Books by Dave Armstrong: “Development of Catholic Doctrine”

Books by Dave Armstrong: “Development of Catholic Doctrine” July 31, 2006

“. . . Evolution, Revolution, or an Organic Process?

Development (552x828)

 (completed in June 2002; published by Lulu in May 2007)
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[Cover design by Chad Toney]

Table of Contents

[Chapter Four is hyper-linked and can be read online. Some differences exist in the final edit of the book]


Chapter One: An Overview of Development of Doctrine: Is it a Corruption of Biblical Teaching?
Chapter Two: Vatican II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Development of Doctrine
Chapter Three: Fundamental Misunderstandings of Some Fundamentalists Concerning Development
Chapter Four: How Cardinal Newman Convinced me of the Apostolicity of the Catholic Church
Chapter Five: Various Aspects of Newman’s Theory of Development and His Rhetorical and Literary Style
Chapter Six: The Development of Catholic Mariology
Chapter Seven: The Development of the Papacy and the Canon of Scripture
Chapter Eight: Historical Development in the Understanding of Doctrinal Development of the Apostolic Deposit

Appendix One: John Henry Newman: The Theory of Developments in Religious Doctrine (from Oxford University Sermons – 1843)
Appendix Two: Review of Newman’s Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine in the Dublin Review (19 December 1845)
Appendix Three: Excerpts from Catholic Orestes Brownson’s Critical Article, “Newman’s Development of Christian Doctrine” (July 1846), With Responses
Appendix Four: Newman Biographer Wilfrid Ward’s Remarks Concerning the Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine (1912)


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