Reply to Democrats for Life on Voting for Pro-Aborts

Reply to Democrats for Life on Voting for Pro-Aborts August 12, 2016


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[written on 1 May 2012 on Facebook]


[I briefly joined a Facebook group for this organization and wrote the following]:

Isn’t it a lost cause? If you are pro-life, I don’t see how you can’t vote Republican, on a national level. Obama favors infanticide, partial-birth “abortion”. It’s outrageous.

I’m happy that pro-life Democrats aren’t extinct, and I have voted for many in local elections, but the more anyone votes for Democrat pro-aborts [i.e., Democratic candidates who favor legal abortion], the more the babies will be killed. It’s as simple as that. If you want to stop the wholesale murder, then don’t vote for folks who sanction it and make it possible to continue. Otherwise, you are partially responsible.

If there is a pro-life Democrat, vote for him or her. I have no problem with that; only with pro-lifers voting for pro-aborts.

It goes back to the old saying by Edmund Burke: “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”


It’s scarcely possible. The Democrats have decided to go with the far-left, semi-humanist agenda, and pro-life just ain’t part of that (being considered “anti-woman”). If they went pro-life, the Republicans would quickly become very dominant, because all the pro-aborts would stop voting for Democrats. They know they can’t do that, so childkilling will be there for quite a while: at least until the baby boomers die out (like the errant generation of Jews in the wilderness).


I encourage them to vote for the rare pro-life Democrat. To change the platform anytime soon is a pipe-dream. Whoever thinks it can be done doesn’t understand the dynamics of the Democratic Party in the last 40 years. Even when it moves to the right a little (as with Clinton), pro-abortion never wavers. And that is, of course, because of its radical base that would never stand for such a change.


I commend a Democratic voter if he votes for a pro-life Democrat, as stated. I’ve done so myself, many times, in local elections. I can’t commend him if he votes for a pro-abort, because that goes against Church teaching. A Catholic (or any pro-lifer) can’t consistently vote for Obama. This ain’t rocket science. It’s pretty simple.

Saying that a thing is, in one’s opinion, a lost cause, is a separate issue from whether one can commend those who are working to make the thing better and more Catholic and moral. This is my position: the Democratic Party ain’t gonna be pro-life anytime soon, if ever. I think it’s naive to think that it will. I’m happy people are trying to change that. But it’s a very remote and highly unlikely goal.

So Democrat pro-lifers differ? They will, of course; God bless ’em. I respect them for being pro-life, IF they consistently vote for pro-lifers, no matter what party the candidates are in. I don’t commend anyone who votes for a pro-abort. I roundly condemn that. It’s what continues the abortion holocaust: good people continuing to vote for those who espouse evil policies.


Further comments of mine, from the old combox:

We see various failed, muddleheaded rationalizations for voting pro-abort:

1. “The Democrats care about the poor and Republicans don’t.” [lie; the Great Society and Obama’s brain-dead economics have greatly harmed the poor, not helped them]

2. “The Republicans favor war and capital punishment, which ain’t pro-life.” [separate issues: neither is intrinsically wrong, according to the Church, as abortion is. Individual instances have to be judged]

3. “The Republicans aren’t any more Christian than the Democrats are.” [probably largely true, especially the higher up one goes — Romney himself isn’t even a Christian –, yet beside the present point, which is: “how does a pro-life Christian vote as regards the abortion issue?”]

4. “I’m not a one-issue voter.” [dumb: if this issue isn’t a disqualifier and deal-breaker, what issue is, pray tell? If a guy was in the KKK, that would be a deal-breaker. If he wanted to blow up the world, etc. No good Catholic or other Christian would vote for him. So is abortion. Sanctioning and favoring mass murder disqualifies one for office. Period. End of discussion. The fact that it is even arguable shows how far we have sunk]

It goes without saying that multiple millions of Catholics are quite ignorant of their faith. It’s a big reason why I do what I do. There are, sadly, though, lots of Catholics who do know their faith, who are orthodox, and who vote for Democrat pro-abort candidates. They usually use one or more of the above rationalizations: all of which are lousy and non-factual pieces of failed reasoning.


Meta Description: Explanation of how it is morally impossible for pro-lifers to vote for pro-aborts, when a pro-life politician is opposing the pro-abort.

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