New Noah trailer looks at Noah’s sons and daughter-in-law

New Noah trailer looks at Noah’s sons and daughter-in-law March 11, 2014

Another day, another Noah trailer. This one focuses on Noah’s relationships with his son Ham and his adopted daughter-in-law Ila, and it also focuses on Ila’s relationship with Shem. As always, you can check out the trailer and the new images below the jump.

First, the trailer itself, which is introduced by Emma Watson:

This one begins with Shem chasing Ila through a forest — bits of which we have seen before — but this time, the sequence ends with Shem tackling Ila and kissing her:

Their moment is interrupted by a flock of birds (we have seen the middle shot before, but mirrored — or is this version the mirrored one?):

Then we get a shot of Noah with his son Japheth (and Ham, in the background):

Ila says, in voice-over, “You saw the wickedness of man…” as we get a new version of the shot with the hooded man standing in Tubal-Cain’s camp; this time, we see fire falling from heaven into the camp, presumably to destroy it:

Ila finishes her sentence: “…and knew you would not look away.”

Tubal-Cain tells his troops: “This rain is meant to wash us off the face of this world.”

Ham yells “No!” as his father pulls him away from a screaming Na’el:

Ham shouts at Noah, “Do you want me to stay a child?” Noah throws Ham to the ground and replies, “No! I’m asking you to be a man.”

Ila runs up to Shem and kisses him:

Tubal-Cain tells his troops: “We kill Noah! We take the Ark!” (We have heard him say the second sentence before, but not the first, I think.)

Ila tells Noah: “The choice was put in your hands for a reason.”

A new shot of Noah’s initial confrontation with Tubal-Cain:

Noah’s family is tossed about inside the Ark when the water hits:

Tubal-Cain’s men are washed off the surface of the Ark as it rises from the water:

Water washes over Noah himself as he clings to his rope:

And in case you were wondering, this trailer does come with the new disclaimer that was pinched from The Prince of Egypt (1998):

Check out my earlier shot-by-shot trailer analyses here:

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