Newman page, from Internet Archive: dated 7 September 2015. The earliest Blogspot version of the page still available is dated 25 April 2007. Archived versions of my original “” website are available from 2 June 2004, 2 August 2001, and (the earliest): 22 April 1999.


Meta Description: Dave Armstrong’s links page for John Henry Cardinal Newman: online from 1997-2016: links to Internet Archive versions are provided.


Meta Keywords: John Henry Cardinal Newman, Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, John Henry Newman, Cardinal Newman, Cardinal Newman links page, Dave Armstrong’s John Henry Newman page, Cardinal Newman resources

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