Bible & Catholicism on Homosexuality & Procreation

Bible & Catholicism on Homosexuality & Procreation June 5, 2023
Debate on Catholicism & Homosexuality (vs. a Lawyer) [11-3-16]
The Health Risks of Gay Sex (John R. Diggs, Jr., M.D.) [5-25-15]


Dialogue w Several Non-Catholics on Contraception [1996 and 1998]

Contraception: Early Church Teaching (William Klimon) [1998]

Dialogue: Contraception vs. NFP: Crucial Ethical Distinctions [2-16-01]

Why Did God Kill Onan? (Bible and Contraception) [2-9-04]

Dialogue: Why Did God Kill Onan? (Contraception) [2-13-04]

Onan, Contraception, & Two Protestant Bible Dictionaries [2-21-04]

Luther and Calvin Opposed Contraception and “Fewer Children is Better” Thinking [2-21-04; published at National Catholic Register, 9-13-17]

Contraception: Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, & Teddy Roosevelt [2-21-04]

Dialogue: Contraception & Natural Family Planning (NFP) [5-16-06]

Contraception and Biblical Teaching (Fer or Agin)? [2007]

Humanae Vitae: (1968): Infallible Teaching Against Contraception [12-31-07]

Q & A: Catholic Sexual Morality and Contraception [1-1-08]

Humanae Vitae: August 1968 & the “Progressive” Revolt (Cardinal James Francis Stafford) [7-29-08]

Bible on the Blessing of [Many] Children [3-9-09]

Protestants, Contraception, the Pill, & NFP [8-12-11]

Birth Control Pills Often Cause Early Abortions (Links) [8-12-11]

Natural Family Planning (NFP) & “Contraceptive Intent” [8-28-13]

Dialogue: Has Pope Francis Changed the Constant Catholic Prohibition of Contraception? [1-2-14]

Biblical Data Against Contraception: Onan’s Sin and Punishment: a Concise “Catholic” Argument  [3-7-14]

Natural Family Planning: Anti-Sex & Anti-Pleasure? [1-23-17]

Unlimited Children for Catholics? Reply to a Slanderer [2-3-18]

Contraception and “Anti-Procreation” vs. Scripture [National Catholic Register, 6-6-18]

Contraception, Natural Law, & the Analogy to Nutrition [2-21-19]

Objections Re the Catholic Ban on Contraception [2-1-18, 6-7-18, and 2-21-19]

A Defense of Natural Family Planning [National Catholic Register, 5-25-19]

C. S. Lewis: Views on Procreation & Contraception [11-1-19]

Debate w Atheist on Contraception, Abortion, & Sex Ed [3-15-21]

Pope Francis upholds Catholic ban on contraception (Simon Caldwell, Catholic Herald, 5-2-23)


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Summary: Defense (via many articles) of the biblical and Catholic teaching on homosexuality, marriage, and the wrongness of separating procreation from sexuality.

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