Islam: Christian Analyses, Dialogues, and Critiques

Islam: Christian Analyses, Dialogues, and Critiques May 26, 2016


“Blue Mosque” in Istanbul Turkey, built from 1609-1616. Photo by Benh Lieu Song, 6-24-10 [Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license]


The asterisked papers are old posts from Blogspot, so allow a minute or two to upload, and select archived versions from July 2015 or earlier.


Jesus is God: Biblical Proofs [1982; slightly revised in 1997]

The Holy Trinity: Biblical Proofs [1982]

Reply to a Muslim Apologist Concerning the Two Natures of Christ and Trinitarianism (vs. Shabir Ally) [3-17-05]*

Should a Christian Ever Contribute to a Mosque Building Fund? / Early Christians & Jewish Synagogue & Temple Worship [3-25-07]*

Does Catholicism Equate Allah & Yahweh? (see additional important clarifications and vigorous discussion on my Facebook page) [11-18-07]

Deity of Jesus: Called Lord/Kurios & God/Theos [10-24-11]

The Distinction Between Islam and Radical Jihadism (Facebook discussion: 4-19-13)

Discussion on Whether ISIS is Legitimate, Consistent Islam or Not [+ related article by Robert Spencer] [Facebook, 9-16-14]


Meta Description: Papers about Islam, or dialogues with Muslims, from a Catholic perspective.

Meta Keywords: Islam, Muslims, comparative religion, Muslim critiques of Christianity, Q’uran, Mecca, Koran, jihad

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