July 24, 2020

Bible and Calvin Say Yes; Anti-Catholic Calvinist Ron Van Brenk Sez No In the course of a dispute with anti-Catholic Presbyterian polemicist John Bugay, mention was made of an atrociously uncharitable post by Ron Van Brenk, entitled, “Do NOT Pray for Patty!”. I described this as “one of the most outrageous pieces from a purported Christian that I have ever seen in my life.” Anti-Catholic TAO (The Anonymous One, or “Turretinfan”) is aware of it because he critiqued some of this material of mine,… Read more

July 24, 2020

with Dr. Robert Fastiggi Jay Dyer is a former Calvinist, former Catholic, currently Orthodox Christian, who now makes (among many other treatments on various topics) vigorous theological arguments against the Catholic Church. He’s a very zealous and sharp guy and gives it the old college try with all the gusto he can. I do surely appreciate those qualities. I ran across his article, “Dr. Taylor Marshall Refuted — Inherited guilt and Contradictions” (10-29-19), which is essentially about the Catholic historical… Read more

July 23, 2020

The pope’s teaching is indefectible and cannot be judged or “overruled” by any man (or even an ecumenical council) The thesis of this paper is simple and easily understood: 1) Various papal bashers and critics such as Abp. Vigano, Bp. Schneider, Dr. Taylor Marshall, Phil Lawler, Henry Sire, Peter Kwasniewski, and a host of reactionary sites such as One Peter Five, The Remnant, Lifesite News, Rorate Caeli, Church Militant, and even (very sadly) an increasing number of otherwise orthodox Catholics… Read more

July 21, 2020

I compiled Luther’s thoughts on these topics, as part of my book, The “Catholic” Luther: An Ecumenical Collection of His “Traditional” Utterances”: published in 2014. ***** Suffering and Sanctification [B]aptism makes all sufferings and especially death, profitable and helpful, since these things can only serve baptism in the doing of its work, i. e., in the slaying of sin. (Treatise on Baptism, Nov. 1519; tr. C. M. Jacobs; in W1) Who must not be terrified at these words of Paul,… Read more

July 20, 2020

This lie (a real whopper) is up there with the most notorious anti-Trump lies (like supposedly calling Neo-Nazis “very fine people”), and there is no way that the people who promulgated it did not know that it was patently untrue. They put it out because they thought it would work to defeat Trump. They couldn’t care less that it was a flat-out lie and full-scale distortion of what actually occurred. It was decisively refuted and exposed for the filth that… Read more

July 19, 2020

This is  greatly abridged version of the original lengthy paper (dated 6-28-03). It was a rebuttal of Anti-Catholic Reformed Protestant polemicist James Swan’s paper, Luther’s Theology of Mary: A Response to Catholic Apologist Dave Armstrong (June 2003), which was in response to my paper, Counter-Reply: Martin Luther’s Mariology (Particularly the Immaculate Conception): Has Present-Day Protestantism Maintained the “Reformational” Heritage of Classical Protestant Mariology? (+ Part II | Part III), which was a reply to his 2003 article, “Martin Luther’s Theology of Mary.” Swan’s words will be… Read more

July 19, 2020

. . . for the umpteenth time . . .  Just Reward for the Most Satanic Pope and His Cardinals: “hanging” woodcut by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553), commissioned by Martin Luther in 1545. Luther’s accompanying text reads: “If the pope and cardinals were to receive temporal punishment on earth, their blasphemous tongues would deserve what is rightly depicted here.”  [James Swan’s words will be in blue] *** Time and again it is seen that a mere polemicist for a point… Read more

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