Debates w Atheist “DagoodS” (“Bible Difficulties”)

Debates w Atheist “DagoodS” (“Bible Difficulties”) April 12, 2016


A rendering of a Lyapunov fractal, a type of bifurcational fractal named after Russian mathematician Aleksandr Lyapunov. Image from BernardH: a French mathematician: 28 July 2006 [Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license]


These exchanges were fun, and in my opinion, prime examples of the inability of atheists (even former Christian ones, as this person is) to do cogent, sensible, plausible Bible interpretation. They just can’t do it. They are caught up in their own inconsistencies and hostility to established facts time and again (and, frankly, ignorance of the biblical text and a broad knowledge of Christian systematic theology). I’ve always noted that an atheist approaches the Bible the way a butcher approaches a hog. They’ll never understand it (even before they determine if they believe it or not) with this mentality.


“DagoodS” is a very thoughtful, sharp guy who likes to write about Christianity and particularly the Bible. He used to be what he calls a “fundamentalist” Protestant. He’s a lawyer. I have met him in real life several times. He’s part of a group of atheists that I have hung around with, now and then, and gotten along well with, for the most part.


Most of these exchanges (but not all) had to do with alleged Bible difficulties.

The posts and debates formerly listed here are now all posted on my Atheism and Agnosticism page, under the category of “DagoodS”.

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