Watch: Two new videos for the international release of Risen

Watch: Two new videos for the international release of Risen March 4, 2016


After two reasonably successful weeks in North American theatres, Risen is beginning its international roll-out. The film is already playing in Poland, Australia and the Philippines, and it will come to other countries over the next few weeks between now and Easter. And with those foreign releases, come new promotional videos.

This British TV spot includes one new image, I think, of the disciples fishing:

And in this video, God’s Not Dead author Rice Broocks comments specifically on the film’s potential in countries with a “Christian consciousness” like the Philippines:

Risen Movie fans! Have friends around the world? Share this video featuring Dr. Rice Broocks to spread the uplifting and powerful journey we've all been a part of.

Posted by Risen Movie on Thursday, March 3, 2016

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