Books by Dave Armstrong: “Biblical Catholic Salvation”

Books by Dave Armstrong: “Biblical Catholic Salvation” October 18, 2010

“. . . ‘Faith Working Through Love‘ “

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[completed on 25 October 2010; 187 pages]


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Featuring 379 biblical passages fully written out (RSV), for the convenience of the reader and 115 pages (seven chapters) devoted specifically to a critique of Calvinism and “TULIP”.




1. Initial Justification Originates Solely From God (Catholic Non-Pelagian Soteriology)

2. Grace Alone (Sola Gratia): Perfectly Acceptable Biblical and Catholic Teaching [15 completely written-out Bible passages: RSV] [read excerpts]

3. Catholic Revivalism in Comparison to Evangelical Protestant Efforts at Evangelism: Why the Difference?

4. Biblical Evidence for the Nature of Saving Faith: Assent, Trust, Hope, Works, Obedience, and Sanctification [59 Bible passages]

5. More “Catholic Verses” and Biblical Defenses of Catholicism: On Sanctification as Part of Salvation, and Merit [16 Bible passages]

6. Merit and Differential Grace: Biblical Evidences and the Analogy to Prayer [39 Bible passages]

7. Biblical Evidence for Annihilation of Sin (Infused Justification) [30 Bible passages]

8. Philippians 2:12: “Work Out Your Own Salvation With Fear and Trembling” and Protestant Soteriology [9 Bible passages] [read original dialogue]

9. Biblical Teaching Regarding Mortal and Venial Sin [4 Bible passages]

10. Biblical Evidence Against the Reformed Protestant Doctrine of Total Depravity [36 Bible passages]

11. Biblical Arguments Against the Reformed Protestant Doctrine of Limited Atonement [47 Bible passages]

12. Biblical Evidence Against the Reformed Protestant Doctrine of Irresistible Grace [22 Bible passages]

13. Catholic Answers to “Prooftexts” for the Myth of Absolute Assurance of Salvation [26 Bible passages]

14. Biblical Evidence Against God Predestining the Damned to Hell Apart from Their Free Will Decision [37 Bible passages]

15. The Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart and Other Similar Instances of God Supposedly Causing Evil [12 Bible passages]

16. Catholic (and Arminian) Exegesis of Romans 9 [27 Bible passages]


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