Wicca & Witchcraft: Christian Resources (Links)

Wicca & Witchcraft: Christian Resources (Links) September 27, 2016


Druids celebrationg rituals at Stonehenge (England). Photo by Sandy Raidy (6-22-07) [Wikimedia CommonsCreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license]


(2-4-09; additional links added on 9-27-16)


Here are some recommended articles and one book about Wicca and witchcraft (similar but not totally synonymous):



Witchcraft 101: Five Things Apologists Should Know, Michelle Arnold (This Rock, July-August 2008)

Anti-Neo-Pagan Apologetics, Jimmy Akin (This Rock, May-June 2003)

Dispelling the Charms of Wicca, Mary Zurolo (Catholic Culture)

Wicca’s World: Looking Into the Pagan Phenomenon (Zenit / Catholic Online)

The Wiccan Myth, Donna Steichen (book review) (Touchstone)

Help! My teen daughter is a witch (Catherine Sanders, Catholic Digest)
How a ‘teen witch’ found the Church (Elizabeth Dodd, Catholic Herald)
Is Catholicism Half-Pagan? (Dave Armstrong)
Pagan Convert Libby Edwards (Why I’m Catholic)

Building Goddess Paganism, Donna Steichen (Catholic Culture)

The Witches Next Door, Sandra Miesel (Crisis Magazine)

Leaving Witchcraft, Sharon Lee Giganti (Catholic Answers radio interview)
Witchcraft (Catholic Encyclopedia)



Wicca: The Rise of Witchcraft, Russ Wise (Christian Information Ministries)

A Wicca Primer (Christianity Today: 10-23-00)

From the Nature God to the God of Nature: Reaching Out to Wiccans, Richard G. Howe (Christian Research Institute: cult-watching group founded by Dr. Walter Martin)

Catherine Edwards Sanders, Wicca’s Charm: Understanding the Spiritual Hunger Behind the Rise of Modern Witchcraft and Pagan Spirituality (Shaw Books, 2005)


Meta Description: Catholic and otherwise Christian resources refuting the errors of witchcraft and related practices and beliefs.

Meta Keywords: witchcraft, magic, sorcery, divination, new age, occult, witches, wicca, paganism

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