When Your Magical Intentions Are Challenged, Step Up

When Your Magical Intentions Are Challenged, Step Up October 4, 2020

Me: *sends intentions out into the world*

World: *smirks*  “Did you really mean that?  Yeh?  Then prove it.”

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Sometimes, right after I release an intention through a ritual or spellwork, I encounter a road block.  My goals are thrown in my face.  It’s like the world is asking me what I meant, or how I really feel about it.   Am I really brave enough to make the change, or will I fall back on weaker mindsets?

This can feel frustrating, but it doesn’t mean the magic didn’t work.   As an optimist, I see this ‘opportunity for confrontation’ as a sign the magic really worked.

In a way, these trials are what we asked for.  We asked for change, and challenges give us the chance to prove ourselves.   We’re given an opportunity to demonstrate that we’ll act in alignment with our intentions.  If it didn’t work, we might not have the chance to show what we’re made of.

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At these times, I feel we’re given the possibility to level up, big time.  However, this kind of work is not always fun.  Perhaps the worst thing about feeling that our intentions are tested is that the challenges can feel even harder to conquer than the original situation that made us create that intention in the first place.

I believe that these kinds of challenges can arise when we magically sever cords or energy that doesn’t align with our intentions, but the energy is still attracted to us.  The energy can seek us out in a myriad of ways–externally through different people, places, and events; and even internally, with emotional patterns that are sometimes unknown to us.

If there are hidden patterns beneath our surfaces, we may still be inadvertently seeking the energy, even though we thought we severed the connection.   These undercurrents of energetic patterns can be broken only through shadow work, will, time, and more magic.

Thankfully, the world won’t always challenge our intentions.  Sometimes, we’ll glide through the transitions, and we are granted our desires.  These “easier” kinds of manifestations might happen when we’ve done the work, and we don’t have big lessons to learn.

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Sever it, again and again. Photo courtesy of Needpix

Your intentions may take years to come true, or they may never come true at all.  It could be that we only have so much control over fate.  But I believe in doing that good, hard work, because it often yields rewards, especially when we rise to meet them.  There’s magic in there, lessons and energies yet to be unlocked.

So, whenever your intentions are challenged, lean into them even more.  See it as an opportunity to work through the problem instead of a sign that your magic didn’t work.

Step up.   Say “yes, I meant it. WHAT.”

Face the challenge.  Rise up, level up.  Do the action.  Say the words.  Make it so.

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Of course, not everything we receive is what we asked for or what we deserve.  There’s a lot of crap in the world, and OF COURSE I do not condone violence, danger, or abuse in any way.  In those situations, please skip the magical thinking and talk with a professional who can help you.  

Unfortunately, privilege and discrimination also play a part in manifestation.  Please be aware of these biases, and support diversity and inclusion in myriad ways.

About Astrea
Astrea is the author of Intuitive Witchcraft: How To Use Intuition To Elevate Your Craft, as well as the forthcoming book Air Magic: Elements of Witchcraft Volume 2 (Llewellyn Worldwide). She also leads the fire dancing group Aurora Fire and stirs up magic for the Blessed Be Box, the service that ships a "ritual in a box" for new moons and sabbats. You can read more about the author here.
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