What If Witchcraft Isn’t Real?

What If Witchcraft Isn’t Real? January 4, 2018

Image Credit: Christopher Campbell | CC0 License
Image Credit: Christopher Campbell | CC0 License

A question that I’ve been meditating on lately is, “What if Witchcraft isn’t real?” This isn’t because I’m questioning whether Witchcraft and magick are real, but rather I like to play devil’s advocate and consider hypothetical possibilities. This keeps me from falling into blind faith or getting stuck in the trap of indoctrination. So, what if Witchcraft isn’t real? What if we’re all just hairless apes on a random rock that accidentally evolved life in a universe of meaninglessness? What if upon death we just cease to exist and there’s nothing after that?

While these are not my beliefs at all, why would I practice Witchcraft if this hypothetical scenario is true? Would I have wasted my life dedicating myself to something false? Is it worth embracing the word “Witch”, if such a thing is a fantasy or delusional? Have I gained any benefits from Witchcraft that are observable if magick isn’t real, there are no spirits, and the gods are purely psychological constructs, as people usually misdefine the concept of archetypes? My answer is yes, and here’s why.

Witchcraft has made me a less reactive person. While I haven’t mastered this yet, I react to situations way less and respond to them much more thoughtfully. I don’t feel powerless or on autopilot within my life, but instead have gained a sense of responsibility and sovereignty for my words, thoughts and actions. My practice has helped me overcome what used to be a constant depression and has given me a cathartic outlet.

My Craft has taught me to stand up for myself instead of being the doormat I used to be, and to honor myself even if its by bringing sacredness into daily aspects of life.Witchcraft has also brought me a sense of reverence. It has brought me peace, reduced my anxiety, and stress levels. Witchcraft has raised my self-esteem, taught me to believe in myself and given me a sense of hope. Witchcraft has taught me to confront my fears and the parts of myself that I don’t want to look at.

My Craft has pushed me to better myself because it has helped me to know myself and my world. Through my exploration of Witchcraft, I have learned to empathize with others on a much deeper level. This has led me to be more concerned about politics that don’t directly impact me, but greatly impact other people. I have grown a greater reverence and concern for nature through my spirituality. Through ritual I have gained life initiatory experiences that have been lost in our modern society. Through ritual and spell-craft, I have been able to break down goals into step-by-step plans of action to reach my goals. My Witchcraft has taught me to be in the present moment. It has taught me to pay attention to my dreams to understand what my psyche is going through.

Divination has taught me to look at things from other angles and facets that I may not have been looking at, better equipping me for the future. It has taught me to look at synchronicities in life and to think metaphorically on a more regular basis. My spirituality has inspired me to help others, and to share what has helped me. It has helped me confront the idea that I will someday pass away, just as others have passed before me. It has taught me to focus on my own development without imposing it upon others.

So when I die, I believe that yes, pursuing Witchcraft has been worth it. My Craft has enhanced my life immensely in psychological, mental, and emotional ways and has provided tools to cope and prepare for life. It is my hope that I will also impact others to have enriched their lives as well. It is my hope that my Craft will have empowered me to leave my little corner of influence on the world a better place than I found it. Luckily, there is no part of me that believes that magick, or witchcraft isn’t real. I know the gods are real, I know the spirits are real, and I know that magick works. The proof is in the pudding, and this only makes the pudding much sweeter.

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