The Bible, Church History, and Slavery (Resources)

The Bible, Church History, and Slavery (Resources) February 11, 2011


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Glenn Miller of the fantastic Protestant apologetics site, Christian Think Tank (I cannot recommend it highly enough), has tackled this issue head on, in his article, Does God condone slavery in the Bible? (+ part two). Don’t even read it unless you are up for some tremendously in-depth research and refutation of one of the common garden-variety myths in anti-biblical and anti-Christian polemics.


Related Materials on the Same Site:

Why couldn’t Israel take in the Amalekites like they did foreign survivors in Deut 20?

The Great Irruption: The Work of Christ: Redemption, Ransom (NT) [PDF]

The Great Irruption: The Work of Christ: Redemption, Ransom (OT)

What about God’s cruelty against the Midianites?

Catholic Articles on Christianity and Slavery:

“Slavery and Christianity” (Catholic Encyclopedia)

“Ethical Aspect of Slavery” (Catholic Encyclopedia)

“Philemon” (Catholic Encyclopedia)

Roman Catholic Church Opposition to Slavery (Leroy J. Pletten)

Slavery and the Catholic Church (A Catholic Response)

Let My People Go: The Catholic Church and Slavery (Mark Brumley, This Rock, July/August 1999: 16-21; + second URL)

The Popes and Slavery: Setting the Record Straight (Joel S. Panzer, The Catholic Answer, Jan/Feb 1996)

The Popes and Slavery (Joel S. Panzer, Homiletic & Pastoral Review, Dec. 1996)

Review of The Popes and Slavery (Leonard A. Kennedy)

The Catholic Church and Slavery: a New Look at Augustine and the 1839 In Supremo Controversy (Albert J. Schorsch, III)

Catholic Church and Slavery (Matthew Bunson; EWTN)

Slavery, Christianity, and Islam (Robert Spencer, First Things: On the Square, 2-4-08)

Slavery (Fr. William G. Most)

Who Killed Slavery? (Dinesh D’Souza)

A Necessary Bondage? When the Church Endorsed Slavery (T. David Curp, Crisis, Vol. 23, No. 8, Sep. 2005)

Dialogue: Reflections on the Crusades, the Inquisition, and Slavery (Dave Armstrong)

A Response to John Noonan, Jr. Concerning the Development of Catholic Moral Doctrine (Usury, Marriage, Slavery, Religious freedom) (Patrick M. O’Neil)
On Slavery in the Old Testament (Luke Wadel)

Non-Catholic Christian Articles on Christianity and Slavery:

Enslaved to Presuppositions: Christians Against Slavery
[fabulous collection of links to hundreds of anti-{American} slavery writings by Christians]

Does the Bible condone slavery? (

British Abolition’s Faith-Based Roots (Joseph Loconte)

‘Make Good Use of Your Servitude’: Some Observations on Biblical Interpretation and Slavery
(Michael Marlowe)

Does the Bible Approve of Slavery? (Come Reason Ministries)

The Bible and Slavery (resources page from The United Methodist Church)

Defending the Bible’s Position on Slavery (Kyle Butt)

Slavery in the Bible (Bible Apologetics)

Slavery in the Bible (Conservapedia)

The Bible, Slavery and Morality (Bill Muehlenberg)

“Slave, Slavery” (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia; William Edward Raffety)

The Truth About the Catholic Church and Slavery (Rodney Stark, Christianity Today, 7-1-03)

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