My Books (#5): “The Catholic Answer Bible” (2002)

My Books (#5): “The Catholic Answer Bible” (2002) November 23, 2015

Cover (312 x 475)

(published in September 2002 by Our Sunday Visitor)

I wrote the 44 apologetics inserts on as many topics:  explaining and defending all of the basic Catholic doctrines and “controversial” issues, in capsule summary form, with more than 800 references to the Scripture and Catechism of the Catholic Church. My name never appeared in this volume. Great for humility: not so great for helping me to sell books! In 2005 it was revised as The New Catholic Answer Bible (mentioning my name this time), with 44 additional inserts by Dr. Paul Thigpen. It went on to become my best-selling book, by far, so of course (my luck!) I don’t get ongoing royalties for it. It was a one-time payment contract.

I sell my inserts only (non Bible text) in PDF for $2.99. You can usually get a good deal (used or new) at Amazon for this book, in paperback.




1. What is Apologetics?


2. How can we know anything about God?


3. Why do Christians believe that Jesus is God Incarnate?


4. Why do Christians believe that God is Triune?


5. Why do Catholics believe that Christ uniquely established their Church?


6. Where Did the Bible Come From?


7. Why do Catholic Bibles include the Deuterocanonical books?


8. Do Catholics believe in personal interpretation of the Bible?


9. Why do Catholics believe that Jesus wanted a pope to be the Head of His Church?


10. How could Peter be the first pope, since Paul rebuked him (Galatians 2:11-14)?


11. Do Catholics preach the gospel?


12. What do Catholics believe about the relationship of faith and works?


13. Why do Catholics believe that Jesus is bodily present in the consecrated host of the Eucharist?


14. Do Catholics believe that Jesus is sacrificed again at every Mass?


15. Is apostolic succession a biblical concept?


16. Can the office of the priesthood be found in the Bible?


17. How can Catholics believe in Mary’s Immaculate Conception, since the Bible teaches that all have sinned (Romans 3:23)?


18. How can the bodily Assumption of Mary be reconciled with the Bible, which seems to be totally silent about it?


19. Why do Catholics believe that sacraments are necessary?


20. Where are the seven sacraments found in the Bible?


21. Why do Catholics baptize infants?


22. Where is the notion of penance found in the Bible?


23. Why do Catholics confess to a priest rather than to God?


24. Why do Catholics distinguish between mortal and venial sin?


25. What do Catholics believe about praying directly to God?


26. How do Catholics explain the invocation of saints, since the Bible teaches that Jesus is the only Mediator (1 Timothy 2:5)?


27. Why do Catholics call priests father, in light of Matthew 23:9?


28. Why does the Catholic Church require celibacy for its priests?


29. How can the one true Church have sinners in it?


30. What is an indulgence? Does the Bible teach anything about it?


31. For what purpose do Catholic churches have statues of saints?


32. What biblical evidence for relics is there?


33. Are there prayers in the Bible that are repetitive like the Rosary and Litanies?


34. Why are Catholics required to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days?


35. What is the purpose of genuflection and making the sign of the cross?


36. Why do Catholics venerate Mary and the saints?


37. What does the Catholic Church teach about divorce?


38. Why do Catholics believe that using artificial contraception is wrong?


39. Why do Catholics feel so strongly about life issues?


40. Why do Catholics oppose abortion, euthanasia and capital punishment?


41. What do Catholics believe about the afterlife and judgment?


42. How can Catholics defend purgatory and prayers for the dead from the Bible?


43. Why do Catholics believe in an eternal hell?


44. What does the Bible and the Catholic Church teach about Heaven?


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